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Saturday, December 31, 2016

SHOULD old acquaintance be forgot?: The FINAL reviews of 2016!

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Welcome back to the FINAL post for 2016 here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

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Many of you are counting down the minutes right now, or quite possibly have even turned the calendar for me, I've been stuck at work all day and in limbo for the 40 minutes waiting on the night crew, so, here I am, wishing you and yours a safe and happy didn't seem right to leave you without a post today either.  The book selection today varies from Middle Grade Fiction to Young Adult to Non-Fiction and as the post title suggests, some (at least for this reader) may be better left in the old year versus the new.  Ready or not, fair readers, here comes today's final contestants....

Young Scrooge
R.L. Stine
Feiwel & Friends

I was SO SIKED for this one, despite having read it after the Christmas holiday, because it was serving my purpose, nay my tradition of reading some version of A Christmas Carol every year.  Well, it DID serve that purpose, but I can't say I enjoyed the ride...and it all comes down to our leading man, Rick Scroogeman.  Where do I even begin?  He's a bully straight to his core, that doesn't even recognize that he IS a bully.  He's been delicately told by teachers, shown videos that were suppose to help put an end to it that only encouraged him more, and after his lessons from three unusual spirits...he's still a grade "A" a**hole.  (< --- highlight that area for a mini-spoiler) I mean not to sound all Scrooge-like but he should be boiled in his own pudding for the things he does!  My book's end, I was ready to lock him back up in that attic closet and throw away the key.  To me, it felt like this one did a Mexican hat dance on the classic we've come to love, so while I can see perhaps young lads getting into it for the micro-scare and humor factors, I'm not certain I'd be comfortable with the other lingering messages it conveys.<- a="" approaches="" but="" creative="" enough="" experience.="" for="" ghosts="" highlight="" it="" make="" me="" mini-spoiler="" my="" nbsp="" one="" p="" read="" s="" save="" stick="" story="" t="" that="" the="" to="" took="" true="" wasn="" were="" with="">

Image result for twelve days of dash and lilyThe Twelve Days of Dash and Lily
Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
Alfred A. Knopf Books

For those of you who read Dash & Lily's Book of Dares once upon a time, this is the book you didn't know you were waiting on.  Was it better than the first?  No...sadly, but it would be pretty hard to top that initial intro to these crazy kids.  It WAS however, highly satisfying, emotionally evocative, and a refreshing blast of yuletide-iness just perfect for the season.  The bookish duos personalities remained intact, allowing readers to find many of those "that-is-so-me" moments along the way.  The way Lily described the way Christmas weather SHOULD be versus what was...perfection!  I myself have uttered at least half of her monologue throughout this holiday season...seriously, Christmas Day was 80 degrees....New Year's Eve, 35.  (WTH?)

Dash was a bumbling genteel gentleman once again, striving to make things oh-so-right but not quite always getting it....same can be said for Lily though.  She's in a really dark place this time...think familial illness, sibling upsets, and kama sutra gingerbread couples ~shutters~...but even with "Jahna" making an appearance, you can see our Lily Bear hiding within.  Just gotta break her out...leave it to Dash and friends.  They got this Christmas on lock.  Final note, I adored Mrs. Basil E's character....absolute love and respect for that woman!  Highly recommend this read for the holiday season and beyond...

The Lost Airman:
A True Story of Escape from Nazi-Occupied France
Seth Meyerowitz
with Peter F. Stevens
Berkley Caliber

This is the reconstructed account of Arthur Meyerowitz's time in World War II.  Using first hand accounts shared many years later, and declassified documents, this remarkable man's grandson has created a book that takes us on a journey back in history.  It will make you cringe at the atrocities man carried out against their fellow man, shutter at the numerous close calls where capture seemed merely a breath away, and yet, in the midst of all the horror, stand in awe at the resourcefulness and inner strength found among those that would stand for what's right even in the bleakest of hours.  The inclusion of pictures of many of the key players, several documents, and scenes from around the area the aircraft was downed really help to solidify that connection between the reader and those that would be subject matter.

For me, I enjoyed learning about this airman and his family, but I wasn't as keen on the deep exploration of some of the other notable characters in history that we also dive into.  Yes, they were important to Arthur's quest to see his family once again, but I "signed up" for Arthur's story, not Markel's or anyone else.  For me, it devoted a tad too much attention to the other gentlemen, but eventually we got back on track to see our man safely (well, he was alive, at least) home. Recommended for history fans, both military and WWII sub cat's...and a lot of dad's because I know mine was chomping at the bit to get his hands on this one.  ^-^


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So in answer to the question posed in the post title, yes AND no.  I say don't necessarily forget, but learn from it, grow from it, and pass it on...the same can be said for the year's transition.  Review copies received courtesy of the publisher and author for books 1 and 3; book 2 was a Christmas present from Mom, so my thanks to her.  (THANKS!)  For more information on there titles, authors, or publishers, feel free to click through the links provided above.  All books featured are available now, so be on the lookout for them wherever books are sold.

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

Friday, December 30, 2016

BLOG TOUR: A Greyhound, A Groundhog by Emily Jenkins

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Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

Today, we're joining Random House Children's Books in celebration of a Picture Book title about to celebrate its book birthday.  It's releasing under their Schwartz & Wade imprint and from my own experience between the pages, I can see little ones getting a kick out of it....and adults being plied with "just one more time, please" over and over again.  Why?  Oh, you'll see.  Ready or not, here comes today's blog tour guest and book of choice...

Emily Jenkins
Illustrated by
Chris Appelhans

From the moment my eyes read the title to the second I saw the cover, I knew I had to see what magic was in store for me in this read...after all, how often do a get such a cute set of animal friends on the cover, with their opposite ends on the back!  ^-^

The watercolor (at least to my eyes) treatment of the images works perfectly to create texture within our "dogs" without having to resort to extreme detail work, making it easier for wee ones to simply have fun with it all.  Surprisingly though, the book is at first more rhyme than picture, as the sparse illustrations allow the word play to be front and center.  As the tongue twisty ride progresses though, we are treated to a visual array of wonders equally as beautiful as the simple tale being portrayed...the interactions and friendship between a greyhound and a groundhog.  

I dare you to try to make it through this tale without tripping over your tongue at least once.  It practically begs to be read allowed and I've no doubt (as mentioned in my intro) that readers will have the request from the listeners, over and over again.  The trick...getting the listeners to join in!  Really don't think that'll be a problem though with this adorable duo.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

About the author...

Image result for author Emily Jenkins

Emily Jenkins has written many highly acclaimed books for children, including the picture book Toys Meet Snow, a New York Times Notable Children’s Book and a Wall Street Journal Best Children’s Book of the Year, and the popular award-winning chapter books that feature the same beloved characters, Toys Go Out, Toy Dance Party, and Toys Come Home. She is also the author of A Fine Dessert, a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year; Water in the Park, a Booklist Editors’ Choice and a Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book; and Lemonade in Winter, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. You can follow Emily on Twitter at @elockhart.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

About the illustrator...

Image result for illustrator Chris Appelhans

Chris Appelhans was selected as the Children’s Choice Illustrator of the Year at the Children’s Choice Book Awards for Sparky!, written by Jenny Offill. The book received two starred reviews, including one from Booklist declaring, “Appelhans is a revelation.” Chris has also worked on several films, as an illustrator and a production designer for Coraline, an environment designer for Fantastic Mr. Fox, and a visual development artist for The Princess and the Frog. You can follow Chris on Twitter at @dairysnake.


Image result for schwartz & wade logo

Special thanks to Kathy at Random House Children's Books for the copy for review as well as the chance to bring this tour to you.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, the author, illustrator, or publisher, feel free to click through the links provided above.  This title is set to hit store and virtual shelves January 3, 2017, so mark your calendar or preorder a copy today!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Review Wrap Up PLUS Evil Librarian GIVEAWAY!

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Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

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The race is on to the 2016 finish line and I don't know about you, but I've still got books I want to read and share...but today's post is a smidge different.  You see, once upon a time there was a blogger (no idea who THAT could be) who had a hard time saying "no" to review requests (and quite possibly still does, but really WHO IS THIS PERSON?!) and while her intentions were great, sometimes the calendar wasn't so kind (i.e. she's still trying to figure out that darn create-more-reading-and-blogging-time formula!).  What does all that mean?  Here and there, surprise titles arrived on her doorstep, said title were read, and then...disappeared into TBR2 (aka to-be-reviewed mountain). Their time is NOW....or at least a good portion of their time is now.  

That's right.  Today, we're setting our sights on clearing out a portion of those titles that were patiently waiting their day in the sun and if you make it to post's end (which I've not doubt you will), not only will the identity of the blogger in the "fairy tale" mentioned above be abundantly clear (*wink*), but you'll score a CHANCE TO WIN A FAB CANDLEWICK TITLE you're gonna want to dive into STAT.  So, if you think you're up to the challenge, LET'S DO THIS!  Readying the spotlight and here...we...go...

Image result for olivia loves owlOlivia Loves Owl
David McPhail
Abrams Appleseed

In this charming board book perfect for the tiniest of hands, we get to know Olivia and Owl.  They may be different in many ways, but they complement each other perfectly.  Where one sees things far away, the other notices those things nearer.  Where one flies through the air as she leaps into a pile of freshly raked leaves (so much fun!), the other can fly high in the sky. Where one is tired, the other is wide awake...until...*YAWN*...finally bedtime rolls around and both say good night.  It's a sweet story to help little ones wind down from the day filled with equally sweet illustrations for all to enjoy.

What This Story Needs is a Munch and a Crunch
A Pig in a Wig book
Emma J. Virjan

As the title states, this is a step into reading title that features....a pig in a wig.  Yes, I blinked a few times at that two, but hey...who am I to judge?  If the piggy wants to wear a wig, go for it!  She does look rather dashing in it.  Anyway, in this installment of the series, Pig and friends set out to have a picnic with all the best munchies, and outdoor fun you could mustard...I mean, muster.  They're having a marvelous time until...Mother Nature decides to go all wet an gray.  What's Pig and her friends to do?  Get creative...and remind us that just because things don't go exactly as planned, it doesn't mean the new option can't be as good if not better, as long as we have good friends.  With simple but vibrant illustrations, this will have kiddos hungering for the next release....

Image result for hello kitty storybook collection Image result for hello kitty storybook collection

The Little Mermaid and Little Red Riding Hood
from the Hello Kitty Storybook Collection
9781419718250 / 9781419721120
Abrams Appleseed

With unquestionably adorable illustrations (because really, who doesn't love Hello Kitty?!), these two storybooks allow for a gentler introduction to the classic fairy tales of old.  How so?  Well, outside of the familiar characters and beautiful color palette utilized, the folks at Sanrio decided to put less of a dark spin on the stories themselves.  So, instead of the sea with being utterly evil, scary, and interfering in the young mermaid's quest for true love, she's still magical, and the consequence of losing her voice forever is still there, but all the other dreary-ever-after potential disappeared like so much krill before a whale shark.  The same is done with LR, but despite the changes, they still retain their charm.

I Don't Want to Be Big by Dev PettyI Don't Want to Be Big
Dev Petty
Illustrated by Mike Boldt
Doubleday Books for Young Readers

This is the story of a little frog who doesn't want to eat his dinner.  Why?  Because...he doesn't want to grow up...literally, as in get any bigger than his tiny little self is at the moment.  The way he sees it, he's got all he needs in his height range now and anything outside of it, well he has BIG friends and family so THEY can get it for him.  What's a Dad to do?  He tries reasoning with him, but to no avail (though much humor is there for readers to enjoy)...until a few BIG friends decide to show him how wondrous it is to be BIG, making our little frog rethink his "little life plan".  It's a fun and funny story with illustrations that drag you right into the mud puddles, that will not only entertain but give little ones that extra boost of confidence as they continue on their own journey through childhood.

Image result for ada twist scientistAda Twist, Scientist
Andrea Beaty
Illustrated by David Roberts
Abrams Books for Young Readers

Diversity in books is all the rage these days, and this one takes the cake times two!  Here, we have little Ada Twist (inspired by the accomplishments of Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace), a wonderful girl who wants nothing more than to know all about the world in every which way and is not afraid to ask the questions that her curiosity sparks!  I, for one, understand her desire because as a child (and still today), my curiosity was never quenched with the answer "because" or "that's the way it is".  I wanted to KNOW.  So, hat's off to the author and illustrator for bringing this little girl wonder to life.  May her exploits reach kiddos far and wide to remind them that the only silly question is the one not asked because the only way to learn more is to ask.

9780310753582, The Berenstain Bears' Caring and Sharing Treasury, Jan & Mike BerenstainThe Berenstain Bears' Caring and Sharing Treasury
Jan & Mike Berenstain

I grew up reading the original Berenstain Bears adventures, but the Living Lights extension of the series provides faith based options for parents and children that are just as heart filled, moral based, and wonderful for today's generation.  In this collection, we get the chance to...

...check out just what roles many of the grown bears fill in Bear Country and how important each one really is
...learn that lending a helping paw (or hand) when able is not just something to do, but a privilege
...remember to not judge another by their "cover" as some of the best souls are in the simplest of life's stations
...see how gossip hurts everyone involved whether the teller, the listener, or the subject
...think twice about being a brag-gert because humility in the soul is the only way to go.

A great addition to the kiddos reading library with lessons to take forth into their everyday lives.


The Giggler Treatment
Roddy Doyle
Drawings by Brian Ajhar
Arthur A. Levine Books

This title was a find in our library's second chance bookstore and boy was it a find!  It's all about The Giggler Treatment which is well, okay, I can't really tell you without spoiling it, but the whole story revolves around this particular moment when Mr. Mack is going to get what's coming to him...but does he deserve it?  Uh-oh.  PANIC!  PROBLEM!  Solution?  A very funny tale that will have kiddos searching high and low for the little scoundrels in charge of this particular treatment, and have parents thinking twice about scolding a child in any fashion.  Just trust thee out a copy.

Image result for miracle in music cityFaithgirlz: Glimmer Girls:  Miracle in Music City
Natalie Grant

In this charming reading for Middle Grade to Tween readers, Mia, Maddie, and Lulu are just your average sisters, going to school, dancing with friends, and...traveling the country on a fantastic music tour?  You bet!  The girls are musically gifted, which is great...but the time away from their friends and normal lives has taken a toll.  Add to that obstacle, the disappearance of a valued guitar from their next venue (a holy grail of sorts for musicians) and they've more troubles on their hands than they first imagined.  Not to worry...with a helping hand from up above, and some resourcefulness on their parts, things will be sorted right in the end...and you can bet it will sound wondrous too.  It tugs at the heart while bringing a smile to your face...a winning combination, if I do say so myself.

A Week of MondaysA Week of Mondays
Jessica Brody
Farrar Straus Giroux

Think Groundhog Day meets YA. Wait no that's not quite right because that's pretty much Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. OK think Before I Fall, but with a less permanent ending. Oh don't get me wrong things change, but of course after seven attempts at the same day one would hope that it would, just in Ells case, she discovers it's not just the results she's trying to alter but her self, or rather the one she presents to the world. How DOES one accomplish that? Simple...a change of heart. 

Both the trys and the final results are totally worth the journey through the 400+ pages presented here. Seeing Ellison try on a different version of herself everyday just to try to make things stick was touching. I mean, there's not one of us out there that hasn't done it to some degree growing up... it's a part of life, finding yourself, and something that not everyone is lucky enough to actually do.

Next up on the list....


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Image result for CONTEST TIME

That's right!
You made it...and just look how your reading/wish lists have grown over the past few minutes.  *smirk*  You're welcome.  Anywho, I'm about to add to your lists once again but this time, you're getting a chance to win the title in question.  Sounds awesome, right?  Oh, but it is!

Thanks to the FAB folks over at Candlewick Press (Hi, Raquel!), YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO WIN your very own copy of THE EVIL LIBRARIAN by Michelle Knudsen!  Not in on the awesomeness that is this title yet?  No worries.  Here's the book trailer to get you in the know...

Sounds like fun, right?
CLICK HERE for a quick peek between the pages...

Now, I'm about to embark on my own journey through the pages (review to come in the new year) in preparation for the release of book 2, Revenge of the Evil Librarian, due out Valentine's Day 2017 (something tells me he won't be giving out CANDY hearts to library patrons.... *gulp*), and thought you might want to come along with me.  So, do you?  *plugs ears to avoid squealing*  Okay, okay, calm down just smidge because to win it you have to enter...and all the yelling and jumping may make it hard to click and/or type the needed info.  Deal?  Good.  Now, here's the details...

The Prize:
(1) paperback edition of The Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen

The Rules:
Entries accepted now through January 4th, 2017.
Open to US residents only; no P.O. Boxes please.
Winner will be drawn and emailed with 48 hours to respond with mailing information to be sent over to the publisher for prize send out.  If response is not received in given time frame, a new winner will be chosen.  SFIR is not responsible for lost or undelivered prizes, though if you let me know, I'll gladly contact the sponsor to follow up!

How to Enter:
Fill out the Rafflecopter form below and BAM!  You're in it to win it!


Image result for thank you in books

My thanks to all the publicists and marketing teams that work hard day in, day out to get the word out about all the great titles hitting the shelves, both virtual and tangible, every day of the year...and for the review copies!  (THANKS!)  Many thanks as well to the author's working their craft and sharing their creative works with readers like me.  Please know, if someone hasn't told you already, you are FABULOUS and provide so much more than simply a beautiful addition to our growing shelves.  You touch lives and hearts, send us on journeys to the stars and back, and provide an avenue for escape from the daily humdrum like no other...all from the comfort of our favorite reading spot. (THANK YOU!)

Until next time (because let's face it, this isn't my last post of the year!), remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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