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Monday, May 2, 2016

CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK: Who let the dogs out? DOUBLE your Picture Book fun!

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Continuing the CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK fun, we're letting the blog go to the dogs.  That's right!  You already know that I'm a big fan of those adorable little fur babies with a few of my own, but they aren't simply a joy to behold in life; they are equally adorbs in BOOKS.  Today, we're shining the spotlight on a double feature as we put squarely on your radar two Picture Book releases coming soon from the folks at Random House Children's Books.  So grab your kiddos, fur babies, and friends, as we emark on a tail...I mean TALE of four legged fun.  First up, a title that celebrates its book birthday THIS TUESDAY from an author/illustrator making her debut...

Wolf Camp by Andrea Zuill

Andrea Zuill
Schwartz & Wade Books

This the story of Homer (our narrator), Rex, and Pixie.  Three seemingly everyday dogs out to do something MORE.  They have dreams.  They have aspirations.  They want to reach for the stars....or rather HOWL at them.  That's right...they want to get in touch with their ancestors and release their inner wolves.  What better way for a city/civilized pup to learn to do that than WOLF CAMP?  Sounds like a good idea to me and as it turns out, it truly was...but our pup trio is in for a few surprises along the way.  After all, it's not all making sweet night music with the other nocturnal animals and star gazing.  There's avoiding the bajillion things that can hurt, harm, maim, or end you, the "interesting" menu options and how they are obtained, not to mention the bedding arrangements or lack thereof. takes a special type of soul to be a wolf, but despite outward appearances, these three have it in spades.

The story is wonderful, filled with the dreams and aspirations that our fur babies carry within their hearts...though I think mine are more about "hunting" their dinner from my dish than the local wildlife.  ^-^  It's easy to fall under its spell and I can definitely see kiddos have a field day with this.  The illustrations work hand in hand with the tale as we get to know the pup trio and their two camp leaders.  The facial expressions captured throughout the story are priceless, from their camp "warning" intro to the utter enjoyment Homer experiences with his final howl.  It'll keep you entertained from start to finish...and perhaps give your fur babies a new dream to dream.  (*wink*)


Image result for puppy prints

Now, we've been to camp, and that was EXHILARATING but what about the first step in the life and times of you and your fur baby?  That's right...the nerve racking selection process.  Well, it's nerve racking to some, while other simply see it as a freeing romp through puppy town.  How do YOU view the whole deal?  How do you CHOOSE?  Let's take a look at how one little girl tackles just that question in the second title of today's double feature set to hit the scene the end of this month....


The Perfect Dog by Kevin O'Malley

Crown Books for Young Readers

Our little leading lady has been granted every child's fondest wish...SHE CAN HAVE A DOG!  Hey, I have dogs and I'M squeeing for her.  It's exciting, it's invigorating, it's filled with so much possibility...oh, but there is SO MUCH possibility.  How can you EVER decide which one is for you?  The little girl here knows EXACTLY what her match will be made of...or at least she THOUGHT she did.  As she learns through trial and error, the most important things about your new best friend is not how BIG or small, fancy or not-so-fancy, tidy or messy, fast or slow, snuggly or not-so-snuggly they are.  The most important thing is how the two of you connect and more often than not, as is the case here, the PERFECT dog finds YOU.

I remember when my fur babies and I became family, and while each instance was different, they were all memorable.  Zoe was the fluffy quieter pup in her group that stole my heart.  Brittney was the little sweetheart that didn't push her siblings out of the way, yet made her way over to me.  Winston was the older soul with the warm brown eyes that looked right into my heart.  I could go on and on, but I'm more curious to know about YOUR experiences with the fur babies in your lives.  Got any "little ones" to melt our hearts?  Planning on adding any more to your family?  Do tell in the comments below!

Recommended read for all ages, shapes, sizes, and species.  The story shares the reality that is becoming the "man" that your pup wants to be best friends with.  The colorful illustrations show the ups, downs, and oopsy daisy instances that can be daily occurrences with our four legged pals...something I wouldn't change for the world.


Image result for puppies

Special thanks to Cassie at Random House Children's Books for the ARCs for review.  (THANKS!)  For more information on these titles, the authors, or publisher, feel free to click through the links provided above.  Remember, both release this month via Random House Children's Books imprints, so pre-order or mark your calendar!

Until next time...happy reading!

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