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Sunday, June 21, 2009

About Me - The Insatiable Reader

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Hi, and welcome to my blog....Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!

So, you are probably wondering about the person behind the blog, am I right? (Of course I am! You are reading my "About Me" page, aren't you?) Well let's start at the beginning as I am told it is an awfully good place to start....

My love of books is what drove me to create this site. It sounds simple but it is what it is! I was read to as a child and then one day I just took over from there, never looking back! My first library card was in my possession at age 4! Of course, my top picks then are probably not the same as they are now (except for the classics!). Being able to share your opinions with others in such a mass reaching manner is amazing! The ability to connect with book lover's from around the world in a matter of seconds allows the gift of reading to be shared with even more people than before!

My first blog (the one you are reading) came to life thanks to the assistance of a friend and coworker (thanks, Bri!). Prior to this, I had no experience as a blogger! I mean, sure, I wrote some reviews on other sites, but I didn't have one that I could shape, and mold into what I wanted to see and share. TADA! You are looking at the results of that endeavor!

All in all, I am an avid book reader, reviewer, and general lover of the written word. My general preferences lean towards YA and fiction genres...but I'm always open to new finds. In the end, I hope to shed some light on the books residing in both my virtual and physical shelves, gaining them a spot in your future TBR mountain!
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