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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taste Testing Tuesdays...on a Wednesday!

Good morning (or whatever time it is where you are), everyone!
Welcome to another installment of Taste Testing Tuesdays here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Taste Testing Tuesdays was inspired by 'Teaser Tuesdays', a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading
On the menu this book that I actually finished about two days ago, but found this one line along the way that was too funny NOT to share....and my current spooky read.
Ready for a taste?
Here we go....

"You're my best friend, Tony " Kevin answered. "And I don't care if you puke like a grunting dog trying to pee on a tree."
-- pg 199, Kevin's Point of View by Del Shannon

Ha! Admittedly gross but really too funny! Especially considering all they've been through at this point in the book.  If you follow me on GoodReads or Twitter, chances are you saw my closing remarks when I finished this one.  Suffice it to say that YES, I would recommend it...and YES, it is THAT good.  Review coming soon!

He was a trained observer, and it wasn't like him to miss an important detail like a man walking up to interrupt their conversation.  It was almost as if he had materialized out of thin air, a ridiculous thought, of course, but one that Drew couldn't shake, especially given what the three of them had been talking about when the man arrived.
-- pg 63, Ghost Trackers by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson with Tim Waggoner
Seeing as how I haven't quite made it this far into the book, I can only guess at who or what they were discussing but...did anyone else get chills just now?  *-*  If the authors name's are familiar, they should be....not only did I just read another book by the duo but they are the team (well, the first two at least...not certain on number 3 there) behind the series Ghost Hunters on Syfy.  So, how's the fiction side of things shaping up?  So good!  Should be finished tonight or tomorrow.


Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
*Grab your current read
*Open to a random page
*Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
*Share the title & author, too, so that other participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!


Until next time....happy reading!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do You Hear What I Hear?

* noisy room*

Quiet down….they’re coming….

*crowd softly murmurs*


~approaching footsteps~

*giggle erupt*






*party horns*

Hi there readers!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers….where the bookish birthday cake may be virtual but the celebration is 100% pure unadulterated reality.  I’ll keep the intro short so we can get right to the star of the show.  Sound good?  Thought it might.  ^_^  Make room on your bookshelves, because today’s feature is one you’re gonna want to snatch up in a hurry.  This is not the author’s first time around the writer’s block but it is an effort certainly worth noting (though I’ve heard her other work is too and will be confirming soon).  From the great folks at Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of MacMillan, and the creative mind of author Ellen Potter, please join me in wishing a very…  



From the publisher….
Hiding is Roo Fanshaw's special skill. Living in a frighteningly unstable family, she often needs to disappear at a moment's notice. When her parents are murdered, it's her special hiding place under the trailer that saves her life.

As it turns out, Roo, much to her surprise, has a wealthy if eccentric uncle, who has agreed to take her into his home on Cough Rock Island. Once a tuberculosis sanitarium for children of the rich, the strange house is teeming with ghost stories and secrets. Roo doesn't believe in ghosts or fairy stories, but what are those eerie noises she keeps hearing? And who is that strange wild boy who lives on the river? People are lying to her, and Roo becomes determined to find the truth.

Despite the best efforts of her uncle's assistants, Roo discovers the house's hidden room--a garden with a tragic secret.

Inspired by The Secret Garden, this tale full of unusual characters and mysterious secrets is a story that only Ellen Potter could write.

First, let’s talk cover art or rather let’s gaze at that GORGEOUS picture!  The emotions captured on Roo’s face are perfect…just the right amount of innocence, bewilderment, with a current of underlying mischief to be had.  That shadowy figure in the background?  Hands down, I’d say that’s Jack, the boy from the river…perhaps literally OF the river if the Donkey grannies are to be believed (no…not donkey’s that are grandma’s…grandma’s on the neighboring island of Donkey…more on that in a moment).  The surrounding flora and fauna are obviously the hidden garden but certainly not in the state in which they are discovered….a sad contrast indeed…and just look at those purple blossoms!  Wonderful overall effect and a great fit for the story within.  Speaking of that story….

It’s a short read at just under 200 pages, but you are no less connected to the story, the characters, and the relationships than you would be had the book been gifted with an additional 200 pages; the writing is just that good.  For those that have read ‘The Secret Garden’ (or those that have heard enough about it…*raises hand*), you will no likely draw some similarities between the two works…but from what I understand (as I realized in reading this book, I have NOT in fact read the work that inspired it…*GASP*…~adds to must read list~), that’s where the mirror imaging stops…but you can be the judge of that.  As for me, I’m content to take the story at face value because really…it’s worth it.

We begin with an introduction to Roo that would break anyone’s heart, a death in the family that while not totally unexpected considering the circles they swam in, still rocks Ms. Fanshaw’s world to the core.  Flash forward to Cough Island (interesting story behind how it came to own that name) where we meet (well, sort of…after a bit anyway) Emmett Fanshaw, Roo’s uncle and the man who calls this place home, which is now her home as well.  Along with his assistant, Ms. Valentine, and Violet, the hired hand (though she is much more to Roo than simply that), you wouldn’t call the island over crowded in the least…in fact they have room and ROOMS to spare…good thing considering there’s a lot more here than first meets the eye.  What’s a young curious and left along girl to do with a lot of spare time?  Why explore of course…and explore she does.  Roo’s well versed in finding those places others might miss; those small nooks and crannies that are 12 year old size and not a scratch more.  It’s a skill that has served her well though hard on the heart to imagine her having used it so much.  As luck would have it though, things are about to change. 

She doesn’t walk into this new situation and land within a pair of open, loving arms; that would be too easy.  Instead, she works her way into the hearts of those that occupy the island one day at a time, unknowingly and unexpectedly.  She runs right past all the heartache of tragedies they’ve not fully dealt with, through the maze of misunderstandings that can happen when one doesn’t want to face the truth, and right into the promise that tomorrow brings of a clear day and a chance to start over again.  It’s not an easy task and Roo has taken her share of knocks, but she is more than up to the challenge of it all.

Added to this journey is an unexpected passenger by the name of Jack.  He sees Roo just as he sees all the creatures of the river, for who she is underneath the hardening shell that time has tried to encase her in (though understandably so) and helps her turn the spark of life within, back into a flame.  It’s a curious thing to witness, the quiet rebuilding of a person as it contains a beauty all its own.  The author captured it here wonderfully while still giving us a little magic (ever heard of the Faigne?), a little mystery (the source of the humming is revealed...or should I say sources?) to keep our imaginations churning.  As secrets are brought into the light, the circumstances that brought everything to its current standing fall into place leaving you with a sense of satisfaction for a journey well traveled by the turn of the last page.

Overall, a wonderful story full of tragedy and despair, hard times and rock bottom but mostly of life and love.  We’re reminded that things are often not as bad as they seem, time may not remove wounds but will do wonders for healing them, and to not let circumstances blind us to the most important things in life….family, friends, and the allowance of ourselves to love and BE loved. 

Recommended for Middle Grade readers through adults…with a message like that, you can’t possibly go wrong.  ARC for review, courtesy of Ksenia at Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of MacMillan.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as their full catalog of bookish wonders, visit them online, check out their blog, ‘like’ them on Facebook, or follow along on Twitter.  To see what author Ellen Potter is up to now, make sure to pay a visit to her official website as well as on Twitter.  To discover more about this book birthday celebrant, be sure to check out the blog tour going on now!

Until next time...happy reading!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Step In(to) Time...

Hi there!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers…the place to be when the need to read strikes and you want to strike back!  Can you believe that it’s the LAST WEEK of February already?  *checks calendar*  Well, it is…and whew has it flown by!  Anyway else get whiplash trying to catch a glimpse of it?  At least with its swiftness it brought some great new titles our way and the rest of 2012 is looking as promising as ever, but I digress. 

Today, we are not here to talk about a brand-spanking-new-hot-off-the-press title, BUT…it deserves our attention all the same.  Why?  Because, my fair readers…a book is a book is a book.  Regardless of the time or space we encounter it in, it remains a pristine work of art to be consumed by us in our own time.  That being said, this book isn’t really THAT old…in fact the original publication year was just 2010…the paperback (of which I indulged), 2011.  Ironic part of it all, it deals with time both PAST, PRESENT, and potential FUTURE.  So my opening remarks really play well into the whole theme…well, at least I think they do… ^_^.  Moving on, let’s shine the spotlight where it belongs.  Today’s book of choice is…


From the author…
When Tom Oakley experiences disturbing episodes of déjà-vu he believes he is going mad.  Then he discovers that he is a “Walker” and can transport himself to other times and places. Tom dreams about other “Walkers” in moments of mortal danger: Edward Dyson killed in a battle in 1879; Mary Brown who perished in the Great Fire of London; and Charlie Hawker, a sailor who drowned on a U-boat in 1943.Agreeing to travel back in time and rescue them, Tom has three dangerous adventures, before returning to the present day. But Tom’s troubles have only just begun. He finds that he's drawn the attention of evil individuals who seek to bend history to their will.  Tom’s family [is] obliterated and he soon faces an impossible choice:  To save the world he must sacrifice his family.

I have to go with the cover statement there…”Time travel sounds like fun until you try it…”…because my-oh-my how much trouble it gets Tom into!  From missing school to “fainting” spells at the most inopportune moments (read that as embarrassing too), reliving the last few minutes to running for your life into both the past AND the present….Tom’s life is anything but a dream!  ~shakes head~  So many questions to answer, and tragedies to handle, it’s no wonder poor Tom doesn’t know his ups from his downs and now he has THIS to contend with (not to mention the dramatic final scenes that we are constantly working out ways towards throughout the story).  It’s a lot for an adult to handle, let alone a twelve year old boy….even if he is rather remarkable.  Let’s take a look at this area a bit further, shall we?

The characters we meet throughout Tom’s journey are memorable and distinct….especially when you consider they don’t all come from the same era!  You’ve got Professor Neoptolemas…the man in charge of the Hourglass Institute (the home of those that wish to serve as Guardians of Tomorrow) and the one from which we’ve got A LOT to learn.  Of his age, we are uncertain, but of his mind, there’s no mystery.  He seeks to protect the world of tomorrow by utilizing the skills of those from today (and yesterday) and if that means putting a few people in danger, well then so be it.  Okay…so maybe there should be a little question about his mind, but at least his heart is in the right place, right?  Moving forward…

Tom Oakley, the star of the show…or rather the boy with a BIG decision to make.  Conquer his blossoming skills to become the best Walker he can be and potentially save the world from a dark end (or perish trying…*gulp*)…or refuse his powers and have the normal life he is entitled too, complete with bullies, lack of self-confidence and an unquenched desire to see more of our great big world.  Hmm…big decision…well, it is when you factor in that “life on the line” part.  He’s a likable kid with a big heart, always trying to do the best thing….maybe not always succeeding, but trying nonetheless.  Now his “friend” on the other hand…another story altogether.

Septimus (now, now…not THAT one, this one is someone entirely different) is a fellow Walker, in fact Tom’s mentor if he truly needs a label, but he’s not exactly on the up-and-up.  You see, he prefers the financial standings to be gained by a life as a “rogue” Walker….you know, sorta like a man-for-hire deal but generally without the ending of another’s life.  In fact, there’s something he’s not quite telli…oh, wait a second….you almost had me.  *puts lid back on can of beans SECURELY*  There, that’s better.  Suffice it to say, learn as much as you can about this Welshman because you never know just what you’ll need to remember come future events.  Moving forward…or rather back…

The three Walkers for which Tom is sent to retrieve leave an interesting mark.  First we have Edward, who has a rather hard time coming to grips with the first.  Next, there’s Mary, who rather believes she’s been taken by demons and devils, and considering the time she came from, it’s not hard to understand why (though with her known abilities, it does give one pause).  Finally, there’s Charlie…from a time not as far back so his acclamation to modern day society is much less dramatic, but whose focus is not exactly on the prize at the end of the day.  They each have their strengths and their differences, but when they come together, you’ve in for quite a show of force….you’ll definitely want them on your side.  There is however one you don’t want by your side or any other place within reach…Captain Redfeld.

Ah, yes…the Captain.  Let’s just say that if evil had an opening for a right hand, he’d be there with his resume in hand before the ink dried on the posting.  He makes Tom an offer he can’t refuse, or rather shouldn’t because it sounds oh-so-good, but Tom has a good head on his shoulders and makes the right decision in the end.  What was that decision?  Can’t tell you….but it does manage to tick the wrong people off setting into motion a slew of heartbreak, danger, and time hopping that you’ll want to hang on tight for.  Now, along with the good must come a dose of the bitter…

At times, the book did rub me the wrong way.  Time travel, fractured realities, and the like is a mind boggling concept in and of itself (to me anyway) as there are so many what-ifs to contend with….but add to that an attempt to explain it on a technical level and …yeah, you’ve lost me.  I was fine when picturing each place as its own world, but once we got into the how’s and why’s of everything and where it all connects (and what’s with the sand table?), it was a bit fuzzy.  For this reason, although it is rated as a children’s title, I would definitely maneuver it more towards older children or young teens….just so the concepts covered are a bit easier to digest.   It didn’t ruin the story for me, just installed a few speed bumps to contend with.  Anywho…

Overall, an interesting read that bends time left and right but somehow or another, manages to sort things out properly by books end.  Despite the fact that this is book one of a planned trilogy (entitled,   the Hourglass Institute Series), the loose ends are not so discernible that if you were looking for a stand alone book, it wouldn’t work…a point I rather like.  Will I be checking out book two (entitled, Yesterday’s Treasures)?  *shakes Magic 8 ball*  Outlook cloudy.  I believe for the time being, I’m good with keeping my reading self out of the Flow of Time….though I did enjoy my hours with these characters…but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit because I know a lot of you out there would adore this adventure, you just have to give it a second glance.

Author Richard Denning

Review copy received courtesy of author Richard Denning.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this book as well as the forth coming series, feel free to visit him online at the official website, check out his blog for the latest news, ‘like’ him on Facebook, or follow along on Twitter.  Oh, and that official website?  There’s a link there to read an extended preview (or check out the audio sample where the author will read the preview to you!) of book one so you can get a sample of the action before you fully commit…give it a try, that’s what convinced me to read it.

Until next time…happy reading!

~Hmm…it seems Tom’s condition is catchy, or rather that I caught it momentarily when I pulled this one from the TBR review pile, as this one was scheduled for a March read through…*checks calendar*…cie la vie.  They'll all be posted in good time...(HA!  Get it?  Good time... ^_^) ~

Saturday, February 25, 2012

In My Shopping Bag

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.
Through her guidelines, your post does not actually have to be named the same and thus my post shall be..."In My Shopping Bag".  (just fits with the "foodie" theme a bit better in my humble opinion)
Let's take a peek inside my shopping bag this week....
Both are ARC editions that arrived in-store this week.....
Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms: Magic, Mystery, & a Very Strange Adventure by Lissa Evans
Release Date: April 3rd, 2012 from Sterling Children's Books


Release Date: April 17th, 2012 from Amy Einhorn Books published by G.P. Putnam's Sons, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc
* ..and one last link there, the author's Facebook page....

That's it for this week.
So what do you think?  What did YOU get?
Do tell!

Until next time....happy reading!

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Roving Reader

Just how adorable is this! Snow White and Cinderella tell their stories through letters to each other...definitely one I'll have to check out.

Marian Moore and Mary Jane Kensington

So what book's caught your eye when out and tell!

Until next time...happy reading!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

ROTFL...or is that ROTFT?

Hi there!
Welcome back to another fantastically exciting day here are Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers…where the posts are always fresh and the reading is piping hot (well, not like THAT, but you know what I mean…).

Today’s post is all about the funny.  You know, the HA HA HA moments that make us lose a few calories throughout the course of our day (no, it’s true!  Laughing helps you burn calories…HA! < - - See, there goes a few more!).  We start out with something that is funny or rather will be funny to many of you…at my expense but hey, I’ll survive.  It’s my first venture into an “old-to-you-but-new-to-me” frontier and man is it throwing me for a loop!  What is it?  Facebook.  *-*  ~pauses to allow you time to compose yourself again~

Yep, that’s right; now even I’m on Facebook…or at least my blog is.  ^_^  Twitter I can handle, blogging…no sweat.  Facebook?  Strange country that FB is.  So many wait to share and be shared, like and not like, friend and un-friend…a whole other ball of yarn with the terminology too.  ~shakes head~  Crazy stuff but I’m starting to get the hang of it…well, the sharing part anyways.  So feel free to ‘like’ or ‘friend’ (or whatever the right term is) my site over on the old FB too.  Having also added a new ‘share’ section to the right hand sidebar is proving to be pretty nifty as well…connects right to FB, Twitter, Google+...the works.  Now, speaking of sharing…

One of the things I’ve consistently heard about FB is how “dangerous” it is.  *blink*  Okay, well ANY social media site can be if you don’t employ a little common sense, I mean really…do you ALWAYS click on that link that user J&SKAUH sends you?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Really though, there is an aspect of the site I was quite surprised to see and to put it simply it boils down to…the over share.  It surprised me greatly to see that I can not only find out “John Smith’s” name and email, but his phone number, place of business, schooling, address, significant other, and on and on and on.  *-*  Just seems a bit TOO much at some point there…but maybe that’s just me…or maybe not. 

The “or maybe not” up there leads me right into today’s post ironically enough as it stems from the Teaser Tuesday quote I shared in yesterday’s post which by the way I know was posted on a Wednesday but hey…I had guests on Tuesday!  (Still following me?  Good…it’ll be worth the ramble, promise. ^_^)  Two quotes were shared, one from each title I was reading at the time, but only one fits the bill for today’s discussion and frankly it makes (in a more humorous way) the same observation I just made about info shared on another social media outlet. So you see, it’s not JUST me that sees this aspect of the online world, but I digress.  I promised you a FUNNY post and gosh darn it all, you’re gonna get one! 

Today’s post hits the social media (virtual) nail on the head and gives you a great many laughs along the way…plus a new person to follow if you’re not already.  It was an impromptu read that spoke to me from the shelf.  No, really…I heard it whisper…or tweet.  Ready for the main attraction?  Today’s book of choice is…

the tweets of Steve Martin

WARNING:  Reading of this review has been found to cause spontaneous Twitter following of one stevemartintogo.  Even said blog owner as succumbed to this epidemic as well as a bloggy buddy or two JUST from the teaser post.'ve been advised....

Okay, so the title alone is enough to make one pause when browsing the shelf…add to that the content for those of us that use the blue birdie site and you’ve got yourself a winner.  Simply put, it's a collection of his many tweets starting with the mundane ones we all send when just getting started to those calorie burning funnies that continue long after the first 140 characters appeared on the screen thanks to the connections we’ve made…also known as our fellow Tweeples and their gloriously original reactions, statements, and general conversation carry-on-ers.  (Yep…tweeples ROCK…nuff said.)

I won’t bore you with the details…well, okay, there are no boring details with this one but to get too wordy (as if that would EVER happen here…~whistles_glances away~) would be to spoil the fun and believe me, Mr. Martin does it way better than me.  One of my favorites, besides the one shared yesterday, is the sing along section.  Apparently around the holidays, we would tweet out a line to a carol and you had to fill in the next line of the song.  The results…not exactly Christmas magic but too funny nonetheless.

In summary, he may have intended to sell millions of his books with this release (and his other works) and that could possibly happen, but at the very least he'll be gaining a whole new tweeple audience. *clicks follow*  This book is now available on a bookstore shelf near you from Grand Central Publishing.  For more on this title as well as their full catalog, visit them online, 'like' them on Facebook or check in on their Twitter feed.  To discover more about the author, Mr. Steve Martin (whom I’ve dubbed the “man of many hats” what with his multiple careers…author, actor, comedian, musician, etc), feel free to visit his official website, 'like' his official fan page…or of course, follow along on Twitter.

Until next time…happy tweeting…I mean, liking….I mean READING!

P.S.  For those curious few that may not have deciphered today's post title, THIS is the translation..."Rolling on the floor laughing...or...rolling on the floor tweeting?".  ^_^

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taste Testing Tuesdays

Good morning (or whatever time it is where you are), everyone!
Welcome to another installment of Taste Testing Tuesdays here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Taste Testing Tuesdays was inspired by 'Teaser Tuesdays', a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading
On the menu this book that wasn't anywhere on my radar until I was physically putting it on the shelf on its book birthday and thought...huh, now this looks interesting...and a second book that I've working my way through somewhat slowly but most enjoyably.
Ready for a taste?
Here goes...

I'm leaving town for two days and left the window to the right of my front door unlocked. I can't think of anything stupider.
-- pg 13, The Ten, Make That Nine, Habits of Very Organized People.  Make That Ten.  the tweets of Steve Martin
Hmm...I bet I can!  ~shakes head~ 
Author's name look familiar?  It should.  *gives moment for recognition*  Yes, that's right my friends.  The comic/author/musician (let's just sum him up as a man that wears MANY hats, and rather well too) has struck publishing gold again with this latest release.  It's a book of punny-ness you have to see to believe...and of course, I'm following him could I not!  You can too, just click the link above.  Review coming soon...

There are three kinds of hauntings. The first kind is residual - when a supernatural entity repeats the same act over and over again. The second kind is intelligent - when an entity is aware of its actions and can interact with the living. The third kind is poltergeist activity - when an entity moves objects in the physical world.
In Cranston, Rhode Island, we encountered claims of all three.
- pg 152, Ghost Files by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson

Now see this was a perfect passage to happen upon for today's tease.  It gives you a break down plus a little something to look forward to....and believe me, there's a lot to look forward to in this one.  For fans of the show...or not....this has been an enjoyable read so far.  So many experiences out there and I love their approach to the situations.


Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
*Grab your current read
*Open to a random page
*Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
*Share the title & author, too, so that other participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!


Until next time....happy reading!
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