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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse Celebration: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Yesterday we had a great blog tour swing through featuring the wildly fantastical work of author Martin Chatterton and featuring his most recent book The Brain Full of Holes.  If you didn't get a chance to read the post, might I suggest pausing a moment to do so....there's a review, guest your chance to win a copy of the book!  Go ahead...check it out....I'll wait right here....  Oh, and while you're at it, don't forget that we have a contest from another great author, Nancy Holder, to win a SIGNED copy of Possessions plus a copy of the newly released sequel, Possessions 2:  The Evil Within...which just happens to be open internationally.  Once you return to this page, we shall resume..... ~~Theme music anyone?  Click here... ~~

Today's post is sort of on auto so?  Well, let's just say that a certain Insatiable Reader (moi) might have attended a fairly long movie fest (Twilight and New Moon shown back to back in theater) followed by a midnight premiere (Eclipse...woo-HOO!) and still be sleeping at this hour (if not sleeping than definitely resting and perhaps reading)...ahem.  So, I give you the post today from my mind to the site featuring a novella from the infamous author herself, Stephanie Meyer....befitting no?  Today's book of choice is....


Bree Tanner.  Young girl with budding ambitions, seeking her dreams of life, love, and....joining the undead.  Umm, okay so perhaps it's not all candy and roses.  Let's set the record straight.  Bree Tanner was NOT the perfect angel (in more ways than one) before her unlawful rebirth into the world of 'the Cold Ones'.  Bree Tanner was NOT seeking an escape that would take her from the dark world she lived in....her thoughts were merely for the moment, the place most teens live.  One more thing....Bree Tanner may have been gullible and easily manipulated to an extent, but she was NOT stupid. 

In this companion novella to the Twilight series, fans learn more about the young girl vampire Bella comes into contact with in Eclipse.  From her life before and after the change, all leading up to that faithful day in which she...well, if you've read the third book you know what path her life takes (otherwise, NOPE...not gonna spoil it).  Here, we get a chance to see what truths and half-truths the newborns were told as the devious plan she (she being Victoria, though the newborns are never actually told that, with good reason too...) devised was being set into motion.  We also see that the Volturi's hands are not quite as clean as one may have thought in this instance, a fact that may or may not surprise you (when are they ever really, right?).  A disturbing aspect of Riley's relationship with her comes to light (so to speak) as well as a new character that managed to slip away....leaving this reader wondering what happened to them?  Are they still out there?  Where's their story?  Speaking of that...

Okay, so I've hinted and I've mentioned, but haven't really come out and actually discussed it.  Discussed what?  The bookish beasty (...meant totally in a good way like 'the Beast' in the movie with Belle, not the 'Wolfman'...) that is the world of Twilight.  I mean does anyone really understand the magnitude of the world Stephenie Meyer has created? Think about it. She could honestly go on fleshing out (pardon the pun) the characters she has created and continue adding on to her current success without ever having to create another fictional world...with fans perfectly content AND clammoring for more. There's not that many books or series that you could truly say that about....I mean, yes, there are others, but they are fewer rather than more, in numbers.  It just boggles the mind, or my mind at the very least.

Anywho, rabid fandom aside, one thing is certain about this is NOT for the outsider; meaning if you haven't read the series, it's probably not going to make much sense to you.  You really need to have read through book 3 (Eclipse, just in case you didn't know...hey, there are some people that still haven't read it) in order to follow what's going on, otherwise it's too vague and Bree's tendancy to question things (no, make that everything) can be a bit grating.  Having read all of the books in the series (at least once), I can honestly say that I enjoyed slipping back into this familiar world and grandly welcome the next adventure this author brings our way.  Whether it be the much talked about and wished for Midnight Sun (basically Twilight but from Edward's perspective...the sample on her website....VERY GOOD) or the contiually pushed back Twilight Saga (may not be the finalized title, but it's the one this story was suppose to be a part of initially that tells the back story and more about this literary creation).  One way or the other we have things to look forward to from this series for future reads.

Highly recommended reading for fans of the series and for those that have yet to give it a try, seriously...what's holding you back?  For those that just haven't had a chance to pick this one up yet, you still have time to check it out online at the official's available to read for free as a thank you to fans through midnight July 5th.  If you do decide to purchase a copy, the publisher is donation $1 for every physical book sold to the American Red Cross.  As for me....I'm still reveling in the movie release fun and contemplating how I can fit a re-read into my current schedule for this series (hehe).

Until next time....happy reading!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Brain Full of Holes by Martin Chatterton - Blog Tour, Review AND Contest!

Hello hello!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  It's another day another po....wait!  It's not just another post!  It's a 3 for 1 special!  That's right!  Tell them what they won Jonny...  For a limited time not only do you get a review of the title chosen today, but a guest post and a little something more!  What's the something more?  Well, that's for me to know and you to find out at this point, but if you keep reading, I promise you'll get to it before posts end.  *wink*  So, shall we dive right into this barrel of monkeys?  What?  You don't SEE a barrel of monkeys?  Huh...I could have sworn I put it right over there....oh well, we'll have to proceed without them.  Today's book of choice and blog tour guest (thanks to Peachtree Publishers) is....

The Brain Full of Holes

What would you say if you were going along and something out of the ordinary happened?  Okay, so probably not much, but let's imagine that you had a VERY inquiring mind (a phrase that brings me back to childhood days) and little things going awry struck you as more than mere coincidence because my dear boy (or girl) there are no such things as coincidences after all...merely fact and fiction....  This is just the sort of situation that Theophilus Nero Hercule Sherlock Wimsey Father Brown Marlowe Spade Christie Edgar Allen Brain (affectionately known as "the Brain"...not to mention much easier to say if playing Red Rover with your friends on the playground), the World's Greatest Detective...lives for.  The current case?  His lunch.  What's for lunch?  (Why are you hungry?  Just kidding....) A cheese sandwich, but not just any cheese...a Swiss cheese sandwich.  But what's this?  By Jove, the holes are GONE! *dun*dun*dunnnnnn*

That's not all that seems to be missing though.  In short order, we move from missing cheese holes to missing parents, missing trucks to mysteriously appearing raisins, crazed cuckoo clocks to the possible sighting of a doppelganger, and ...wait, raisins?  No, that's that really the only part that caught your eye though?  Didn't think so....I mean there is a serious game a foot here and the Brain must uncover the truth before his whole world becomes one random act of silliness after another.  With the help (and sometimes hindrance) of his trusty sidekick Sheldon, this is one dynamic duo minus the tights that is in for an interesting ride.

What can I say? The Brain strikes again in this wacky but wonderful tale that will have you reaching books end in record won't want to put it down. Filled with the wild imagination of author Martin Chatterton, we have a tale of whodunit with Duzzant Matter and a whole sleuth of outrageous animal creations. From a cow that wants to give her caretaker a bit of his own medicine (Heloise Takes Manhattan, news at ten....) to panthers guarding the power of LURV (lots of puns, gotta LURV the that one...), it's a surprise a minute (blue chickens anyone?) with smiles to spares. Even a dramatic moment closer to stories end that would have seemed like a cop out in any other tale actually WORKS in this book.  Amazing...simply brilliant.  If you haven't checked out the author's first tale in this delightful series, The Brain Finds a Leg (my review), I highly recommend it followed by a good dose of "holes". Trust don't want to miss it.

Recommended reading for all those who love both Children's and Young Adult Fiction.  It's a fantastical tale of wit, wisdom and a dash of mayhem that combine to provide a wonderfully amusing story.  Special thanks to Erin at Peachtree Publishers for the review copy. (THANKS!) For more on this title and many others, visit their blog, or follow along on Twitter!  Now on to the extra special feature of the day.....

Martin Chatterton

So sorry but the Brain's pet alligator has returned (you know, from the first book...the one that barks like a dog...) and somehow managed to get ahold of Mr. Chatterton's computer so alas.....teeth marks are currently impeding his progress. Should he be able to piece it back together again, it will be uploaded post haste right here for your viewing pleasure....
Oh, OH...wait a second!  He JUST managed to shut the "little guy" in the bathroom for a second so he could use his back-up's the post straight from the's mouth....

‘In Defence of Nonsense’

Writing nonsense isn’t quite as easy as it appears from the outside.
Particularly, funny nonsense.

My favourite author, PG Wodehouse, who wrote soufflĂ©-light farces involving chinless members of the English aristocracy, crafted every word with the precision of an Antwerp diamond-cutter. He slaved over each book, constantly refining and polishing plot, character and prose until it was – in my opinion – perfect.

I’ve tried reading books that people say are good for me but, like oatmeal and broccoli, they just don’t taste right. This isn’t to say that the books I prefer are junk food, full of salt and additives. Instead, I’d prefer to think of them as haute cuisine,. It’s the ‘good’ books – or literature, as its mostly called – that have the added fat. Have you tried reading anything that wins the big book prizes? Against the advice of the world’s best physicians I did, last year, and it left me with a blinding headache and the feeling my lower intestine contained a small car. They were too big, too pompous, too self regarding . . . too bloody serious.

If I see on the jacket of a book the words ‘searing prose’, ‘languid’, ‘a writer who goes to the heart of’, or any one of a thousand other creepy platitudes reserved for ‘literature’ I immediately opt to NEVER READ THE THING. I know this isn’t the attitude to pass along to our kids (children are the future etc) but luckily for me, I don’t care. I’m not a liberal you see, so I simply choose not to read boring books. Someone else can look after the next generation while I’m laughing myself silly, or turning the pages feverishly to find out exactly when the nuclear bomb is going to incinerate the trapped submariners while a polar bear is loose somewhere onboard (I actually considered writing this book recently).

So when I write myself, it’s usually not about Afghani orphans (‘searing prose’), or an eighteenth century Irishwoman’s voyage of self-discovery during the Potato Famine (‘really goes to the heart of…’), or life amongst an order of Inuit monks (‘written with a languid pace’). Instead, I write about nonsense: two-headed butlers, carnivorous cuckoo-clocks, undersea clinics, fossilised trucks, black holes, alligators who think they’re dogs, human limbs discovered in creeks, Hispanic talking panthers, and more. There are plenty of tense cliffhangers, lots of snappy dialogue – at least I consider it reasonably snappy – and (as mentioned above) a superabundance of far flung ideas and silly

In my latest book, ‘The Brain Full of Holes’, the second in the series featuring thirteen year-old Theo Brain the self-styled, ‘World’s Greatest Detective’, I had a lot of fun with particle physics. Theo and his trusty, but not particularly sharp sidekick, Sheldon McGlone, leave Australia (where the first book, “the Brain Finds A Leg’ takes place) for Switzerland. Once there, it doesn’t take long for them to become embroiled in a mystery that threatens the very existence of the universe. Without giving the game away, it’s fairly safe to let slip that they do save the day (not to mention the universe), but not before a great deal of Grade-A fol-de-rol and brouhaha takes place. Of course, not everything I write about is complete nonsense. There is a fair amount of actual science in there. Honestly. Sometimes it’s buried so deep you’d need to drill for it, but it is in there somewhere. Most of my suggested nonsense has its roots in the possible. I think its important when writing nonsense that it does have some semblance of possibility. I’m not a fan of whimsy, and try very hard to avoid the writing straying into that area. Of course, only you can be the judge of whether or not I’ve succeeded – preferably after you’ve purchased at least one copy of each of ‘The Brain’ books, and a couple more for your friends – but I like to think you may be converted to the pursuit and enjoyment of nonsense.


For more information on this whimsical author's wild adventures, he has a smattering of places to be found online.  Visit his site, Facebook page, or follow along on Twitter!


Now, wasn't that fun?  A little review, a little something special from the author, I bet you're all set for the day, right?  What could possibly make you enjoy this post any more than you already do... *ponders*
Oh, I know!  How about a contest?  That's right!  Thanks to the fabulous folks at Peachtree Publishers (yay, Erin!), I am pleased behind belief to offer you the chance to win a copy of this crazily fun tale to call your own!  (...and if you actually call it "your own", no worries...I won't tell.)  Now despite the fact that it is number two in the series, you needn't have read the first book in order to enjoy this second installment.  True, it introduces you to the Brain and Sheldon on a more personal level, but you won't be lost in this book if you read it first.  Now on to the details...

The prize:
(1) hardback copy of The Brain Full of Holes by Martin Chatterton

How to enter:
Fill out this FORM.
(Click on the word form above.)

The rules:
*Open to US/Canada mailing addresses only!  No P. O. Boxes please.
* Entries will be accepted from Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 through Saturday, July 10th, 2010 at midnight CST.  The entries will be tallied and entered into the randomizer, after which a random number will be picked by their number generator.  (This way all the entries are mixed up nicely.)
* All entries must be submitted using the form accessible through this post.  You MUST include your email address in order to be counted as well as contacted should you be chosen as the winner!
*The winner will be announced and contacted via email by Monday, July 12th, 2010 and will have 48 hours to respond with their mailing address.  Should they fail to respond in the given time, a new winner will be chosen.
*Winners name and address will be forward to Erin at Peachtree Publishers for prize send out only and then discarded.


That's all she wrote, or rather I wrote...entries are now being accepted!
What are you waiting for?  Do I need to get a multi-universal zapper and come over there personally?  Uh-huh, that's what I thought....

Until next time...and happy reading!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Taste Testing Tuesdays (34)

Good morning (or whatever time it is where you are), everyone!
Welcome to another installment of Taste Testing Tuesdays here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Taste Testing Tuesdays was inspired by 'Teaser Tuesdays', a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.  Normally seen on a Tuesday, this week's post has been moved to late Monday to accomodate a wonderful book tour coming through tomorrow from the fabulous folks over at Peachtree Publishers and Wednesday's vampish fun (you'll see). 
On the menu this week ... one book visiting us on a tour coming through next month and another humorous read recommended to me that I shall be just getting into later today.
Let's have a taste!

Hunger and thirst made his head throb.  When he found a wide stream, he celebrated by shouting, collapsing on the soil, and dunking half of his head beneath the surface.  -- pg 70, The Last Track by Sam Hilliard
So this one so far is reminding me in shady bits of author's Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson in story set up and multiple views.  This could get VERY interesting....

For a young renter, it's fairly common to receive e-mails calling for roommates and sublets for unreasonably brief periods of time.  Fully furnished bedroom available in three-person apartment for January and February!  Wait - and February?  Pinch me.  -- pg 56, How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosley (ARC)
Okay, okay...can I say that this is the first sample I've had of the book as well?  It is...and I cheated and read the rest of this excerpt...laughing all the way.  Can't wait to delve more into it....


Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
*Grab your current read
*Open to a random page
*Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
*Share the title & author, too, so that other participants can add the book to their TBR


Until next time....happy reading!

BBAW: Best Eclectic Book Blog

Hi there!
Bet you didn't expect to hear from me again today now did ya?  Just like to keep you on your this post to a bit of a special add in if you will.  You see, fair readers, this post is to serve as my "announcement" of sorts that I am registering for the 'Best Eclectic Book Blog' category with this year's Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

Yep, that's right.  Considering the available options and the books/posts I play host to, I'd say it fits fairly well at least as a contender.  So, as requested....the posts I consider a few of my best to showcase the eclectic nature of my site from August 2009 through June 2010 in no particular order....

1.  REVIEW:  Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev
2.  REVIEW:  'Informal' Blog Tour:  Heart is Not a Size by Beth Kephart
3.  REVIEW:  Bad to the Bone:  Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger by Bo Hoefinger
4.  MY CHOICE:  Food for Thought
5.  MY CHOICE:  The Cutting by James Hayman

There...I've done it!  Wow, that was hard...
The tooting of my own horn is now over...please return to your regularly scheduled reading....

Until next time....happy reading!

In My Shopping Bag (35)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.
Through her guidelines, your post does not actually have to be named the same and thus my post shall be..."In My Shopping Bag".  (just fits with the "foodie" theme a bit better in my humble opinion)
Let's take a peek inside my shopping bag from this past week....

For Review
From the Dead by John Herrick
(ARC courtesy of the author)
Look for the blog tour to swing by this September!
Cleo:  The Cat Who Mended a Family by Helen Brown
(ARC courtesy of Rose and Anne at Inkwell Management, LLC)
Ooh, look!  A cute, CUTE kitty...**pets picture**...this sounds like a wonderful heartfelt story.  Look for the blog tour passing through this September!

The Space Between Trees by Katie Williams
(courtesy of Lara at Chronicle Books)
Okay, so the pic above?  Not my actual picture didn't come out so well, BUT...the actual cover in person?  Well, let's just say if you like this pic, you'll LOVE the real thing.  It actually has the cover cut out to see the purple page "between the trees".  Look for this one to swing by the blog on tour this July!

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel
(ARC courtesy of Eileen at St. Martin's Griffin)
This is not your typical vampire story and it sounds REALLY good!

Wired Kingdom by Rick Chesler
(courtesy of the author)
I actually read the first few pages or so online and yeah, this sounds like a rather unique and interesting story....

Zan-Gah and the Beautiful Country
 by Allan Richard Shickman
(courtesy of Bonnie at Earthshaker Books)
Though the title is definitely unusual and the cover art I'm not exactly in love with, the story reads rather well from the first 10 or so pages I skimmed upon it's arrival.  Curious to read more....

A Bad Day for Sorry by Sophie Littlefield
(via contest from popculturenerd and the author)
Hardcover book signed to me PLUS two bookmarks and a little card.  Thanks guys for the awesome prize pack!


That's all for now!
What did you get this week?  Do tell!

Until next time....happy reading!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Roving Reader

So yesterday's cover was a bit busy, today's is more simplistic but OH SO CUTE!
~pets cover~

The Fast and the Furriest
Andy Behrens

Check it out!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Roving Reader

Okay, so the other covers drew my attention as well from this series, although the actual stories had rather mixed reviews...still you have to give it up for an interesting cover....

The Third Circle of Heck: Blimpo
David E. Basye

Check it out!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Book Blogger Hop...and then some...

Hi everyone!
Happy Friday!
It's that time again!  Time for the BOOK BLOGGER HOP, brought to you by Jennifer over at Crazy-for-Books! This idea was created as another means of finding, sharing, and otherwise connecting those in the blogosphere! How can you participate? Check out the main post on Jennifer's page, add your blog name and link into the MckLinky, and get "hopping" over to the other sites listed to make those connections!
BUT WAIT...there's more...

Today is the Book Blogger Hop...yes that is true, BUT we are also going to take a moment to shine the light on a book networking site that is in danger of closing it's virtual doors!  The site is BookBlogs.NING.  Those that already use it know the power unlocked by posting on it's various boards.  You have the opportunity to communicate with book bloggers and publishing professionals, request ARCs of upcoming titles from well known and growing publishers, sign up to host a stop along a book blog tour for a favorite author or new title you simply couldn't miss.....and that's only the tippy top of the proverbial iceberg.  The most common activity besides those already listed?  Posting links and information regarding your new posts, reviews, and contests!  To sum it all up...if you are a bookish person and haven't used the site yet...why?

Here's the REALLY important part!
As I mentioned, they are in danger of having their virtual doors closed due to site costs to keep it operational.  Tricia created this particular NING Network and has been advised that a plan must be purchased by August 20th in order for the site to remain open.  The cost?  A whopping $500.  Now, according to her stats, the site has nearly 7,000 members and over 1,000 visits each day....if everyone donated even a small amount, it should easily get the site in the clear for another year of bookish fun.  I know times are tough...definitely understand that point, same for me....but every little bit helps.  I donated $5.  How bout you?  For more information on the site or to make a donation, just click here.

Thanks for hopping by the site today!  Whether you are a regular visitor, a fellow "hopper", or swinging through to find out about the NING site, your time spent here is greatly appreciated.  Feel free to share your thoughts and/or comments in the comment section!

Until next time...happy reading!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev

Glad you could join me for another rousing round of...Oh, my!  Is that a fabulous book that's been read, reviewed and I simply must have?  Why yes...yes it at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  You'll have to forgive any over the top flourish today as I just finished reading the most wonderful sequel in a rather flashy series and dramatic flair is simply the order of the day.  What book you may ask?  Hmm...wouldn't you like to really, I'm sure you would.  It's actually the feature of the day!  Ready?  Today's book of choice is....

Lisa Mantchev

(Okay, first things first...let's take a moment to ogle the cover....ah, is rather lovely isn't it?  Okay, back to business...)  Welcome, welcome!  Please, sit for a spell and join us as the players take the stage for tonight's performance...only there is no official stage, rather a stage coach, and the players are on the move, far away from their usual haunt.  When last we saw Beatrice Shakespeare Smith, affectionately known as Bertie (and as such referred to from here forward), Sedna had just finished reeking havoc on the theater, Ariel was running errands for Bertie and Nate was pulled into a watery abyss.  A few questions answered...the identity of Bertie's mother, the woman behind the Mistress of Revels, and the way in which a player may have the final curtain fall on their performance.  A few questions raised...who is Bertie's father, is Nate really gone, and why on earth is Ariel behaving so cordially towards her NOW of all times.  Yes, it is a wicked web we weave and a weary world in which it is woven (whoa...that's nine words with the letter "w"....couldn't have done that if I was actually trying...). 

Bertie, not being one to take things lying down, sets out to retrieve her wayward pirate...hoping against hope that she is not too late (watery abyss and all...tends to leave less room for necessary air to breathe).  Her travel companions?  Well, none other than her fairy friends....Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed.  Never leave home without a merry band of food loving followers.  What's this?  One companion we've forgotten!  Why, it's Ariel the windy elemental and look, he's here of his own volition.  Interesting turn of events.  No matter.  There is much for Bertie to learn if she intends to find what (who) was lost and claim it once again for her own.  The power of words is a tricky business indeed, but one that she must master quickly lest she falls prey to the wickedness that shadows her intended goal.  Oh, Bertie...what HAVE you gotten yourself into?

If you saw my Goodreads updates, you might already have a fairly good idea about my opinion of this book. Three words...I LOVED IT. Yes! It's true! It was a wonderful second installment to the series full of twists and turns, OMG and Aww moments, the works. Like a well rehearsed play, author Lisa Mantchev struck story telling gold with this one (though one could say 'yet again' with the brilliance that was EYES LIKE STARS).

Your attention is hooked, no grabbed, no clasped by the unflinching hands of the story spinner as the action, the romance, the I'm-gonna-throttle-you-no-wait-embrace-you events unfold before your eyes. (Okay, well mine was at the very least and if you liked the first novel, I can pretty much say this one will fit your fancy as well.)

Character wise....they feel like old chums (hmm, that was sorta proper English there...must be my UK friends influence...anywho...) come together once again to weave a tale unlike any other starring themselves nonetheless. At times, you'll want to love and not-so-much-love both Nate (don't believe me...oh, BELIEVE it) and Ariel (well, that's not so much a surprise now is it?), though Bertie's character remains a steadfast pulse of pure brilliance. She's a girl trying to reconcile the past she's never had with a future that's just out of reach and find answers to herself in the mix of it all. Throw in the two boys vying for her hand (in more ways than one...nope, not gonna spoil it though) and yeah, the emotional roller coaster is palpable through the pages...much like the golden light from The Complete Works of the Stage.

Story wise...there is more than one mystery revealed within these pages. Questions both asked and answered....who is Bertie's father? It's....him? Really? NO WAY! Bertie's true love is...him? Nu-uh! Nate's really! And he didn't want....NO! But Ariel was....really? You can't be serious!  That's just too much of a good thing!  And whoa...Sedna and...?  GASP!  (What? You thought I'd TELL, no. Gonna have to read it...sorry, well not's good!)

Special thanks to author Lisa Mantchev and the folks at Feiwel and Friends for the ARC for review! (THANKS!) If you haven't checked out this authors amazing work, visit her site (one or two) or follow along on Twitter!  To find out more about Feiwel and Friends, visit their site, take a look at their blog, or follow along on Twitter!  (Gotta love Twitter...really...)

So if you've read the first book, I suggest ye get thine shelf to a bookstore (or online site) and order up this fresh addition as it be on sale for your reading pleasure.  If you haven't read the first, why?  No, really, why?  It's really good.  Still not quite sure?  Okay, for a little glimpse at it's contents, my review.  One final note to this fabulous author....hi, can we have book three ASAP?  Much thanks.  (^_^)  Alrighty then, let's finish this act in true Bertie style with a flourish, a bang and a well timed bow.


Until next time....happy reading!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Big, Big Dream by Michael Scott Roberts

Hi there!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Ever get a craving for something sweet?  You know...the ones that leave you with the MUST GET CANDY desire?  (*nods*) Get ready...the feature of today's review will definitely bring out the sweet tooth in us all (I know it did for me)...but it will also leave you with an inspiring tale to share (definitely less calories in this option).  Are you ready?  Today's book of choice is....


This is a story about a book (no really, the book is featured in the's quite interesting really) about one person's journey to reach his "big, big dream". Whose dream are we taking a walk in?  Why, the infamous Mr. Milton Hershey!  What?  You don't know who that is?  He's the gentleman responsible for the creation of the Hershey chocolate empire.  (mmm, chocolate)  Oh, now it rings a bell?  Thought so.  As popular as his confections are still today, have you ever stopped to think of how he reached that worldwide recognition level?  It's a story of perseverance, planning, and a heart full of love.  From the cherished values instilled by his parents, the trials of starting a new business from the ground up, and finally his work with orphaned and underprivileged children that's still going strong today.

Within this book, you learn a little more about the man behind the corporation, and taste a bit of the sweetness entwined there-in. The beautiful illustrations combined with an uplifting, difficult, yet inspiring story make this the perfect book for readers of any age. There is also the addition of not only a down loadable narration of the story (convenient for those audio book lovers, or those with young children that wish to follow along) but an accompanying song that follows the lyrics along the top of each page (quite unique and fun if I do say so myself); both giving just the extra touch needed to stand out all the more.

I think part of the reason this book "called" to me is that Pennsylvania is my home state.  Though I don't currently reside there, I remember the area from my childhood days and Hershey was a MUST for any resident.  You go through the town and the lamp posts are all Hershey kisses.  You take the chocolate factory tour/ride and get a sample of the freshly made chocolate upon reaching it's end.  Memories versus present day may vary, just as a child's understanding of what the Hershey vision really was all about pretty much fell on the candy alone.  It's nice to revisit the area even if only in my mind's eye and walk away with a better understanding of why this confectionery world was created and to whom the benefits were intended to fall.  To sum it up, three words...a wonderful book.

Special thanks to Paula at Author Marketing Experts, Inc for the review copy. (THANKS!) For more information on AME, visit their NING site or follow along on Twitter.  To find out a more on this title and the author behind it's creation, visit the book's website.

Until next time....happy reading!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spaceheadz by Jon Sciezka and Francesco Sedita

Hello, hello!
It's time for another look into the reading happenings of yours truly, here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.  The feature of today's post should just be making it's rounds in a bookstore near you...and what a round indeed!  New schools, new friends (or not), alien encounters (or not), and a fuzzy little leader?  Yep, this is one for the imagination.  Without further adieu, today's book of choice is...


Michael K is not loving life.  Right about now he wishes with all his might that he was in his old school with his old friends....and yet, here he remains.  Where is here?  Good question!  Here is Mrs. Halley's fifth grade class at P.S. 858, Room 501-B.  Here is the new town called home for Michael K and his family.  Here is....exactly where he doesn't want to be.  As if starting school in a new town isn't rough enough, Michael K has the fortune (or perhaps misfortune?) of falling in with a rather odd crowd....of two.  Bob, Jennifer, and Mr. Fluffy.  Perfectly normal sounding names, right (well, except Mr. Fluffy, but I mean, he IS a hamster...who is also the leader of this Spaceheadz project apparently...)?  Yes....provided you aren't claiming to be pencil chewing, odd looking beings from outer space that happen to speak in commercials and think you can do anything, which is just what they need.  (Did I lose you?  No?  Good...)  So BITE THE BULLET and be 100% FRESH because this story is GRRRRREEAT!  (No was fun.)

A quick read indeed....this book is filled with situations and events I can picture younger readers being drawn to, but older readers may get some of the puns from the "commercial" language more readily.  (They literally speak in commercial catch phrases, like GOT MILK and TRIX ARE FOR KIDS.  There's a reason for it...but alas, I can not reveal that part.)  Boys will certainly be able to relate to our young "hero" Michael K as he navigates the strange situation he is thrown into while trying to do the right thing by all.  This is definitely a book that requires quite a bit of imagination (a good thing) but also the ability to take things as they are without looking for the bigger picture (a hard thing for most adults).  A unique addition to the genre....although the ending...yeah, it's a good thing it's rumored to be the first in a series as much is left to be revealed. My inquiring mind really wanted to know the meaning of many things only partially revealed at this stage of series, but I shall wait...patiently....sort of (hehe).

A few additional points of interest, there are several pages inserted here and there that provide learning opportunities and activity suggestions for those younger inquisitive readers, making this a great classroom reading addition.  PLUS the websites mentioned within the text such as the Anti Alien Agency and the SPHDZ websites....REALLY exist!  DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE, DOUBLE YOUR FUN!

Special thanks to Lucille at Simon & Schuster for the ARC to review.  (THANKS!)  For more information on their fabulous titles, visit their website, or follow along on Twitter.  This book was scheduled to hit shelves today so be on the lookout in your local stores!  You never know...there might even be an increase in alien activities.  Better read up on how to spot and report them at the agency website.

Until next time....happy reading!

Taste Testing Tuesdays (33)

Good morning (or whatever time it is where you are), everyone!
Welcome to another installment of Taste Testing Tuesdays here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Taste Testing Tuesdays was inspired by 'Teaser Tuesdays', a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.
On the menu this week ... one book that I am FLYING through (yes, it's THAT good!) and a second one that I just getting into but already curious about the ending.
Are you ready for a taste?

"What made you say that?" Bertie asked after a moment.
"About your safety?" Valentijn stood and held up the chemise, measuring her again with his eyes.  "A blind man could see that man would die for you, but that doesn't mean you won't die alongside him." -- pg 167, Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev (ARC)

As soon as I read that section, I KNEW it was perfect for this post.  Curious to know who the quote is about?  Is it Nate?  Is it Ariel?  Is it someone else altogether that has been enraptured by Bertie?  You'll have to wait and see....

Her thoughts turned dark.  The fury building in her again, just as it always did when she spent too much time pondering things that made her angry.  -- pg 80, The Pack by LM Preston

The main charater is pretty kick....butt.  Should be an interesting read....


Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
*Grab your current read
*Open to a random page
*Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
*Share the title & author, too, so that other participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!


Until next time....happy reading!

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