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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Possessions by Nancy Holder

Hi there!
Welcome back to another week here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!
You've chosen a fun day to visit as we kick off a three day post fest in celebration of author Nancy Holder's recently released book, Possessions 2:  The Evil Within.  We'll have a review of both the first and second book in this series, an author interview, and then finally a contest to give you a chance to win a set of these novels all your own!  Sound good?  I knew you'd like it...

First off, congratulations Ms. Holder on another great addition to your already extensive published list!  May the joy and excitement of seeing your work in the hands of readers never get old.  (Although, I'm fairly certain it doesn't....)  Secondly, the post for today.  We shall start at the beginning as I am told that is a fairly good place to start, hence I believe a review is in order.  Today's book of choice is....


Behold the hallowed halls of learning.  Marlwood Academy welcomes the wayward souls (*cough* for real *cough*) of young women of privilege seeking to better their futures and receive the finest education money can buy.  From the latest designer clothes to the finest in book bag couture, the world's finest gather here in both person and product.  So what on earth is Lindsay doing here?

Lindsay Anne Cavanaugh.  Former resident of San Diego and public school girl for life, now resident Marlwood attendee thanks to her glowing school record and a few strings pulled here and there.  Why the change of scenery?  For starters, after a lengthy illness, her mother passed away.  {moment of silence} If that wasn't enough to send someone into a downward spiral, she then finds her best friend and boyfriend in a rather compromising position...on her parents bed...on the quilt she gave her ailing mother.  Yeah, let's just say that she has every reason to have slipped away into a quiet place in her mind.  What follows is a break down, in both spirit and mental health....thus a chance of location seemed ideal for a fresh start.

First day at the new school and she meets three girls in the woods doing a ...seance.  Hmmm...doubtful THAT was in the brochure, but hey, maybe it was just harmless child's play.  BIG maybe.  Lindsay just can't shake the feeling that something is not quite right at the school.  Aside from the rumors of the grounds being haunted, she's seeing things, hearing things...dreaming things.  None of which would sit well with the most centered of individuals let alone someone that is still doubting their recovery.  But it's not her mind that needs's more the intentions of those around her, both seen...and unseen.  This school year is about to get very interesting....

So, what did I think of it....overall, it was fun!  There are times when the characters are possessed that the story gets a bit muddled, but then again, that's just what the character is feeling so the reader feeling that way as well just goes to show how much you get drawn into the book.  It's a great story about what happens when spirits are not truly laid to rest but rather unrest. You have the classic elements of spook with an old all girls boarding school mysteriously reopened after years of abandonment (why does no one ever question these situations..), an all boys school conveniently located across the lake (filled with plenty of specimens for study...ahem), and enough odd happenings to make one wonder...did I really see that?  Seriously! 

I had someone ask me at the bookstore the other day for a really scary book.  I said define 'scary'.  They said something that makes you WANT to keep the lights on.  Hmmm...I was stumped!  Honestly, I haven't really had a book that was THAT scary...but then again, scary is all dependent on the person reading it, ya know?  For example, this book while not "wet-in-your-pants" scary certainly has it's creepy factor where an uncontrolled imagination could easily escape into "what was that" and "did you hear that" territory.  I'll admit, I was reading a part of the book in a car at night in the dark with a book light (hey, I read anywhere I have time to) and yeah, I heard a noise, and yeah, I turned to see what it was to discover....nothing....but it's realizing that your mind is playing tricks on you that keeps your skin neatly on your person.  (A much better look for all I do believe.)

Recommended reading for young adult and paranormal fans. There's mystery, romance, and the finest merchandise this side of the....wait a minute, that's Aladdin...ahem, back on track.  Seriously, there is the mystery of the school, the haunting rumored and experienced, and some truly heinous clique-type girls that you just want to....ignore. (^_^)  Special thanks to author Nancy Holder for the SIGNED copy for review.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this author and her many works just waiting for you to discover, visit her website or follow along on Twitter!  (Yep, another follow worthy tweeter to check out...)

So...possessions.  The word itself can have two meanings, both of which are explored in this book.
Meaning 1:  To own or to have.
Meaning 2:  To be possessed as in someone else using you as a live action puppet.
On that later half...I'm curious to you believe in ghosts?  If so, how to you define them?  Are they just the stuff of dreams and nightmares, a spiritual reminder of those that have passed, or something more?  The comments are open....

Check in tomorrow as we review book two in this series....
Until next time...happy reading!


The1stdaughter said...

This sounds creepy! But great potential, if I'm ever in need of a spooky, but great book I'll check into this one. Fabulous review, as always!

And yep, I absolutely believe in ghosts, but there's a long story behind it. :o)

Gina said...

the1stdaughter: Thanks for the kind words! Long story? tell! ^_^

Tales of Whimsy said...

Oooo Possession always scares the shapoopy out of me ;) But this book does sound fun :)

Alexia561 said...

Sounds like another good read! Love your reviews, but they are seriously dangerous for my TBR pile! *L*

Gina said...

Juju: Really? The shapoopy? LOL. You'd probably want to leave the light on for this one...but it's not TOO much. ^_^

Alexia561: Thanks and glad I can "dangerously" affect your TBR! LOL! ^_^

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