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Friday, March 31, 2023

RRR presents... The Little Venice Bookshop by Rebecca Raisin - REVIEW!

Ladies and gents, book lovers of all ages, this book really REALLY gets us! No, really, it gets readers, book lovers, collectors, and those that just plain fall in love with the written word... and that's aside from the story at the heart of things! Get your TBR ready because you'll want to make a home for this one post haste. Touring now with Rachel's Random Resources and on the blog today, our blog tour guest and ebook of choice...

The Little Venice Bookshop
Rebecca Raisin

About the book...
A bundle of mysterious letters. A trip to Venice. A journey she’ll never forget. 

When Luna loses her beloved mother, she’s bereft: her mother was her only family, and without her Luna feels rootless. Then the chance discovery of a collection of letters in her mother’s belongings sends her on an unexpected journey. 

Following a clue in the letters, Luna packs her bags and heads to Venice, to a gorgeous but faded bookshop overlooking the canals, hoping to uncover the truth about her mother’s mysterious past. 

Will Luna find the answers she’s looking for – and finally find the place she belongs? Purchase 

Amazon US | UK | AUS


"...'...I love reading. Love bookshops. Novels are like a portal into another world. No matter what’s happening in my life, I know I can always escape into the pages of a book and forget my troubles for a while. Reading is like therapy and you don’t need great sums of cash to access books. I have library cards from all around the world. I scour flea markets and second-hand bookshops for forgotten beauties. I might not have much in terms of material possessions but I have those stories in my heart.’..."

Be still my heart. 
This is just one of several passages, nay, several pages that I highlighted and wanted to share.  As much as I loved the story of Luna, Oscar, Gigi, Giancarlo, Ruby, Aunt Loui, the bookshop cats, and the bookshop itself (oh the bookshop!), my heart was stolen by all the bookish passages and sentiments shared. It not only went into making Luna a truly three dimensional character, but showed us, the reading audience, that the author truly gets us, and her, probably is one of us.

Who are we? Book people. Those that sell them, love them, surround themselves with the stories in good times and bad, escape between the pages for some TLC, and just generally choose to eat, sleep, and breathe them. The words are not just stories, but ways into our imagination, other lives and times, experiences and cultures. The right combination of story and heart goes a long way in capturing us body and soul to the point that putting the book down is a burden. We want to be there with our favorite characters, see them fight through challenges, and triumph over adversity.  The author gave us all that and more with a tender story that reminds us that while we're all different, we're still looking for the same things...a place or person to call home. 

Come for the story, stay for the book love, and share this one for the sheer joy of it all! It's another release from this talented author that you won't soon forget. 


About the author...

Rebecca Raisin writes heartwarming romance from her home in sunny Perth, Australia. Her heroines tend to be on the quirky side and her books are usually set in exotic locations so her readers can armchair travel any day of the week. The only downfall about writing about gorgeous heroes who have brains as well as brawn, is falling in love with them – just as well they’re fictional. Rebecca aims to write characters you can see yourself being friends with. People with big hearts who care about relationships and believe in true, once in a lifetime love. Her bestselling novel Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop has been optioned for film with MRC studios and Frolic Media.


Special thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for the chance to bring this tour to you as well as the ebook for review. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, this promotion, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to snag your copy today and be sure to check out the rest of the tour for more bookish fun!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

Thursday, March 30, 2023

RRR presents... Darren, Andrew and Mrs Hall by R J Gould - SPOTLIGHT!

Looking for your next read? Check out this title currently touring with Rachel’s Random Resources for a quick pick that just might suit your fancy!

Darren, Andrew and Mrs Hall
R J Gould

About the book...
A tale of two husbands, two wives, and the woman in between...

It is a June day and the rain is lashing down as Emma and Andrew move into the house of their dreams in an affluent London suburb. Two doors away, dejected Darren and Kelly are downsizing into their new home. 

It doesn’t take long for the women to hit it off despite being opposites in many ways. Meanwhile Andrew, a teacher and poet, and Darren, an alarm systems installer, are at loggerheads from the word go.  
When Emma and Kelly decide to take breaks away together – to a spa, a countryside retreat, the Scottish Highlands – their men feel abandoned. Their animosity grows and the loyalty to their wives is tested when Mrs Hall moves in as their in-between neighbour. But who exactly is this woman and what game is she playing?  

The wives return from a stay in Scotland to discover that a lot has changed. Will their marriages be robust enough to survive? 



About the author... 

R J Gould writes contemporary fiction about relationships using a mix of wry humour and pathos to describe the tragi-comic life journeys of his protagonists. Darren, Andrew and Mrs Hall is his eighth novel and follows The Engagement Party, Jack and Jill Went Downhill, Mid-life follies, The bench by Cromer beach, Nothing Man, Dream CafΓ© and Then and now. He has been published by Headline  
Accent and Lume Books and also self-publishes. Before becoming a full-time author he worked in the education and charity sectors. In addition to his addiction to telling stories, he has somewhat milder addictions to playing tennis, watching film noir cinema, completing Wordle and eating dried mango slices. He is a member of Cambridge Writers and the Romantic Novelists’ Association UK and lives in Cambridge, England.


Special thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for the chance to bring this tour to you. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, this promotion, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to snag your copy today and be sure to check out the rest of the tour for more bookish fun...

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

RRR presents... SOMEBODY LIKE YOU by Donna Alward - REVIEW!

If you're like me, you're run off your feet. Between work, home, and life in general, you've got all you can do to get things checked off your to-do list, and maybe snatch a little time for I right? No worries, we're sharing the boat, but one thing I've discovered this year more than those past, I'm loving me some audiobooks! Okay, so the ignore the bad grammar there, it was purely for show, but SERIOUSLY! The right story isn't hard to find because let's face it, there are SO MANY on my TBR that it rivals Santa's infamous list, but when it comes to audiobooks, the right narrator is a subject I am hard pressed to put to rest...and the title in the review spotlight today hits the mark dead center!

Ladies and gents, join me as we welcome Rachel's Random Resources and today's blog tour guest/title of choice...

Somebody Like You
Darling, Vermont, Book 1
Donna Alward

About the book...
Come home to Darling, VT, and a new heartwarming series by New York Times Bestselling Author, Donna Alward!

When Laurel Stone's garden center is targeted by vandals, she comes face to face with the man who once broke her heart: Aiden Gallagher. Aiden's now one of Darling's Finest, but the memory of how he hurt Laurel back in high school has stuck to his conscience. Helping her get back on her feet is the least he can do to make it up to her. And as time goes on, he realizes how much he cares for the woman she's become: strong, resilient, and compassionate.

Laurel's willing to forgive Aiden's past transgressions, and before long it's clear the old attraction between them still sizzles. But it's harder for her to move past the loss of her dreams now that her divorce is finalized, and her ex is remarrying. Ever accommodating, Laurel has kept things amicable, but attending the wedding has all her resentments and disappointments bubbling to the surface. Aiden tries to be supportive, but what Laurel needs most is to stand on her own two feet, and she pushes Aiden away.

When their friend George meets with trouble, Laurel and Aiden must work together to get him back on his feet. Is this the opportunity for them to salvage their relationship, or is it goodbye for good?



🧳  πŸ§³  πŸ§³

What's that?
Oh, that's my luggage.
What am I doing?
Packing my bags for Darling, Vermont...
...and if you take a chance on this story, I bet you'll be joining me soon!

Seriously guys, this one is a total knockout from start to finish.  We have the second chance romance aspect combined with a little bit of frenemies to lovers to satisfy trope readers, but for those that need a little something more than the romance, there's the common goal part of the story to help George (he's a homeless man in town that's really no bother at all, but definitely needs a helping hand, and maybe a way out!).  If you heart doesn't melt from one topic, it will from the others, not to mention "the moments".  Oh, you know the ones...where they get caught up in memory lane and have to push the thoughts causing their shared blush away, or when a moment of close conversation becomes a little too close, or when an offer of help turns into an impromptu water fight slash wet T-shirt contest with Aiden as the contestant...*sigh*...wait, where was I going with this?  Oh, yes...

The story holds oodles of sweetness from the town's marketing photo of old and kissing bridge to the way they care for each other while still managing to step on toes since everyone knows everyone's business, the injustice of their past to the potential for a shared future (maybe...possibly...stay tuned), the relationships they hold close and those they need help severing more completely.  There's a helping hand somewhere, a shoulder to cry on at the ready, and a six-pack of manliness with a smirky smile and heart of gold that would pair really well with our leading lady who is a natural beauty on the outside, but even more so on the inside.

Come for the story, stay for the connections, and thoroughly enjoy being "read" to once again with a narrator that really makes things come to life, infusing the emotions from the text right into your ears,  making it a memorable and enjoyable experience!


About the author...

While bestselling author Donna Alward was busy studying Austen, Eliot and Shakespeare, she was also losing herself in the breathtaking stories created by romance novelists like LaVyrle Spencer and Judith McNaught. Several years after completing her degree she decided to write a romance of her own and it was true love! Five years and ten manuscripts later she sold her first book and launched a new career. While her heartwarming stories of love, hope, and homecoming have been translated into several languages, hit bestseller lists and won awards, her very favorite thing is when she hears from happy readers.

Donna lives on Canada’s east coast. When she’s not writing she enjoys reading (of course!), knitting, gardening, cooking…and is a Masterpiece addict. You can visit her on the web at and join her mailing list at .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

About the Narrator [Leanne]...


I've been behind a microphone for more than 35 years in commercial voiceover, narration, and radio.

I'm a single parent to an amazing daughter and we love to discover the theater, art, music, and bookstores of Asheville, NC where we live. When I'm not "working", I explore the "real" world with hikes into the wild and dangerous culinary experiments.

I'm a certified personal trainer, swinging kettlebells and maces. Playing tennis is my passion and I love to get outside with my dogs.

I'm studying French - just to see if I can make my brain explode. Someday I'll make it to France.


Special thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for the chance to bring this tour to you and for the audiobook for review. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, this promotion, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to snag your copy today and be sure to check out the rest of the tour for more bookish fun!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Rockstar Book Tours presents...TAMING THE RAKE by Erica Ridley - SPOTLIGHT + GIVEAWAY!

Just having read and reviewed another Lords in Love series titles, I was very excited to learn (AND SHARE!) that TAMING THE RAKE (the next installment) is available now!  I mean, when you had a taste of the author's writing and you enjoyed it thoroughly, what could be better than a chance to read more?  

Keep reading for more about this new title in the spotlight AND be sure to enter the giveaway for a $10 Amazon GC courtesy of Rockstar Book Tours before you go!


TAMING THE RAKE by Erica Ridley

Pub. Date: March 24, 2023

Publisher: WebMotion

Formats:  Paperback, eBook

Pages: 202

Find it: Goodreads,

Enjoy a fiery, passionate enemies-to-lovers revenge romance from a New York Times bestselling author!

All her life, Miss Gladys Bell was a wallflower whose parents despaired of her ever attracting a suitor. Then she met the man of her dreams, who said she was the woman of his. One passionate night later, Gladys awaits a marriage proposal that never comes. Reuben Medford, the ton’s most notorious rake, doesn’t even remember her name.

Thanks to his cold-hearted callousness, Gladys lost her reputation, her dowry, and her chance at love. But now she’s back, and bent on revenge. He’s trifled with the wrong woman: This wallflower has thorns. Once Gladys holds that damnable rake’s arrogant, fickle heart in her hands… She’ll crush it, just as he did to her.

This time, he’ll remember her name.



About Erica Ridley:

Erica Ridley is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of of witty, feel-good historical romance novels, including THE DUKE HEIST, featuring the Wild Wynchesters. Why seduce a duke the normal way, when you can accidentally kidnap one in an elaborately planned heist?

In the 12 Dukes of Christmas series, enjoy witty, heartwarming Regency romps nestled in a picturesque snow-covered village. After all, nothing heats up a winter night quite like finding oneself in the arms of a duke!

Two other popular series, the Dukes of War and Rogues to Riches, feature roguish peers and dashing war heroes who find love amongst the splendor and madness of Regency England.

When not reading or writing romances, Erica can be found eating couscous in Morocco, zip-lining through rainforests in Costa Rica, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.


Sign up for Erica's newsletter! Sign up today and get a FREE BOOK—plus giveaways, discounts, insider info, contests, sales, & more!


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...a $10 Amazon GC courtesy of Rockstar Book Tours, International.

Ends March 31st, midnight EST.

THREE IS NOT A CROWD!: Party Hearty Kitty-Corn by Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham - REVIEW!

Did someone say BOOK BIRTHDAY?

Today, we're getting our inner kitty-corn on as we join the BOOK-abration for the latest release in the ADORABLE and GLITTERASTIC series starring Kitty-Corn!  It's been building a name for itself between the adorable illustrations, brilliant color palette, and tales of true friendship...a reputation that is totally deserved and added to with this release as we find out that three is most certainly not a crowd. So, if you're ready...because I KNOW YOU ARE...let's get between the pages of today's BOOK BIRTHDAY celebrant via Abrams Books for Young Readers...

Shannon Hale & LeUyen Pham
Abrams Books for Young Readers

There's a party going on, or rather being planned, and while these TWO besties have things under wraps, there's a new four legged fur kid in town that wants in on the action!  With his adorable ARF at practically everything, and innocent cluelessness, you can't help but be drawn to the little guy, and yet some aren't taking the intrusion as kindly.  Some are feeling left out, pushed aside, and no longer in the spotlight.  Some are letting the green-eyed monster rule their hearts, and when it unleashes its fury, well...there is a moment of relief, a moment of regret, and then a moment of forgiveness and understanding.  Unicorn helps Kitty-Corn understand that just because someone new joins their duo, she isn't any less important, any less special, any less LOVED than before...and that's a lesson well worth learning.

I've loved this series from the start, and they simply keep the love rolling!  I adore the characters and the brilliant illustrations.  I cherish the messages shared in laugher, story lines, and images.  I am thankful that kiddos of all ages have stories like this to help make those bumps in growing up a little less high, and those lows a little less low.  A great addition to the series, and a great way to help little ones grow their circle of friends without losing themselves or their initial connections in the process.


About the authors...

LeUyen Pham and Shannon Hale are the team behind the bestselling picture book Itty-Bitty Kitty-Corn, the bestselling graphic novels Real Friends, Best Friends, and Friends Forever, and, with Dean Hale, the early chapter book series The Princess in Black. They’ve made a bunch of other books, too. They are both: moms of kids who aren’t afraid to get messy, wives to husbands who make art, Honor award winners (Caldecott and Newbery), caretakers of cats, and believers in unicorns. LeUyen lives in Los Angeles, Shannon lives in Utah, and with each other, they know they can be—and make—anything.


Special thanks to Mary at Abrams for the copy for review. (THANKS...and yes, that's my very own party hearty pupper kitty-corn!) For more information on this title, the authors, or the publisher, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is newly available TODAY, so click on over to your favorite online retailer or visit your local brick and mortar to get YOUR kitty-corn on!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

Monday, March 27, 2023

SPRING CLEANING... Bookish Style!

So, the weather has been fair to awful.
Work has been uber busy, and not so much fun.
Home life has been chaotic as usual.
Reading...oh, but the reading has been fine!

πŸ“•   πŸ“–   πŸ“—   πŸ“–   πŸ“˜   πŸ“–  πŸ“™

The only thing is that I have a few titles that have unintentionally piled up, so it's time to do a little SPRING CLEANING of my HAVE READ pile. What's that mean for you? A plethora of reviews to tantalize, tease, and tempt their way on to your MUST READ list. You're welcome. 😁
Shall we get this bookish party started?  You're about to embark on a journey through Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Young Adult Fantasy.
Ready or not, here they come!

Stacy Reid

This was a curious Historical Romance as it definitely lived up to its imprint name (scandalous!), and for the times it is set in, we're talking bursting into flames of desire in lieu of fanning!  The whole story was interesting and unique.  Jules living the life of a young man instead of the woman she is, not by her own choice.  James returning from seemingly beyond the grave only to be so changed by the experience that London life doesn't hold the same appeal.  Their observant natures out each other to explosive ends, and yet once you see them together, there is no mistake that they were meant to be.  Following his somewhat return to his former life, and her eventual "rebirth" of sorts to the ton was well worth any hiccups they experienced along the way...but beware, it is most definitely for adult readers because WHEW!  I'll tell you will definitely give you a new perspective on scents!  πŸ˜‹


Innovative Magic (Audiobook)
The Hybrid Magic Chronicles, Book 2

This was the second installment in a series that I've been reading/following for years.  The story is immersive, the characters relateable, the challenges realistic, and the tale being told, original.  I loved the first, so when I saw a call for Beta Readers of the THIRD...yes, not the one I'm actually talking about hand was definitely in the air!  The thing is, I had missed the second release, so I had a little catching up to do, but my jove, author Cristy Bowlin had it covered!  I was gifted an audiobook edition of the second release, and dove right in.

Now, I talk more about narrators in the next post (keep reading after this one), but I will say it took me a bit to get into the story because I was battling with the narrator.  He didn't have a bad voice, it just wasn't what my mind was picturing for the characters.  It happens...however, once the story got rolling, it didn't matter in the least because I was back with my "friends" battling the Defenders of the True Four (*mutters*  ignorant simpletons ) as they raced to rescue Theo from the clutches of Florella.  Oh my word!  Talk about an epic adventure!  The thing is...we get to know her a little better through Theo's experience, and the eventual sharing of her history, whether she wanted to or not.  There's always a reason behind why the villain became the villain, and the light shown on her past in this tale certainly makes you rethink some judgments cast on her.  Anywho, suffice it to say, I had a grand adventure, and then followed it up with BOOK THREE which..I shan't be telling you about right now, but STAY TUNED because it'll be coming soon, and you won't want to miss out!


Gigi Blume

I've gotten more into audiobooks these past two years.  I still prefer my hardcopy, but there is definitely a time and place for other formats, including this one.  The thing about audiobooks though, the narrator can make or break a story.  Yup.  As much as it should be about the tale being told not the cover, title, or narrative, for me it makes a BIG the point I won't buy or listen to one I can't really feel a connection with. This one...GOLDEN!

The duel narrators worked like a charm and those that voiced both sides were spot on for the characters.  They really brought the story to life, making it more daytime tv drama than simply another contemporary tale.  I was drawn into the story, feeling for January's plight even when it seemed more Hilton-esque than heroine, and Enrique's challenge of growing his business, while dealing with a surface socialite.  Their witty banter, ability to drive each other crazy, and eventual irresistible connection gave the story SPARK, while the events playing out made them human.  I dare you not to laugh at their antics, or get caught up in the tension!  Bet you can't!  πŸ˜‰


Tessa Barbosa
Entangled TEEN

So, this one had me in the mindset of Last of the Talons excepted the story doesn't move forward nearly as fast.  Allow me to explain.  There is a lot hidden from Narra...A LOT...and whether or not it was for her own good was beside the point.  She NEEDED to know.  It explained SO MUCH and would have stopped SO MUCH TROUBLE, except then she also wouldn't have been able to try and stop same said trouble from happening.  Yes, a conundrum indeed, but there certainly would have been less death, less harm, less ridicule, less breaking of her spirit and confusion...but perhaps, in this case, it allowed her to feel the one thing she seems to be missing in her past  Oh yes, there are past lives to contend with here as the culture is rich and deep, and while it shows that strength of traditions, it also reminds us that lies build an unsteady foundation that only need the right amount of pressure at the right time to crack.  THIS is the right time.  THIS is the right moment.  THIS is Narra's chance to not only accomplish what she set out to do, but perhaps save the world.

Before you get your hopes up, there is A LOT of heartbreak.  A LOT.  There are characters that she forgives (which I would not have), forgets (which I'd love to), and dispatches (which I would have gladly held the blade).  There are loves she finds (unexpected!), loses (totally expected), and remembers anew (can't spoil this one!).  There is friendship and betrayal, hope and despair, ultimate highs and gut wrenching lows, but all the while, you are constantly gathering what has been, what is now, and what might be.  My word of advice...PAY ATTENTION.  Oh, and can I have book two...please?


Dani Collins
Entangled AMARA
Release Date:  03/28/23

Alright guys, another one for the adults only crowd...mostly for the verbiage, but there are definitely a few scenes as well.  Virgil thought he was getting his own version of a mail order bride.  What he got was Marigold, the sister of the potential bride who was in a tight spot, and took a chance.  She's not expecting marriage...been there, done that...but is looking for security, stability, and a place to call home.  Far be it from her to turn down the chance presented, even if it wasn't intended for her at the time, and try to make the most of it.  The sparks are felt right from the start, even if neither wants to lose their heart.  Sometimes life takes the driver's seat and you are simply the passenger.  We get to see Marigold adjust to the wilderness lifestyle, making a name for herself among the miners/men (but not in that way!), and endearing herself to his three children (they were so sweet!).  It wasn't an easy way of life, nor did it offer all the comforts of a typical home sweet home, but they say when you're truly in love, when you're truly happy, it matters not where you lay your head to rest, but with whom you are surrounded.  This is definitely a gold rush to take a chance on!


Kerrigan Byrne & Cynthia St. Aubin
Release Date:  03/28/23

Okay, so we're back in the land of unique stories for adults only, and this one has both in spades.  There's plenty of talk around inclusive books, and being able to see yourself in a story.  This one covers so many bases, it pretty much rounds them like a pro ball player, if you couldn't tell from the extended title listed over on Bookbub.  It's grumpy-sunshine, yes...but it also has characters with PTSD and lifelong physical ailments/conditions, wannabe octogenarians with a penchant for down and dirty talk, overbearing wannabe boyfriends and their mother's who can't keep their nose out of things, loss of family and freedoms, and challenges up the wazoo.  

Book lover's will be drawn to the storyline of a bookstore owner challenged with keeping her store HER store while entertaining the notion of her phone customer turning into something more, but be sideswiped by everything else that comes their way...or at least I was.  I admit, the banter was ON from the word go.  There's not a chapter that doesn't have innuendo or hidden meanings buzzing just below he surface.  I'll also admit to having to go back and read the synopsis while I was reading because I was really feeling like there was a paranormal twist just waiting to pop up somewhere, but SURPRISE...there's not, or not exactly.  I'll let you figure that out yourself, but what there is is a man who needs someone that understands his challenges, tries to help, but accepts the limitations there.  What there is is a woman who needs someone to see her for who she is not what she happens to have, and allows her to do what she can do, while giving support when needed.  The big twists that occur in the storyline were expected, but still a surprise.  The BIGGER surprise was the intensity of the adults only moments...which could be a little much for some readers. Suffice it to say it's not a plain and simple Contemporary or Grumpy-Sunshine Romance, but one with a HEAVY dose of spice!


Special thanks to the authors, publicists, and publishers listed for the copies for review.  (THANKS!)  For more information on any title listed, feel free to click through the links provided above.  

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

Sunday, March 26, 2023

RRR presents... LOVE NOTES by Aimee Brown - REVIEW!

It may look like a Romcom.  It may sound like a Romcom.  Okay, so it IS all those things and a Romcom, but it's also a bit spicy, a bit sassy, and totally unique, just like the characters housed between the pages.  Allow me to explain, as we dive a little deeper into today's Rachel's Random Resources blog tour guest and Boldwood ebook of choice...

Love Notes
Aimee Brown

About the book...
Mercy Alexander doesn’t believe in love, let alone love at first sight.

There’s one sure fire way of steering clear of heartbreak, and that’s not to get your heart involved in the first place. So what is that irritating flutter she feels every time she sees Brooks Hudson, and why is she finding him so hard to ignore?

Brooks Hudson can’t understand where he’s going wrong.

Doting single father to six-year-old Ali, supportive co-parent with his ex, much-loved friend and respected colleague, not to mention he’s smoking hot. So why is he constantly being dumped, told in no uncertain terms he’s ‘too nice’? Since when was being nice a crime?

Mercy is in serious need of someone to restore her faith in men, and Brooks needs a girl he likes to stick around long enough for him to believe in love again. But when Mercy’s past threatens to remind her of everything she’s scared of, will love be enough to save the day?


She's got Daddy issues, and I don't mean that purely the way it sounds.  Hers come from childhood trauma thanks to the negligence of those that should have been caring for her not just about their own devious activities and preservation.  Seriously, I can't even begin to explain how much I loathe the man that gave her half of her DNA.  Just...NO.

He's got relationship issues, but again, not in the way you might think.  It's not that he won't commit, he just tends to fall to far too fast...which for some can be just as much of a red flag.  He's not clingy...though with his looks and mannerisms, I'm not certain I'd mind...but he does like the stability of couple status, especially in his high tension world.

Separate, they are seriously challenged...but together?  They make sweet music...and get your head out of the gutter!  I'm talking about from the heart.  Okay, so there are definitely sexy times, plenty of flirtation, and even a bit of naughty talk, but it just adds to the overall chemistry, the hopefully-happily-ever-after we're chasing...and so are they even if they don't quite understand it just yet.

I loved Mercy for her take no prisoners attitude, her take what you get lifestyle, and her say what's on her mind confidence.  She cared what others thought about her, but not enough to let it stop her from being herself.  The thing is...I loved Brooks just as much!  I could tell from the moment they reconnected from across the room that SOMETHING was going to happen...and not just because we were at the start of the book.  You could feel the sizzle right on the page.  You just knew you were in for a wild ride and these two were just the ones to take you through it.  Seeing her find the courage to fight her demons was tough, especially since they were given to her not of her own creation.  Watching Brooks with Mercy tied my heart in knots...then add to that his time with his adorable daughter, and you can't help but melt!  The cast of crazy friends adds to the flavor, and shows just how perfect they really are for each other.  Even the interfering but well intentioned ex-wife worked for the story...when normally even the idea of the combination would be cringe worthy.  

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I think Contemporary Romance fans as well as Romcom lovers will be highly enticed too!  With characters you won't soon forget, a comeuppance that was decades in the making, and a happily-ever-after befitting our here and now, there's no reason to put this one on your backburner list.


About the author...

Aimee Brown is the bestselling romantic comedy author of several books including The Lucky Dress. She’s an Oregon native, now living in a tiny town in cold Montana and sets her books in Portland. Previously published by Aria, her new series for Boldwood is full of love and laughter and real-life issues. The first book [was] published in January 2023.


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Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

Thursday, March 23, 2023

RRR presents... Faberge by Jo Fenton - SPOTLIGHT + GIVEAWAY!

Jo Fenton

About the book...

Heist. Abduction. Blackmail.

Manchester detective Becky White and her friends at the White Knight Detective Agency take on a case involving the theft of a multi-million-pound FabergΓ© egg.

Events quickly escalate, and they find themselves dealing with unscrupulous villains who will stop at nothing – not even at kidnapping or murder – to achieve their goals.

Can Becky solve the mystery before her hidden enemies catch up with her?

Amazon UK | US


About the author...

Jo Fenton grew up in Hertfordshire, UK. She devoured books from an early age, particularly enjoying adventure books, school stories and fantasy. She wanted to be a scientist from aged six after being given a wonderful book titled “Science Can Be Fun”. At eleven, she discovered Agatha Christie and Georgette Heyer, and now has an eclectic and much loved book collection cluttering her home office.

Jo combines an exciting career in Clinical Research with an equally exciting but very different career as a writer of psychological thrillers.

When not working, she runs (very slowly), and chats to lots of people. She lives in Manchester with her husband, youngest son, a Golden Retriever/Husky cross and a tankful of tropical fish. She is an active and enthusiastic member of two writing groups and a reading group.

I can be found at my website or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Giveaway to Win a Faberge mouse mat and notebook
 (Open to UK Only)

*Terms and Conditions –UK entries welcome. Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below. The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then Rachel’s Random Resources reserves the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over. Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time Rachel’s Random Resources will delete the data. I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.


Special thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for the chance to bring this tour to you. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, this tour, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to snag your copy today! Be sure to check out the rest of the sites participating for more bookish fun!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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