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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Blue? by Josh Tuininga

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Welcome back to the site that signs up to bring the bookish fun to every virtual potluck…you know, if we were to throw one and all (^_^)…Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

Today, we’re being visited by an old friend…or rather a recent publication from a publisher I’ve featured before on the site…by the name of Xist Publishing.  Recognize them?  Well, if you’re a fan of picture-esque delights, you’re probably on a first name basis.  They are well known for their ebook editions of picture book wonders made to delight, dazzle, entertain, and grow young minds.  The title in today’s spotlight fits that bill to a “T” and raises the bar with a good dose of imagination.  So, get ready, get set, it’s time to meet today’s featured ebook of choice….

Why Blue?
Josh Tuininga
Xist Publishing
9781623955533 (HC)
9781623955540 (EB)

So, why blue indeed?
When it comes to favorite colors, THIS is mine.

In it’s many shades, moods, and forms, it plays a role in my day to day life.
It’s my go to color for my wardrobe.
It’s my mood enhancer, able to add a smile to a down turn day.
It’s the color of my eyes.
It’s my favorite crayon in the box.
It’s also the color of the sky…

…or is it?
That’s what this book’s title question is pointed towards.
WHY is the sky BLUE?

With the rainbow of colors out there, why not chartreuse with purple spots.
Or how about mango?
Lavender would be lovely.
Though apricot would lend a soft glow as well.

Our leading young lady, Maya, ponders this very thought and these very options.  When the pondering becomes too big for her, she seeks the knowledge of those wiser than her own years.  What she comes to discover is that somewhere between the scientific reasons and passing fancies, the reason for that great blue beyond is different for us all, and the meaning just as unique.  There is no right answer, nor is there a wrong one…and the fact of the matter is that it’s not AWAYS blue!  It has different moods just as we and shows them by splashing the sky with colors like a toddler with a paint bucket (note to readers, do not give a toddler a paint bucket!)…and that’s just the daytime sky.  At night, there are other visual delights to entertain…and when we close our eyes, the possibilities of those delights are endless.

So, what’s this all add up to?
Well, first and foremost, a delightful picture book meant to be shared with readers of all ages.  One can only begin to  imagine the array of responses to the question posed (…in fact, my dear readers….why do YOU think the sky is BLUE?), but one thing’s for certain, it’s sure to be filled with imagination, creativity, and heart.  Taking all that into account, we’d be remiss in not mentioning the artwork throughout the story.  Young Maya can be seen in most frames as she works her way through the story and the question that has captured her mind.  It was fun seeing her proposed color options for the sky realized, the opinions of others take shape, and finally her dreams take flight.  The colors used were just vivid enough, while the imagery gave readers a starting point to create their own mental masterpieces.  A great combo indeed and an experience just right for story time, bedtime, or really…ANY time!

 Ebook for review courtesy of author Josh Tuininga.  (THANKS!)  for more information on this title or to join the conversation on why the sky is blue, seek out the official website, Facebook page, Pinterest board, or tweet using the #WhyBlue hashtag.  This title is available now in print and ebook forms via Xist Publishing, so seek thee out a copy from your retailer of choice.

Until next time…happy reading!

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

Now this sounds like a book I'd enjoy given that I think there is something in colours being able to alter ones moods.

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