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Saturday, July 11, 2020

RRR presents... A CORNISH DAISY'S KISS by Laura Briggs - GUEST POST!

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Today, we've got a special guest via Rachel's Random Resources ready to "meet" all of you as we introduce her latest release and get you familiar with her other works.  Sound good?  GREAT!  So, the woman is question is author Laura Briggs.  The title we're celebrating sounds like a lovely read indeed, but here...see for yourself...

A Cornish Daisy's Kiss
A Little Hotel in Cornwell, Book 6
Laura Briggs

About the book...
Weeks after boarding a train to Paris in pursuit of her writing dreams, aspiring novelist Maisie Clark is right back where she started: on the idyllic shores of Port Hewer in Cornwall, luggage in hand and heart filled with anticipation for what lies ahead. Except that nothing seems the same as Maisie left it, from her place among the staff at the hotel Penmarrow to her budding romance with groundskeeper Sidney Daniels, who isn’t quite ready to overlook the painful consequences of her sudden departure. 

Losing Sidney would be unbearable, but Maisie can’t help fearing it might be true if the rift between them proves too deep to heal. She knows her feelings for him are unchanged, but whether he feels the same remains to be seen—particularly since she stopped him from expressing them in the first place. And to make matters worse, her position at the Penmarrow has been filled by another, there’s nowhere for her to live in the village, and her savings are finally dwindling to a pathetic number – with her book still unpublished after her startling discovery about the author helping guide her towards success. 

But one thing which hasn’t changed is the drama and excitement at the hotel Penmarrow, where the staff is awaiting inspection from the dreaded owner Ms. Claypool. Stirring up trouble in the meantime is the owner’s special guest ‘Mad Ludwig’, an eccentric architect whose demands are definitely driving everyone on the staff a little crazy. And then there’s the hotel’s mysterious new desk manager, whose behavior ignites Maisie’s suspicions and causes her to become entangled in yet another form of intrigue—one that could unwittingly jeopardize the future of the Penmarrow and everyone who works there, unless Maisie can find a way to undo the harm.

With everything that matters to her most at stake this time, Maisie faces her biggest challenges yet...and her deepest question of the heart as she confronts the reason she returned to Cornwall and the Penmarrow in the first place.


Sounds good, right?
Yeah, I thought so too...but, I was also CURIOUS about the author's writing.  Her style, her path taken, and how challenging she found writing a series in a the first place!  I mean, I for one would probably be stumbling upon similar passages in previous released titles, and drawing a blank on how to give things that extra bit of, let's hear from an expert of sorts on how it's REALLY done!


~~~   GUEST POST   ~~~
Keeping a Long-Running Romance Series Fresh
by author Laura Briggs

A huge thank you to Gina for letting me share a bit about the books in my feel-good romance series ‘A Little Hotel in Cornwall’. Its sixth installment, A Cornish Daisy’s Kiss, made its debut this summer, with would-be novelist Maisie Clark returning for more adventures at the grand hotel by the sea. As always, she’s facing a dilemma or two when it comes to matters of the heart, but with more at stake this time when it comes to what matters most in her life.

With any multi-book series it can get a little challenging to keep the momentum going from story to story, as many authors would no doubt agree. Thankfully, in the case of Maisie’s escapades, readers have made it clear which elements have kept them turning the pages thus far—and I thought it might be lovely to share what fans of the series say makes them come back for each new installment (many of which are the same reasons it’s so much fun to write, as it happens!).

The heroine’s quest:

For Maisie, this has been to give her writing dreams the best possible shot at success. Which meant an impulsive trip across the pond to seek her favorite author’s advice on her novel-in-progress to start with. Then posing as a chamber maid at a grand Cornish hotel where he supposedly stayed as a guest...and from there it only gets crazier, as Maisie finds herself tangled up in the everyday magic of the hotel Penmarrow, the seaside village, and a certain handsome groundskeeper she can’t help falling for. But she hasn’t given up on her dream of becoming a novelist, even when the path to her goal takes some unexpected twists and turns, as it frequently does, of course. 

A complicated romance:

From the moment they crossed paths, Maisie’s connection with groundskeeper Sidney Daniels has been anything but simple. With his devil-may-care charm and mysterious past, Sidney seems a risk for any sensible girl’s heart. But Maisie isn’t terribly sensible, as her actions have already well-proven. Always on the verge of something more, their ‘friends only’ policy was just to keep from getting swept away at first. But it’s far too late for that now—Maisie’s feelings are committed whether it’s heartbreak or happy-ever-after waiting as the outcome. 

Exciting events and eccentric characters:

The more unique events hosted at the hotel Penmarrow have ranged from a so-called sΓ©ance with a celebrity psychic to an exclusive auction for a Hollywood star’s movie memorabilia. It’s all a bit dramatic and over-the-top...and so are the guests who attend them, of course! But these sort of unusual gatherings are part of what gives the Penmarrow its ever-changing ‘anything can happen’ atmosphere that readers say makes getting lost in the series’ pages an escapist treat at the end of a busy day. 

If all this sounds like your cup of tea, I hope you’ll be sure to check out the books in the series. For those of you who already enjoy Maisie’s Cornish escape, be assured there are more secrets, surprises, and fun to come in the remaining two stories, with book seven already on pre-order!


Laura Briggs is the author of several feel-good romance reads, including the Top 100 Amazon UK seller 'A Wedding in Cornwall'. She has a fondness for vintage style dresses (especially ones with polka dots), and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, caring for her pets, gardening, and seeing the occasional movie or play.


Special thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for the chance to bring this tour to you. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, this promotion, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. Be sure to check out the rest of tour for more bookish fun!

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

RRR presents... FINDING LOVE AT HEDGEHOG HOLLOW by Jessica Redland - REVIEW!

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Today, we've joined ranks once again with the ever fabulous Rachel's Random Resources to bring you a stop along a wonderful little tour featuring the work of author Jessica Redland.  The story you're about to catch a peek of with the darling cover and heartwarming title is all that it looks like and more...PROMISE.  Ready or not, let's take a trip to a place you never expected to be and yet were meant to arrive at just the same with...

Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow
Jessica Redland

About the book...
Can love really be found when you stop looking for it...?

As Samantha Wishaw watches the love of her life marry another woman, she’s ready to give up hope of finding her happy ever after.

But when a chance encounter leads Sam to find friendship in Thomas - a lonely, grumpy elderly widower living at derelict Hedgehog Hollow - her life is about to change forever.

Glad to have a distraction from family feuds and match-making, Sam vows to fulfill Thomas and his wife, Gwendoline's, dreams of restoring Hedgehog Hollow to its former glory, and to open a hedgehog rescue centre.

Throwing herself into the task at hand, little does Sam realise that the keys to love and happiness may also be found at Hedgehog Hollow, when she least expects it...

Escape to Hedgehog Hollow this summer with top 10 bestseller Jessica Redland for the perfect uplifting, feel-good read.

πŸ¦”     πŸ’—     πŸ¦”     πŸ’—     πŸ¦”

Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Hedgehog - College ...

This story had me by the heartstrings the entire time.
Sam had more than a little bit of ups and downs, but with the kind words of her Gramps ringing in her ears, she never truly gave up.  She had a wonderfully giving nature, always thinking of others before herself, and yes, sometimes it was to her own detriment, but there's never a wrong time to be nice.  There's never a bad moment to show compassion, turn the other cheek, or even if it means a happier heart in the end, cutting ties.  She gave up so much in her life, unknowingly of course, and in the time we get to know her, she still loses even more, but we also get to see the blessings her good nature eventually returns to her.  Everyone gauges riches differently, but to me, she was top notch.  She may have wanted different things from her life, yet by book's end, she can see the forest for the trees, or perhaps better put, the meadow for the flowers.  The lives she touched and was touched by, the friendships she lost, gained, and rebuilt anew along the way, the familial connections that gained new strength as she added new members to the clan by choice versus blood, and finally, yes finally, her chance at true, meaningful love.

I had a wonderful time in Hedgehog Hollow and despite the bad times she experienced, the good always won out.  Take a trip to a place overflowing with character and characters. A place where good people look out for each other, and there's always room for one more at the table.  A place where home truly is where the heart is.

πŸ¦”     πŸ’—     πŸ¦”     πŸ’—     πŸ¦”

About the author....

Jessica Redland is the author of nine novels, including The Secret to Happiness, which are all set around the fictional location of Whitsborough Bay. Inspired by her hometown of Scarborough she writes uplifting women’s fiction which has garnered many devoted fans.


πŸ¦”     πŸ’—     πŸ¦”     πŸ’—     πŸ¦”

Special thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for the chance to bring this tour to you. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, this promotion, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to snag your copy today and be sure to check out the rest of the tour for more bookish fun!

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