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Monday, June 29, 2009

Love with a Southern Twist: Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews

Hello, hello! Long time, no write! Sorry bout that...busy busy busy as always. Do you ever just feel like life is just moving SOOO fast that you can barely keep up? I mean, whizzing right by, here today gone tomorrow, speed of light and all that jazz... It's hard to keep tabs on everything! Anywho...all the more reason to escape the craziness within the pages of a good book, and boy does this one fit the bill! Today's reading choice is...

Mary Kay Andrews

We are first introduced to the main character, one Keeley Murdock, at her rehearsal dinner. Her wedding to A.J. Jernigan is mere hours away...what could possibly go wrong? How about a case of "stress" induced hiccups? Not for the bride, heaven forbid! Hmmm...let's just say that a certain someone (A.J.) has the unfortunate knack for getting the hiccups in "stressful" (intimate)situations from time to time. Keeley happens upon a close encounter between him and her now former best friend and creates the title for this book in "throwing" the biggest hissy fit their small town has yet to see. I, for one, give her KUDOS for what damaged she managed to do and still keep some composure! No, I am not a violent person, nor am I condoning violence, but cheating, let alone it being the day before their wedding day...sorry folks. That's a no go in my department.

Upon her escape from the shackles of an untrustworthy union (you like that one?), Keeley storms off towards her humble abode (read as her apartment, above her business, Glorious Interiors) only to be "picked up" (not hit on, literally picked up as in given a ride) by Mr. Will Mahoney. In her current state of disgrace, she is only seeking refuge in a pile of pillows, and least for a while. Hey, its a small town, and as with most, everyone knows everything or they will eventually. Will is a newcomer to her neck of the woods. He is the red-haired, yellow Cadillac driving, dilapidated mansion buying, savior of the Loving Cup bra factory who needs Keeley help him return the Mulberry Hill mansion to its former glory. (What? Did you think I was taking that sentence elsewhere? Gotcha!) It seems Will Mahoney has his heart set on Mulberry Hill for many reasons...the main one being Stephanie Scofield. His hopes are set on winning her over with the made over mansion and scoring a wife-to-be by Thanksgiving. But can love be custom designed? (If so, sign me up!)

For a limited time, Harper Collins Publishers is offering FULL ACCESS to this book online! (Just click on the link in the picture above, or the words FULL ACCESS.) I must admit, I may have passed this one by if just browsing in the store. I mean, it screams Southern literature (hissy fit...term mainly used in the South) and it's not that I have anything against this niche group, but I wouldn't want to get into something all backwoodsey and hard to this sentence. Surprisingly, this book was REALLY good! So good in fact that I ordered it the other day online (thank you for my future re-reading pleasure. The characters are heart felt, the commotions caused realistic, and the ending befits the story. Fall in love with the Southern charm offered by author Mary Kay Andrews...just keep your friends and wits about you!

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Until next time...happy reading!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Under Contruction

Alright, alright...move along. Nothing to see here least not yet. Check back soon and the page you are looking for should be up and running. =0)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Books to Movies: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hello, and welcome to another exciting installment of "what book should I read next"! Just kidding! I wouldn't presume you were going to RUN out TO YOUR BOOKSTORE, SELECT your next BOOK based purely upon whatever one I CHOSE to write about, start to READ the title AND automatically ENJOY it. That would just be silly! (Although, my sudden desire to intersperse purple font may say differently when read.) Enough about that...on with the show! (A very appropriate introduction for the newly minted book to movie.) Today's choice is...

In this classic tale, life is experienced in reverse. How? Well, we start out with the expectant parents expecting a baby and getting a very old man! Imagine THAT delivery! (although politely not discussed) Upon this unusual circumstances revelation, the mother and father are not exactly prepared to deal with the situation. I mean, really...can you actually fathom having a "child" start out as an aged adult, yet lacking the life experience usually attained by that age? The problems that "child" would encounter physically, mentally, and socially number as the stars. But, with the help of his mother (father is too distraught to really pay him any attention) and the in-house nurse, Benjamin grows....hmmm, adapts to life as normally as possible. Many things are more accessable to an aged person as opposed to a child, and yet other things are reversed even greater for children than adults. He experiences unique "growing" pains that only he truly understands. The largest being the loss of both family and friends as they continue forward in their lives, while he is forever moving backwards.

While this title is written by the infamous F. Scott Fitzgerald...the same author that penned 'The Great Gatsby' and 'The Beautiful and the Damned'...this is not one of my favorites. Hold on...I can hear you now. You're probably wondering why I am writing about a "non-favorite" book instead of one of my must reads...well, I didn't say that the book holds no merit. It is a well written, yet short masterpiece of literary value...BUT, the story is not for everyone. I mean, come on...I usually like a happy ending to my reading adventures. Benjamin Button ages BACKWARDS. From old man to young baby and then...well, not to spoil for those interested in reading, but let's just say one word...POOF! (You'll have to read it to understand what I mean...try clicking on the classic book cover at the top of this post!)

For those of you still depending on Cliff Notes for your reading enjoyment, you will be happy to know (if you haven't heard) that this short story is now on DVD for your viewing pleasure although I must say...from the previews it does not appear to stay as close to the original novel. There is a little more happy than sad during his film life, especially towards the end...or in this case beginning.

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Until next time...happy reading!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

About Me - The Insatiable Reader

Note to authors and publishers: If you are seeking a blog review, feel free to contact me via EMAIL or Twitter!

Hi, and welcome to my blog....Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!

So, you are probably wondering about the person behind the blog, am I right? (Of course I am! You are reading my "About Me" page, aren't you?) Well let's start at the beginning as I am told it is an awfully good place to start....

My love of books is what drove me to create this site. It sounds simple but it is what it is! I was read to as a child and then one day I just took over from there, never looking back! My first library card was in my possession at age 4! Of course, my top picks then are probably not the same as they are now (except for the classics!). Being able to share your opinions with others in such a mass reaching manner is amazing! The ability to connect with book lover's from around the world in a matter of seconds allows the gift of reading to be shared with even more people than before!

My first blog (the one you are reading) came to life thanks to the assistance of a friend and coworker (thanks, Bri!). Prior to this, I had no experience as a blogger! I mean, sure, I wrote some reviews on other sites, but I didn't have one that I could shape, and mold into what I wanted to see and share. TADA! You are looking at the results of that endeavor!

All in all, I am an avid book reader, reviewer, and general lover of the written word. My general preferences lean towards YA and fiction genres...but I'm always open to new finds. In the end, I hope to shed some light on the books residing in both my virtual and physical shelves, gaining them a spot in your future TBR mountain!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Return of the Dittos by Dale Andrew White

Have you ever been going along in your daily routine and thought..."I am SOOOO bored!"? I mean the monotonous tone of everyday life can really drag you down. Sometimes you just have to spice it up a little to make it more interesting. Wondering how? Well, some may have the time to make take an outing to your local party scene or mall, while others may prefer the peace provided by good quality "me time". My suggestion...a dose of your favorite book or a quick (short) story! I have one that fits those requirements beautifully. Today's book choice is...

Return of the Dittos
Dale Andrew White

A collection of short stories and humorous writing that will definitely have you smiling if not laughing after each page. Author Dale Andrew White presents to us this collection that is perfect for a quick "chuckle break". In one story, entitled 'Little Birdie', you end up having a conversation with your own inner narrator as it tries to take control of you! Another section exposes a man's personal addiction (dare I say fetish?) for....noses. Trust me, it is a bit disturbing but funny for sure! Sound interesting? Click on the book cover above to read the tale that the book gleans its title from. It is a scathing review by an anonymous writer (remember it is fiction folks) regarding the return of a long loved program after many many many many many years. Imagine, Shirley Temple coming back to the silver screen as an elderly lady and trying to dance and sing to the Good Ship Lollipop...get the picture?

So if you need a quick laugh, or just love funny stories in general, I'd definitely recommend taking a look at this book. It may be a little on the unknown side, but just think of the treasure trove of laughter you will have uncovered!

Feel free to leave your feedback and comments!
Until next time...happy reading!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Week-END Treasure: I Love You, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle

Welcome back for another installment of....hmmm, that sounds a bit to game show host. Let's about we just jump right into the book choice for today, shall we? It may seem a bit strange, compared to my other postings thus far, but it's definitely worth a read and fits the "over-the-weekend" time schedule for completion. Today's week-END treasure is....

If you haven't heard of this title yet, you will be in the future. As with many of today's novels, this too has been turned into a movie soon to hit theaters near you. I believe it stars Hayden Panettiere and Paul Rust. Of course, reading the book first is ALWAYS recommended, at least by me, but to each his (or her) own.

Denis Cooverman is captain of the debate team, allergic to just about everything, and also happens to be class valedictorian. It is graduation day and the former seniors are being set loose on the long as they make it through the ceremony being held in the 100 degree gymnasium, which is making everyone share the last momentous sweat session of their high school days. Denis however is sweating bullets due to more than just the heat. The speech he is about to deliver is not your typical "let's look to the future", or "congratulations, we did it" commencement approved writing. No, no, no. Cooverman is about to give one for the record books. He steps forward, careful not to trip on his gown, takes a deep breath, and then....well let's just say to sum it up, he thoroughly exposes the faults of several populars, labels his best bud as gay (Rich Munsch), and announces to the entire student body plus parents and staff that he loves Beth Cooper.

I can pretty much guess....your reaction is either on the "what the @#%$" side or the "awww shucks, that was romantic". I would normally veer towards the later half, however Beth Cooper pretty much has no idea he is alive. She is a popular, a head cheerleader.....did I mention the "owner" of a rather insane boyfriend in the military who can't handle a little nerd intimidation? The rest of the novel encompasses the 24 hours following his declaration. In this small window of time, Denis learns many things. He discovers a whole new level of pain, and fear in his struggle to outmaneuver Kevin, the psycho boyfriend. He unravels the perfectness that he has known as Beth Cooper, to discover there is a lot more (both good and bad) than his imagination lent to her image. In the end, Denis ends up adding many last minute memories of high school days before filing it away for storage.

'I Love You, Beth Cooper' reads as a cross between some of the big screen 'teen' movies of days gone by. If you take equal parts, 'She's All That', 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High', and 'Can't Hardly Wait'...stir gently, let it rest for 5 minutes, and then shake like'll get the right result. You get the graduation ceremony, sought after pro-creation between cliques, crazed boyfriends, loose-lipped friends, and innuendos galore. I do feel that I must include a warning to any younger readers out is in the FICTION section, not Young Adult. Adult content is within the pages so be prepared...

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Until next time...happy reading!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Writing On the Wall

You see this? This is what it has come to. The entry of the day is a BRICK WALL! Why you may ask? Well, maybe I just felt like putting one here, or maybe I reached a mental block for the book choice of the day....just kidding! No, the real reason for the brick wall entry is to try and elicite some responses from YOU the readers. I know you're out there, the page counter tells me so! So what's with the cold quiet shoulder? The joy of books for both the reader and the writer comes from not only the completion of the story or reading it in is in the SHARING. The experience, emotions, thoughts, wonderings...anything and everything that the written word can provoke!

So this is YOUR chance. YOUR turn to put the writing on the wall and share your thoughts, comments, feedback, suggestions, or whatever else you wish! Here's to hoping for a crowded masterpiece!

Until next time...happy reading!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things That Make You Say...WHAT?!: Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye

Hello, everyone! I took a small break from the blogging world, but as in most ongoing gags.....I'M BAAAACCCKKK! Have you ever run across a book title that just made you stop and think, "What?!?". I mean a title that makes you stop in your tracks, proceed two steps back and pick the book in question off the shelf just to see what it's about. Think'll probably come up with several. Today's choice fits this bill quite well, so without further ado...


Leven Thumps is a young orphaned boy. Badly mistreated by his current "family", he unwittingly begins to uncover true facts about his mysterious past. Once upon a time, his ancestors, namely grandpa Hector Thumps, built a gateway to the world of dreams, simply called Foo. The land of Foo is in great danger as shadow minions reek havoc in their quest to rule. Dreams are not the only things in danger though. Sabine, the darkest being in Foo, wants to rule both the dream world AND our world by using the hidden gateway to cross over into our reality. Unless the gateway is destroyed, the future is indeed tainted black.

Recently finding the backbone he needed for years, Leven sets out on a quest to save both worlds....but he is not alone. With the help of Winter Frore, a Nit, able to freeze things at will; Clover Ernest, a sycophant, who has Leven as his burn (master), there to guide and hinder (you'll see) in his quest to save Foo; and Geth, the rightful heir to Foo, currently in the form of a walking, talking toothpick (don't question it, just go with it)...does either world stand a chance of surviving? Will these "crusaders" live to tell their tale? Who would believe them?

This is the first book in a four part (currently) series. I will only alude to the fact that it definitely gets more adventurous as the story progresses, however since I will be reviewing the additional titles later on, I will refrain from additional spoilers. You of course are welcome to spoil long as you have or are reading the books! I definitely recommend being in the right mindset before starting this book. You really have to want to read a true fantasy tale. I would liken it in story style to a lightweight 'Lord of the Rings'. Why? Well, simply for the fact that you have to climb into the world created by the author body and soul. Stop packing your're not taking a vacation! I just mean that the author created the world these characters are in, the time they are in, the language they use. In order to truly enjoy the story, you really have to learn the verbiage.

Feel free to share your comments and feedback!
Until next time...happy reading!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Food for Thought

It's that time again....the days are long, the weather's nice, and you'd love nothing more than to curl up with a good book in your favorite reading spot enjoying uninterrupted "me" time. Ahhh... Alas, this occurs more often in dreams than life, but make the time to live out your dreams. If you don't, who will?

You may have guessed from the above paragraph (or perhaps the title of this entry?) that this is your weekly installment of "Food for Thought"! My mind has been wandering recently to the great outdoors....of which I seldom see unless it is already dark out and the mosquitoes are trying to carry you away. Yes...Florida. Land of sun, sand, and nature. They forget to mention in the travel brochures that the sun is generally liquid or turned up to 1000 degrees, the sand is hard to come by as the beach is covered with hotels, and nature contains more than the fuzzy creatures of Disney films as the lovely mosquito tends to vacation here as well. Go figure. But I digress...home is where the heart is and what you make of it....and bug repellent is very handy!

On to the REAL topic of the day...another site has crossed my path recently that I would like to draw your attention to. It is simply called the Book Army. Once you are signed up for a free membership, you are able to customize your profile so that book recommendations are given to you based not only on your past reads, but future ones as well. You can vote for your favorite titles and authors. Reader reviews are welcome. You can submit your recommendations to the site for book suggestions based off specific titles or authors. There are groups to discuss books, polls and quizzes added by other users, contests to win books, and "friends" you can add that share your tastes. The amount of user input the site allows is refreshing. Although it is a newbie site (it's still in the beta testing phases), they have many of the titles from today and yesterday in their database. Take a look and see for yourself....

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time...happy reading!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sanguinists Among Us: The Society of S by Susan Hubbard

Hello to one and all! For those following this site, welcome back! Or, if you are reading this blog for the first time, WELCOME...thank you for stopping by! In between all of the books I post reviews for on this site, I always have at least one I am currently reading and another waiting in the wings. Just finished by last 'current' read this morning and thus we have our selection of the day. Today's choice is....


Ariella Montero has spent her life thus far secluded from everyday society. Whereas most children run through their younger years amidst chaos, Ari has a set routine that allows her to methodically plot her way through life. Sounds fun, huh? It's not that she is unimportant or overlooked, in fact her father Raphael tries to provide the best of everything for his daughter. She lives in a beautiful mansion, has a cook to specially prepare vegetarian (this is quite humorous later on in the book) meals for her health needs, and is schooled in all the finest literature, music, and science there ever was. What more could she ask for?

What Ari, needs...are answers to the mysteries that envelope her everyday life...starting with her mother's absence. Just after her birth, Ari's mother, Sara Stephenson, disappeared. Despite her father's best efforts, he was unable to locate her, thus leaving him in the single parent status of today. Although they only met for the briefest of times, and never truly face to face, Ari stills feels a deep connection to her. This driving need, as well as other circumstances that arise, compell her to seek her out if not for the completion of a loving family, at least to discover the reason that she left. Was it something her father did? Was it something that she did?

Within these pages, author Susan Hubbard explores the complexity of families and the secrets that they keep through a young girls eyes. The characters and surroundings are richly detailed enabling the reader to create their own visual aids within their imagination (does your mind create a "movie" from books too?). I was also pleasantly surprised to see many references to areas and events from recent years as they were quite familiar to this transplanted Floridian.

I will say this...I have seen many places on the internet that this book was toted as a great "next read" for Twilight fans, and although it is a very good story, I have to slightly disagree. Yes, it has vampires. Yes, it deals with love (a little). Yes, the lead character is a young girl. However, that's where the similarities stop. Would Twilight fans enjoy this book? Perhaps, but I would rather recommend it on it's own merit to anyone wanting to take a small step into supernatural literature. "The Society of S" deals with the "dark side" but the story chooses to focus more on the lives they lead and decisions they made. Also...I just found out there is another book that continues the story of the society, so you'll more than likely see its review in the coming weeks.

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time...happy reading!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Current Cultural Phenomenon: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Before you drag out the pitchforks to run me out of town...I definitely believe to each his (or her) own in regards to literature. I mean, come on folks...there are SOOO many books out there. You will never find one that absolutely everyone loves, it's just not possible. However, there is one current cultural phenomenon going around that most people have read or at least heard of in some fashion, which leads me to today's choice.....


What? You've never heard of it? Oh, I've been living in a cave for the past some odd years and avoiding bookstores, movie theaters and shopping centers with great success, right? Guess what...I don't believe you and most of the current population won't either. If you haven't read the books (guilty!), seen the movie (guilty!), or bought the merchandise (alright already, guilty again!), then you have at least seen the displays of product or heard the random whispers of strangers passing by...henceforth my bestowed title of "cultural phenomenon". Very rarely does a book (or anything else for that matter) come along that can be read and ENJOYED by almost anyone. Young and old, females and males (don't deny it, you read it too) doesn't matter who you are, the story will whisk you away.

Twilight is written in Bella's voice...that is to say you see her world and experiences through her mind's eye. After making the seemingly simple decision to move to Washington and live with her father while her mother is on the road with her new husband, Bella's world is turned upside down. She's the new girl in a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone...or so they think. The Cullen's family is presented as a doctor and wife dynamic duo, taking in four foster kids without a second thought. Things are not always what they appear to be though as discovered by Bella through a near fatal accident. I won't continue with the details of the story (hey, there are some people that haven't read it yet!) but rest assured it has all the elements for a fantastic ride. There's love, action, fear, name it, it's probably in there.

When I first read this title, I had actually picked it up after hearing some of the whispers as I mentioned before. I was looking for a new book, both cover and title were intriguing so I figured, why not? I am now definitely a Twilighter (it's just one of the many fan titles claimed by supporters of the book) and will highly recommend it to one and all.

On a side note, I will have to say that her writing style was very reminiscent of another author I had read several years back. If you are looking for another book to satisfy your needs, I'd look to L.J. Smith. She has several series to choose from but I would definitely look for The Forbidden Game. It is a little harder to find, but if you liked Twilight, you'll more than likely love it.

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time...happy reading!

Monday, June 1, 2009

'Tails' from the Heart: Three Angels by Ben Kerschberg

Pets bring joy to our lives beyond compare. From the moment they select us to be their "parent", a bond is formed that stands the test of time for their unconditional love is there for you and you alone. Sure, they may wag their tail at a stranger, or "kiss" the wayward hand that happens to caress their head, but in the end, you are their world and for that you should be forever grateful. Today's book of choice is....

Ben Kerschberg

I normally go for the books with happy endings. Hey, so call me an optimist but I think that after reading a novel you should be left in a good place, not a black hole of despair. Let me start by saying that this short but sweet "tail" provides many pages of happiness in the form of puppy behaviors that you will easily liken to your own four-legged friends. Containing the life stories of three of the authors beloved mates, you will laugh, you will cry, you will share smiles with the crazy antics that are purely puppy.

I happen to be "grandma" to my mother's German Shepherd (don't question the family her pets, I'm mine she is there's) and can honestly vouch for the greeting tackle that the author describes. In order to maintain control of your wardrobe, you become a master of the "dash and change" method. For those without dogs (German Shepherd's in particular), this is when you come home, race in to get changed, and then happily accept the unabashed face cleaning you'll receive from your fuzzy friend.

~WARNING~ I do feel that I have warn you, the endings of the stories are not that cheery. Take into account the fact that the author did not own these dogs at the same times and you'll understand what I mean. Despite the tears that may fall, I do heartily recommend this book for a quick reminder (it's only about 54 pages) of the fantastic times you've shared with your best bud. You'll definitely want to give them a big hug after this read.

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time...happy reading!
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