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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Return of the Dittos by Dale Andrew White

Have you ever been going along in your daily routine and thought..."I am SOOOO bored!"? I mean the monotonous tone of everyday life can really drag you down. Sometimes you just have to spice it up a little to make it more interesting. Wondering how? Well, some may have the time to make take an outing to your local party scene or mall, while others may prefer the peace provided by good quality "me time". My suggestion...a dose of your favorite book or a quick (short) story! I have one that fits those requirements beautifully. Today's book choice is...

Return of the Dittos
Dale Andrew White

A collection of short stories and humorous writing that will definitely have you smiling if not laughing after each page. Author Dale Andrew White presents to us this collection that is perfect for a quick "chuckle break". In one story, entitled 'Little Birdie', you end up having a conversation with your own inner narrator as it tries to take control of you! Another section exposes a man's personal addiction (dare I say fetish?) for....noses. Trust me, it is a bit disturbing but funny for sure! Sound interesting? Click on the book cover above to read the tale that the book gleans its title from. It is a scathing review by an anonymous writer (remember it is fiction folks) regarding the return of a long loved program after many many many many many years. Imagine, Shirley Temple coming back to the silver screen as an elderly lady and trying to dance and sing to the Good Ship Lollipop...get the picture?

So if you need a quick laugh, or just love funny stories in general, I'd definitely recommend taking a look at this book. It may be a little on the unknown side, but just think of the treasure trove of laughter you will have uncovered!

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Until next time...happy reading!

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