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Monday, June 29, 2009

Love with a Southern Twist: Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews

Hello, hello! Long time, no write! Sorry bout that...busy busy busy as always. Do you ever just feel like life is just moving SOOO fast that you can barely keep up? I mean, whizzing right by, here today gone tomorrow, speed of light and all that jazz... It's hard to keep tabs on everything! Anywho...all the more reason to escape the craziness within the pages of a good book, and boy does this one fit the bill! Today's reading choice is...

Mary Kay Andrews

We are first introduced to the main character, one Keeley Murdock, at her rehearsal dinner. Her wedding to A.J. Jernigan is mere hours away...what could possibly go wrong? How about a case of "stress" induced hiccups? Not for the bride, heaven forbid! Hmmm...let's just say that a certain someone (A.J.) has the unfortunate knack for getting the hiccups in "stressful" (intimate)situations from time to time. Keeley happens upon a close encounter between him and her now former best friend and creates the title for this book in "throwing" the biggest hissy fit their small town has yet to see. I, for one, give her KUDOS for what damaged she managed to do and still keep some composure! No, I am not a violent person, nor am I condoning violence, but cheating, let alone it being the day before their wedding day...sorry folks. That's a no go in my department.

Upon her escape from the shackles of an untrustworthy union (you like that one?), Keeley storms off towards her humble abode (read as her apartment, above her business, Glorious Interiors) only to be "picked up" (not hit on, literally picked up as in given a ride) by Mr. Will Mahoney. In her current state of disgrace, she is only seeking refuge in a pile of pillows, and least for a while. Hey, its a small town, and as with most, everyone knows everything or they will eventually. Will is a newcomer to her neck of the woods. He is the red-haired, yellow Cadillac driving, dilapidated mansion buying, savior of the Loving Cup bra factory who needs Keeley help him return the Mulberry Hill mansion to its former glory. (What? Did you think I was taking that sentence elsewhere? Gotcha!) It seems Will Mahoney has his heart set on Mulberry Hill for many reasons...the main one being Stephanie Scofield. His hopes are set on winning her over with the made over mansion and scoring a wife-to-be by Thanksgiving. But can love be custom designed? (If so, sign me up!)

For a limited time, Harper Collins Publishers is offering FULL ACCESS to this book online! (Just click on the link in the picture above, or the words FULL ACCESS.) I must admit, I may have passed this one by if just browsing in the store. I mean, it screams Southern literature (hissy fit...term mainly used in the South) and it's not that I have anything against this niche group, but I wouldn't want to get into something all backwoodsey and hard to this sentence. Surprisingly, this book was REALLY good! So good in fact that I ordered it the other day online (thank you for my future re-reading pleasure. The characters are heart felt, the commotions caused realistic, and the ending befits the story. Fall in love with the Southern charm offered by author Mary Kay Andrews...just keep your friends and wits about you!

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