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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Special Message...

Happy Halloween, everyone!
Be safe and have fun!
The Insatiable Reader

Friday, October 30, 2009

Shine Bright: Pumpkin Light by David Ray

This is Halloween, this is Halloween...pumpkins scream in the dead of night.  This is Halloween, this is Halloween...treat or treat til...oops!  Hello there! *~*princess wave (similiar to beauty queen wave)*~*  Welcome back to another installment here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Thanks for all the well-wishes yesterday...we had a great time!  Getting back in the swing of things after a day removed definitely causes a little Twitter back up but not to worry, I made it through most.  Two quick items to point out...first we have a new sidebar link to a feature from HarperTeen perfect for this time of year as well as YA book lovers everywhere.  It's called "Pitch Black:  Books With Bite".  Check it out for some great reading suggestions as well as the chance to "pimp your coffin".  Secondly, these are the last two days to enter the Post-Birthday Blowout contest for your chance at some nifty green apple mints...oh and FIVE SIGNED Nancy Holder YA books!  Check the right sidebar for the link to that one!

I must apologize for the opening, I've kind of got Halloween on the brain (with it being tomorrow plus I am typing this post while dressed as a princess since we had some kiddos some through today), how about you?  It's actually kind of appropriate, that portion of the song I mentioned earlier, in light of today's book choice.  Without further ado...(trumpets sound) P-R-E-S-E-N-T-I-N-G, today's pick is....

Pumpkin Light
David Ray

Angus was born in the season of the pumpkin, or more frequently referred to as fall.  (YAY!  Another fall birthday!) The light that came from the sky that morning was likened to a giant pumpkin, filling the sky with it's beauty, warth, and life.  This same light inhabited the young least until one fateful Halloween.  You see, each year young Angus would revel in the glorious arrangement of carved pumpkins on display in the general store.  Keeping watch for hours, the boy would draw as many faces as possible in the time alloted by his parents to display on his own wall until the following year.  This year however, time escapes the lad.  Coming home much later than anticipated, he is sent to his room both pumpkin pie-less and picture-less by his worried parents, leaving bare walls and an empty tummy. 

Strange things will happen when the normal order of things is thrown off course...he floats off to a dreamless sleep awakening to find himself in the loft of his family's barn.  How on earth did he wind up there?  No matter...all seems right in the world as he catches a whiff of his mother's pie!  Racing down for a slice, he steals away to the cornstalk field to enjoy.  But wait, what was that?  It seems the scarecrow has a bit much to say about his little mis-adventure and places an enchantment on the boy, only to be broken when the magic pumpkin which he now guards is finally carved...oh, did I mention he is now a dog?  Will Angus be restored to his own form?  How can he complete the task set before him without a voice?  (You know the must read to reveal all!)

I must admit that when I picked this title up I was counting on a quick read for a fun Halloween themed post.  While it didn't fail me in that department, I will say that the story went places I never dreamed of from the cover nor the title!  (That's a good thing...keep reading...)  I was expecting a cutesy story about a boy that loves pumpkins....nothing to write home about, but enjoyable none the less.  While I can't say I am rushing off to put a letter in the post (hmmm, that sounded a bit proper English...I think I need to change out of this princess costume...), I am certainly glad to make this today's pick.  The author combines the full page pictures (which are beautiful by the way) with a magical twist that leaves readers wondering whether Angus actually experienced the events or merely dreamed one fantasical dream (and a book spooky too, I might add.  Would you really want a spell placed on you by a rather creppy looking scarecrow?  Didn't think so...).  Enjoy the story, revel in the pictures, and let your own "pumpkin light" shine bright this Halloween!


Well, as this seems to be one of my shortest book review posts to date, I think I'll leave the COMMENT CREATOR off of this particular post and let you (the readers) breeze through in passing....of course, if you'd like to comment or pose a question, I'm all ears.  Oh, and in the spirit of the season...try carving your own (virtual) for all!

Until next time....happy reading!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Roving Reader

I couldn't resist this charmer with Halloween just around the corner...perfect for a "howling" good time.  Reminds me of the handbook for the recently deceased in Beetlejuice.

The WereWolf's Guide to Life:  A Guide for the Newly Bitten
Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers

Just a quick post for the day as we celebrate Mom's birthday.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comic-al Fun: 'Kit Feeny: On the Move' by Michael Townsend

Hello everyone!  Why would you look at that!?!  It's already the 28th of the month...where did the time go?  (**calling** Here tiiimmmee! Oh, tiiimmmee!)  It seems like only yesterday we were starting all the spooky fun that comes along during this part of the year...*SIGH*...wait, what am I saying?  We can keep the fun going all year long!  There's no need to wait for a particular time of year to roll around...we can get the party started (*singing*"...on a Saturday night!  Everybody's waiting for me to arrive" Pink's song will be stuck in my head for a few hours....yours too?) any time we like.  YAY for the world of book blogging!

A quick reminder to those of you that have not entered, we have two contests running currently.  One ends the 30th, the other on the 31st.  Check out the links to both in the right sidebar under "Current Contests".  And now...on to today's book!  The ARC (advanced reader copy) title for review today came to me as a result of a mini-Twitter contest from Random House Kids.  (Thank you!  Love the prize!)  I just received it on Monday, but couldn't wait to read just looked too cute!  (You'll see...)  Without further ado, today's choice is....

Kit Feeny:  On the Move
Michael Townsend

Meet the Feeny's.  You have mother, father, two sisters, and Kit...sound fairly typical right?  Believe me, the story is anything but!  The Feeny family is preparing to move (To where you ask?  It remains unknown...but think further than a drive, closer than a boat trip.) and one member of their group is less than happy about this turn of events.  Kit wants no part in this adventure, and yet as in life so goes it in fiction, he must go with his doesn't mean he has to like it!  From secretly trying to move his friend along with him (in a box with loads of pillows) to the "awesome stupid" (gotta love that phrase from the book) Hawaiian shirts he picks out for his new school wardrobe, you never quite know what Kit will do next.  Add to this equation a bus-riding bully, and (twin?) kid sisters that are more concerned with how they look and smell (strange add-in yes, but funny!) than their brothers plight.  Not to worry, Kit has a plan...or should I say several!

Let me start out "my" portion of the review by saying I am not a comic book reader. (GASP!  I know...shocking right?)  To all of you die-hard fans of this genre whether it be the single issue comic releases or the $10 a pop manga books that seem to fly off the shelves at the bookstore, I just can't see the draw. (STOP!  It's no use writing up a long email to explain the virtues of it to me and try for a "conversion" won't happen...sorry!  However, I do respect each readers right to like what they like and share it with others!  With that in mind...may I continue now?  **pause for your approval** Thank you...moving on.)  So, when I first saw this book offered through a Twitter post, I didn't immediately submit a DM (for those of you not on Twitter...that means 'direct message').  Time passed and the world kept turning....low and behold, another tweet appeared offering the same book.  Well, I checked it out this time to see what I as well as others were perchance missing.  The cover looked cute, the story sounded DM later and I had won myself a copy. (Yay me!)  Boy was I glad that I did....

First off, it is an ARC copy.  Now there is nothing wrong with them (personally love them since more often than not you get them before the book is released to John Q. Public) but due to their nature, they can be quite plain in design.  I mean you are reviewing the story, not just the awe inspiring (or not) cover.  This one was a bit different.  Take a closer look at the picture at the top of this post.  Go ahead, I'll wait. (insert Jeopardy music here....da da da dada da da da, da da da da DA da da da da're back?  Good..)  Did you see what the caption says?  In my opinion, that was a really cool way to work in the ARC fact.  It blends right into the book, yet makes a statement of its own. 

Next, we have the much fun!  Staying mostly to the pencil drawn, black and white classic effect with orange thrown in for a little twist, it makes you feel like you are reading something made just for you by a close friend, instead of a mass produced title.  (That's a good thing!)  On to the cast of loveable characters...I really liked how they interacted with each other.  Although some of the references in the conversations bubbles were sort of odd (in my opinion), it was thoroughly enjoyable!  The bully with his bad attempts at humor, the mom with her well-intentioned meddling, even the sisters with their crazy taunting were all a blast.  Now Kitt on the other hand...

He's not actually a trouble maker, despite the situations he gets into.  Really he is just your normal average kid dealing with leaving all he knows behind in exchange for everything unknown....scary prospect at any age.  He does the best he can (and better than some) in his new surroundings, ultimately discovering the truth hidden beneath the surface.  Whether near or far, a friend will still remain a friend.  It's okay to make new're not dishonoring the memories you share or knocking them out of the ranking of "first friend".  You are simply moving forward and adding more loved ones along the way....your own merry band of followers to laugh, cry, smile, and share the ups and downs of life.

Special thanks once again to Random House Kids for the terrific Twitter contest prize!  (Love it!)  Be sure to check out their website or "follow" (still sounds creepy...) them on Twitter for the latest and greatest.  Also the author's name near the top of the post links to his website.  Check out the author bio page...laughs abound.

So let's see...what shall we talk about today, besides the book/review of course....ah, how about this.  Keeping on the same topic as this book (moving), have you ever moved a great distance from your hometown?  What was the best thing and worst thing about the experience?

My family moved from Pennsylvania down to Florida in the early 1990's.  It was quite a change.  Missed my friends, although we did write to stay in touch....loved the more casual school uniforms!  Oh, was not a fan of the heat though (still not too much)....we left 5 inches of snow and arrived in upper 90 degree weather.

Until next time....happy reading!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vamps With A Twist: Pretty Dead by Francesca Lia Block

Greetings and salutations! (How's that for a greeting...hmm?) Welcome to all my fellow readers!  For those of you that claim to not be readers...hmmm, your choice of blog visits is rather interesting since this is a book blog and you are actually reading right now in order to see how I am going to finish this really long sentence...hehe.  All the excitement is still going strong as we have two contests open for you to enter (and pass the word on about).  If you are interested in winning a copy of some really fabulous books or other fantasical(don't know why I chose that word, just came to me) prizes, check the right hand sidebar for ease of entry.  That said...on to today's post.  With Halloween fast approaching (gheesh we have like what 4 more days?), I thought I'd focus on a YA title with some bite.  Today's choice is....

Pretty Dead
Francesca Lia Block

Charlotte Emerson has it all.  Beauty, wealth, her "health"...and all the time in the world.  That's probably the biggest plus in being what she is....a vampire.  Or is it?  Once upon a time, Charlotte was afterall, human.  She had a mother and father just like you and me.  Additionally, she had a brother, Charles, whom she loved and adored.  They were least until his untimely death.  Unable to fully cope with his passing, Ms. Emerson treads the darkened waters of her life with unsteady hands.  Fast forward one year and we find Charlotte in attendance at a costume ball.  During this party, she meets a young man by the name of William Stone Elliot.  He is charming, handsome, and....undead.  She doesn't make this realization right away, but once discovered she is unable to pull away from his charms as well as the offering for an escape from the life she's been left. 

With unnatural eternal life, one does not always get what they bargained for and now Charlotte is trapped with her sadness and regret for all time...or so she believes.  Many many years later, she finds refuge in a California estate and becomes fast friends despite her best efforts with Emil Rossdale.  She has a rather sordid past through no fault of her own and like her, seeks an escape from that dreaded time.  Can Charlotte offer that escape to her?  What of Emily's boyfriend Jared Dorian Pierce?  Although doting on the outside, there seems to be a spark of something yet to be every time he looks at Charlotte.  Many questions abound....but what will the outcome be?

Offering a new spin (well, at least to this reader) on the classic vampire novel, author Francesca Lia Block enters into ground as yet untested by allowing her vampires the possibility of becoming human once again.  Logically speaking, not quite sure how that could happen (although I know when speaking logicially vampires should probably not be the subject, but just go with me here) as vampires are "undead" creatures (some more dreamy than others....) of the night void of blood, heart and (in most cases, assumed) soul.  Humans are the exact opposite (for the most part...with a few rare exceptions).  How does one go from "undead" to "undead-no-more"?  A massive blood transfusion?  A body transplant?  Stepping back into the world of pure fantasy, her idea works.  Even if it may seem rather odd, I found it to be a nice unexpected twist to the story.  (nope, not gonna tell you if one of them does or doesn't go through have to read it for yourself!)

On a side note, I must say that the attendance to descriptions and details is rather interesting as well.  It seems that the author utilizes them quite frequently to instill a connection within the story to time, place and character.  The use of color often makes even the feelings of the moment stronger than it would have been without...KUDOS on that!  Now on to the downside (I promise to be nice, but I must mention)....

This is a young adult novel.  Grant it I am not the one that decides what can or can not be in a book of this genre, however I did find a few things that kept jolting me in this book.  First of all, I was totally drawn to this book by both the cover and reviews....a first in my experience.  Second, I really wanted to love this story.  (Ever have that when the title, cover, and hype create this vision of a book you will love?)  Now, don't get me wrong, I did LIKE the story, but not's why.  Every time the storyline kept drawing me in, I was fished right back out by some of the discussions.  (What do I mean?  Hang on to your hat...okay, maybe just pull it down a little...) 

Let's see, there's rape and sexual activity as well as (in my humble opinion) a few too many scenes of nakedness....and then there's the part where words worked against the scene.  When choosing to list body parts (we're not talking the dismembered zombie kind...we're talking more adult) in a young adult book (heck, even in some adult ones, unless they are romance of course), my own head tells me to steer clear of the more "dirty" variety.  (like saying her chest instead of her t***....see what I mean?)  Now I do realize young people today are exposed to such things at an earlier age, it's just I would hesitate to give this to a younger teen. 

Bottom line for me:
Storyline = fair to good
Ending = definitely an interesting twist
Content = warning for younger readers

Whew!  See, now that wasn't so bad was it?  As always, this is only one readers opinion.  I do encourage you to form your own as well as one person's "good" can be another person's "great".  (FYI...The link embedded in the book title near the top of this post directs you to their "browse inside" feature.)

ARC received for review courtesy of Jana at Harper Collins!  (Thanks!)  For more Young Adult titles from this fantastic group, check out their site or follow on Twitter.  (Again, who ISN'T on there?)

Let's ponder for a moment the idea of immortality.  If you would were to live forever, what is the one place that would top your MUST SEE list?  Why?  If you have more than one top answer, feel free to add those too! 

Mine would be Italy.  Would love to see the beautiful countryside, the friendly faces, and the food!  =0)

Until next time....happy reading!

Monday, October 26, 2009

CONTEST: Post-Birthday Blowout!

Hi there!  Welcome back to another week here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.  For those of you that participated in the readathon on Saturday, CONGRATULATIONS!  I wish I could have joined you, but know I was cheering you on in spirit!  I myself opted not to participate (although it sounded really great) due to other matters....*cough*my birthday*cough*.  Yep, that's right!  Celebrating one more year to the ever changing calendar, we had a riot.  Shopping, movies, presents, cake...all the fun with the trimmings too!  Including my car filled with balloons...yeah, it was cute at first, but when you end up chasing the loose ones around a store parking lot, you begin to plot out payback methods.  Anywho...

The movie we saw was "Saw VI" (that sounds a little repetitive).  I must admit, although it was good as a whole, when comparing it the the series, not quite so much (they change patterns....if you see it, you'll know what I mean...).  The trip however did pan out an unexpected goodie....two New Moon cups! (*~happy dance~*) One group photo like the promo posters and one Edward.  As this theater isn't even the one that will be showing the movie locally, it was a double surprice, but for me!  All in all it was a pretty great weekend.  But I digress, you didn't come here to hear purely about my were drawn for another reason altogether weren't you?  (It's okay, that's the whole point of today's post!)

Today's post is an exciting one indeed.  No, no, no...we are not reviewing the latest and greatest book title to hit the shelves and giving you a chance to win it.  What WE are doing is having a really FANTASTIC Post-Birthday Blowout Giveaway where you can win FIVE really great Young Adult titles plus a fun add-on courtesy of author Nancy Holder! (YAY!  Thank you, Nancy!) Oh, did I fail to mention that they are all SIGNED as well...because they are!  (Oops, silly me....) Oh and one more thing...thanks to her generosity, this CONTEST IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY.  So whether you are from here, there, or anywhere...feel free to enter! 

Author Nancy Holder was kind enough to not only offer the opportunity to host this great giveaway but to provide us with a look behind her book...."Possessions".  Let's see what she had to say....take it away!

What is a possession? Is it an earthbound spirit forced by passion and rage to relive a traumatic experience? Is it madness? These are the questions Lindsay Cavanaugh must answer in Possessions, as she moves into a super posh boarding school high in the mountains of northern California…isolated, no cell phone reception…after a nervous breakdown.

When I was in high school with my friends, and one of us did something weird, we would all scream, “Are you POSSESSED?” And just the other day when my daughter did something completely out of character, I asked her the same question. And I kind of really meant it. “What came over you? That just didn’t seem like you.”

Maybe it wasn’t.

Or…maybe there’s more to us than we realize.

I had a fascinating discussion with a woman at a Possessions book signing. As a Harvard graduate student, she had researched the Salem witchcraft trials, focusing on accused witches who were bilingual—i.e., who could speak more than one language. They were accused of conversing with the Devil in a strange tongue—proof positive of their guilt! She traveled to Salem and read original witchcraft trials court transcripts inside the actual meeting hall where the trials were held.

Just listening to her gave me goose bumps. I actually felt a little anxious, as if I might have to watch myself or something bad would happen to me. Not that I’d get tried for witchcraft, but that…something…some variety of bad luck…might be lurking around the corner, in the shadows and so, just in case, I’d better be…what? What should I be? Something other than I was?

Have you ever had a sense that you were aware of something that no one else could see?

When I was taking botany in college, part of my homework was to go into a campus lab; study clippings of local plants placed in bottles in rows on tables, and memorize their names. The names were written in black letters on pieces of adhesive tape across the glass. As in #1 WHITE SAGE.

I didn’t go in enough, and so didn’t memorize them, and I knew I was in trouble. So the night before the test, I lay down on my bed and said over and over to myself, “I’m getting an A on this test. I’m going to get an A.”

The next morning, I went into the same lab armed with my test paper of numbered blanks. The bottles were in their places. And as I walked up the first bottle, I saw that the professor had simply covered the original piece of adhesive tape that bore the plant’s name with another piece of adhesive tape. I could easily read the black letters through it: #1 WHITE SAGE.

I felt very guilty, but you know that I copied down all the names. After we turned in our test papers, I said to another student, “Wow, wasn’t that so weird that you could read right through the tape?”

But he hadn’t noticed; or hadn’t been able to. And neither had any of the other people in the class I checked with.

So…was I simply more observant? Did I sharpen my wits with my mantra?

Or did I get some sort of other help?

While I was writing Possessions, I watched a lot of horror movies and listened to hours of scary soundtrack music. I would literally force myself into a state of fear, and then I would write. Now I have to sleep with the hall light on. And I’m actually happy about it because I can stay in the “zone” more easily while I write. I also listened to a tape of a Frenchwoman who was supposed to be possessed. It was terrifying, but the entire time I was listening to it, I kept thinking, “She’s not possessed. She just thinks she is. She’s actually crazy.”

And that’s the dilemma my main character Lindsay faces in Possessions. Is she really the only one who can see through the actions of the queen of mean Mandy Winters and her clique? Is she just seeing things? Or is she crazy?

Or is Mandy?

How do we know what’s real? How do we perceive the world around us? One day, I had a horrible fight with my boyfriend. It seemed like the end of us. And I got in my car and drove to Disneyland, to try to pull myself together, I guess. I’ve been to Disneyland probably a hundred times—annual pass, friends who want to go—and I was sitting on the Mark Twain steamboat, reeling over our blowup. We were coming around the bend of the Rivers of America, and I just stared out at New Orleans Square and Frontierland in bewilderment, because I felt as if I had never seen it before in my life. The entire episode lasted for only a couple of seconds, and I’ve since learned that extreme stress can cause “de-realization,” but the experience was so freaky that I decided I should probably break up with the guy, if our relationship was literally driving me crazy….

Some people believe we are actually many “we’s”, or rather “I’s,” with different parts of our brain working together under the control of our dominant “I.” So maybe stress shifted the balance of “the committee” in my head.

But what about when something seems familiar, but we’ve never been there before? Or we are certain that someone’s watching us…or that if we turn our head just quickly enough, we’ll see something that isn’t really there…or shouldn’t be there.

What if we really have lived past lives, or can become haunted…or possessed…by those who’ve passed?

Or are we all possessed already, and most of us just don’t notice?

Is Lindsay highly observant, or just seeing things? Are there vengeful spirits intent on payback at Marlwood Academy…or are the mean girls just really, really scary?

I hope you’ll read Possessed, and that it keeps you up nights…or maybe just makes you walk a little more slowly around a dark corner….and that, for a time, it possesses you.

Thank you so much Ms. Holder for providing that glimpse inside your work!  Readers, are you intrigued yet?  I know I was...and what better time of year to get your hands on some fun and spooky-creepy books!  Let's take a look at the contest breakdown and how YOU can enter...
The Goodies...

Pretty Little Devils
Wicked:  Witch & Curse
Wicked:  Legacy & Spellbound
Wicked:  Resurrection
Tin of 'Wicked:  Evil Apple Mints from Disneyland

How to enter:
(This section of some contests can get a bit sticky, but I'll try to keep it simple and straight forward....oh and PLEASE try to keep the majority of your entries in one comment...depending on how many times you wish to enter, it may not be possible, but try....just makes it easier to track)

Your main method of entry?  Comment of course!  You score 1 entry for commenting on this post and answering this 'comment creator'.  Be sure to include your email address (it can be "coded" like soandso(at)nowhere(dot)com....) so I can contact you if you are the winner!  (No comment/answer/email, no entry)

What is your favorite thing about this time of year?
How do you celebrate?

Extra entries (and who doesn't love those!):
+1 for being a follower of my blog
(not required, but's an easy-peasy extra entry!)
+1 for being a follower on Twitter...please include your Twitter name!
(again not required but another means of entry)
+2 for tweeting about the contest
(Maximum 1 per day...and don't forget to provide the link)

+3 for blogging about contest and/or putting it on your blog sidebar
(either way works for me...but please provide the link!)

The Rules...

(Animation above borrowed from Silent Happy Dance. No copyright infringement intended.)

No P.O. Boxes please.
All entries must be received by midnight CST on Saturday, October 31st, 2009.
The winner will be drawn no later than Monday, November 1st, 2009 and contacted via email.  Going to attempt first try with not successful the old draw a name from a hat method will substitute.
On that note, please include your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win!  To avoid spammers, feel free to "code" it as shown in the example above.
Once contact with the winner has been made, you have 48 hours to respond back.  If a response is not received within this time frame, another name will be drawn. 
Mailing information will be forwarded to the author (Nancy Holder) for shipment ONLY and then discarded.
(WHEW!  Enough with the rules, back to the fun!)

I'm currently reading "Possessions" myself, so a review will be coming soon.
In conclusion, have fun with this and don't forget to enter!

Until next time....happy reading!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Food for Thought: Twitter Etiquette?

Hi there everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the Bear-ly There Book Tour yesterday...remember that the contest drawing is not until the end of the month, so feel free to enter through the 30th!  On to other's post is 'Food for Thought' for many reasons.  First of all, I haven't done one for a bit and I am a creature of habit to a certain extend.  If I like something, I tend to do once, wait a bit and then repeat! (Now I have a desire to wash my hair for some reason...) My second reason has to do with the sudden urgency to spew (gross word, I know, but it gets the point across) a bit regarding a recent tweet I received.  (Don't worry, the Tweeter will remain nameless to all of you....I'm not THAT peeved....)

While going about my daily Twitter activities of tweeting, and retweeting, I swapped over to my "@ME" messages to discover one from a "newbie" follower.  To repeat (*COUGH*retweet*COUGH) it without an actual quote, it's message was simply that I had too many contest tweets and retweets so they were "un-following" me.  (PAUSE.....just giving you time to let that sink in..)  After my I was certain my eyes weren't deceiving me (I mean I have glasses, but this made me think I had someone else's), I stopped to consider their "complaint". 

Twitter was created for (okay, if not created for, then used for at the very least) social networking and more recently "business" networking.  If one doesn't tweet, one can not participate.  If one sees an AWESOME tweet about whatever it may be without sharing a re-tweet, than that flow of information has been cut short.  I don't care if it's about a new book (do I really DO care...that's not what I meant...keep reading), your recent trip to the movies, or your new puppy (love puppies...want to pet and hug and oh, wait, I've off track again...), it's up to me whether I read it, pass it along, or ignore it all together. 

Bottom choose who you follow.  I don't mean to sound mean, or haughty or whatever other word you would like to insert here, but Twitter leaves the following up to the user for a reason.  I'm sorry (not really...well maybe a little) if you just click on people randomly to follow and then aren't interested in the conversations they have.  Personally (as I've posted before), when I receive a "SO&SO is following you" email, I LOOK at their page.  If I honestly have no interest in reading their tweets, I'm sorry...I just don't follow.  They are welcome to follow me (unless you are a spammer or nudie link sender, then I block you with my ninja power....okay, okay..I click the button).  My tweets are pretty much in two areas...books and friendly chats.  If those happen to include a few contests (who doesn't like contests?) and/or retweets to help spread the word on things I feel passionate about, so be it.  That's my choice.... (Whew!  Done ranting now...well, almost...)

I would like to open this topic up to YOU, the readers of this blog.  What are your thoughts on the whole Twitter phenomenon?  Love it?  Hate it?  Follow all, none, or somewhere in-between?  Is there a limit to what you will "allow" when you follow someone?  Thoughts, comments, feedback...bring on the friendly discussion of this rather interesting (in my opinion) "debate".....

Until next time....happy reading! (Retweet!) (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Blog Tour: Bear-ly There by Rebekah Raye

Hello, there everyone!  Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  I hope that you enjoy your visit today (and everyday) and if you have any questions, comments, or feedback...feel free to share! 

You've chose an exciting day to stop by indeed as we are playing host for our second Book Blog Tour of the month (and of the life of this blog thus far!  Yay!).  Exciting, isn't it?  But WAIT....there's more!  Today will be a first indeed as along with the fabulous info imparted, YOU will HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN PRIZES!  That's right....our very FIRST contest! (*~*happy dance*~*)  So without further ado, allow me to introduce our "post guest" of the day.  It is a children's book dealing with nature, our relationship with it, and a story of both forward thinking and wonder.  Today's Book Blog Tour star is....

Rebekah Raye

This is the story of being in the wrong place at the right time. (Confused?  Keep reading...) We start out with a beautiful black bear awakening from it's slumber after a long winter's nap.  The first thing on his mind?  MUST FIND FOOD! (Can you blame him?  Would you last months without eating...I think not...)  In his search for something delicious he happens upon an easily accessable stash of seeds ripe for the taking.  The problem?  They are in located outside a house that happens to be both occupied and in a residential area!  Needless to say the neighbors do not take so kindly to this perceived intruder and suggest a myriad of ways to handle the situation (some less gruesome than others).  The one person to solve the problem is the one person few would listen too....a young boy named Charlie.  Charlie happens to live in the house that the bear visited and despite the fact that his pet geese were in dangerously close proximity to this unexpected guest, he is the one that comes up with a plan to solve this problem as well as the underlying "elephant in the room"....human behavior.  Take a walk with both Nature and mankind on this incredible story that will touch both your heart and your mind.


Rebekah Raye is an artist beloved for her bird and animal paintings and sculpture. Her warm, expressive work is derived from her affinity with the natural world around her at her studio and home in East Blue Hill, Maine (where she had a bear visitor not too long ago). She illustrated Thanks to the Animals by Allen Sockabasin and is the author and illustrator of The Very Best Bed. Rebekah shares her love of art and her skills in workshops for adults and children and makes frequent school visits.

When first invited to join this Book Tour, I was very flattered.  At the time, it was the only one planned (albeit I had another join up for a visit 2 weeks before this one....but Sarah from Tilbury House was truly the first one to make contact...THANKS!), so beyond the fact that the story sounded cute, I was really excited!  After receiving and reading the ARC sent, I was more than happy I joined.  The story is sweet and informative at the same time.  You really learn about natural bear activites as well as ways to avoid them coming to your neck of the woods (i.e. your front yard) without causing them any harm.  In fact, it helps them to stay within their natural habitat and not become classified as a nuisance to populated areas...a problem that is seen more frequently as we spread out into previously nature driven locations.

That being said, I do want to take a moment to mention how beautiful the pictures are.  There is one photo that you are right in the bear's face (muzzle?) and it's big brown eyes are looking right at's so cute!  Each one is detailed and tailored to fit the point of the story it is displayed at perfectly.  One of my favorites is when the bear initially wakes up and stands tall to scratch his back on a tree.  The bear is pictured doing this, but his woodland friends are right there in the background too....a squirrel, fox, and owl are all peeking out of the page just off center.  It really pairs wonderfully with the tale. 

In preparation for this stop on the tour, I was offered the chance to post a special feature of my choosing.  (Oh, how I love creative freedom!)  After thinking long and hard (okay, somewhat long, but definitely hard), I thought...why not ask what I'm almost certain my readers will be thinking when they read about this book?  So, here it is....the answer straight from the author herself!


What was your inspiration for writing this book?

Last summer I had made an appointment with Tilbury (House) to come in and discuss some new concepts and ideas I had about another book. I had a couple of ideas that I really liked. The very night before my meeting we had an incredible first time Black Bear visit in the moonlight just at dawn in our backyard that was both exciting and frightening. I went into my meeting with Jennifer Bunting, Audrey Maynard, and Karen Fiske. I felt very comfortable talking to them about my new ideas, but was still bubbling over with excitement about the bear visit that it seemed to be prominent in our conversation. They were quiet as they listened to all of my story summaries. Then after a pause, they thought we should do the story of the bear visit. I felt so unsure how I would make a story beyond the event of that evening he visited us. Then after a while, and encouraging calls from Audrey and Jennifer, it became clear to pose a position from the bear’s point of view. My research about bears habitat, food, and family life consumed me. Then I put myself in a 8ish year old boy’s body and included the very animals I have and love, keeping it based on a true story.


Thanks for that wonderful insight!  I myself had a brief encounter with a black bear when I was younger.  We lived in the mountains at the time and I was standing out waiting for the school bus.  This BIG black bear comes out of the trees right across the street from where I was and starts lumbering across the street.  It was maybe 15 - 20 feet from me....we were basically separated by a row of hedges.  Needless to say...yup, that's about as close as I want to get to a bear in the wild.  Beautiful creatures, but they need their space too!

Now our site was merely the 7th stop on their whirlwind tour.  It runs from October 15th straight through October 30th.  The next stop will be tomorrow over at On My Bookshelf, so be sure to stop by and check it never know what you'll find at each stop, but it's sure fun finding out! With that said, I believe I will close this post out....HA!  Gotcha!  You didn't think I'd run out and forget about the AMAZING contest, did ya?  (If you did...for shame...)  There are not one but TWO amazing contests running in association with this tour.....and they are as follows: 

Option 1:  On Twitter...
Everyone that participates in the Twitter Book Party, and/or posts anything about the tour using the hashtag #BearlyThere from October 15th through the 30th, will be entered to win  a complete set of Bear-ly There, Thanks to the Animals, and The Very Best Bad books, all SIGNED by Rebekah Raye!
*Winners will be announced on October 31st.  U.S./Canada addresses only, please.

Option 2:  On the Blog Tour!
Do you love animals?  Ever encountered a bear?  Leave your comments on these questions, the tour, and/or the entire post for your chance to win big!  NINE lucky winners will be drawn from all of those who leave comments on the participating tour posts from (October 16-30) to win one of the following prizes:
  • A set of four art cards (2 sets available)
  • A signed wildlife art print
  • An original sketch from Bear-ly There
  • An original sketch from The Very Best Bed
  • An original sketch from Thanks to the Animals
  • A copy of Bear-ly There, The Very Best Bed, or Thanks to the Animals, signed by Rebekah Raye
**Winners will be announced on October 31st.  U.S./Canada addresses only, please.


Many will enter....many will win!  (sorry, I always wanted to say that...yay for contests and great books!)  I hope you enjoyed the second book tour to grace our fair blog site and be sure to enter the contest!  Both the author (Rebekah Raye) and the publishing house (Tilbury House) are reachable through Twitter (again, who isn't?), so feel free to drop them a line (or technically a 140 character of less post, but you know what I mean).

Until next time....happy reading!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monkey of Steel: A Different Kind of Hero by Leah Beth Evans

Hello, hello!  Post two for this week and going strong! (Whoo-HOO!)  Before we get to the actual post, just a quick reminder that tomorrow we are playing host to the Bear-ly There Book Tour....stop by for all the festivities!  (Psst!  A little bear...I mean birdie, told me there will be a chance to win some great prizes too!) 

Now on with the show....  You must be wondering about the title of today's post (you know you were).  'Monkey of Steel'....I just couldn't help myself!  You'll see why in a few moments (or at least I hope you do or this will be rather awkward).  Today's book choice is....

A Different Kind of Hero
Leah Beth Evans

Meet Tomagochi.  He isn't your typical hero (but, you probably guessed that from the book title) as hero's usually go.  He's not super strong, super fast, super loud, or....well pretty much "super" anything.  He's just plain Tomagochi...small, brown, fuzzy monkey from the rainforest.  Why is he so worried about being "super"?  Well, when you have special friends like the mighty tiger and the ravishing toucan, and you are just a seemingly plain monkey, how could you not feel down?  (Poor monkey!)  Though his friends try to tell him it's what's on the inside that counts (Great message!), Tomagochi has a hard time accepting it.  One day, their little corner of heaven is threatened by man's progress.  There are BIG bull dozers threatening to tear down the very place they call home! (GASP!) What's a rainforest dweller to do?  Run for the hills with his friends?  Or stand up and fight for their home?  In the end, Tomagochi discovers that no matter your size, shape, or color, there is truly something special or "super" about us all.

A wonderful message for readers young and young at's not what's on the outside, but what's on the inside that counts.  Often times in society, we see the exact opposite.  I mean whether it be with each other or simply with a book, we judge by the cover.  It takes a genuine effort to look behind the veil and into the layers underneath (hmmm, this sounds more like a cake than a person, but anywho...) to find out what truly makes them the fantastic person they are. 

I must say that aside from the cute (yet short....again it's technically a picture book) story, the illustrations were rather unique as well!  They give the appearance of being drawn with oil pastels (they are kind of like chubby crayons, in case you haven't seen them), thus adding to the personality of each character.  Also, in-between the full fledge drawings, you have what I would call "cut-outs" of the different animals and symbols in the book.  You'll see an outline effect of a monkey (white space in the middle) and the actual monkey picture will be peeking at you off-center of the outline, thereby creating the "cut-out" effect.  It's actually pretty neat.  One more quick tidbit....for all of you aspiring writers out there, this story came as a result of a rainforest research project the author was given in fourth grade!  So you never know where your inspiration is going to come from....all of your experiences when funneled properly can become the golden moments you seek for your next endeavor!

Review copy courtesy of Nicole at Tribute Books!  (Thanks!) You can see their other titles online and of course they are follow-able (new word!) on Twitter as well!

So, in the spirit of Tomagochi, I ask you to consider your past reads.  Name one book that you read despite a cover that was lacking that certain oomph or that you less-than-loved.  Why did you read it?  What was the outcome (was it good, bad, ugly, somewhere in-between)?

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time....happy reading!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Immortal Love?: How to Catch and Keep A Vampire by Diana Laurence

Doo doo DOOOOOO!  (trumpet sound...sorta) Now presenting another day, another entry from yours truly, the Insatiable Reader! (crowds cheering....maybe not?)  Hello there!  Welcome back and happy Monday to you!  It was an absolutely GORGEOUS weekend weather-wise here and so the blog was a little light on new entries (sorry about that!).  No problem...we will rectify that this week.  To start it off right, the post for the day is going to a book I grabbed a few spare minutes to finish this weekend.  It's a perfect fit for the spooky Halloween season we are in, although whether you choose to take it seriously is all up to you (it's a humor book...for most people anyway...).  Today's choice is....

How to Catch and Keep a Vampire
Diana Laurence

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date one of the undead?  (I see heads nodding...)  Of course you have...and who could blame you?  With the influx of books and movies featuring a new spin on this archetypal character of the night, they have turned into everything a girl could dream of.  Dashing, daring, gorgeous, dedicated, astounding beings that creep into our dreams and sweep us off our feet.  But what about the vampires of old?  You know...the ones that scared the "hee bee gee bees" out of us as children (or adults) no matter what medium they were presented in.  Surely they haven't just disappeared or changed their tune.....not to worry they are still out there in force and apparently welcome the prospect of dating you!

Author Diana Laurence provides readers with a rather unique dating the undead.  If you've ever wanted to know what might happen should you be tempted to the other end of the dating pool, this is a book for you.  (Or for those just curious enough to wonder what if....and then have a good chuckle.)  Does the blood letting part of the relationship scare you a bit?  According to her research, they are not all out to just drain you dry....many are looking for companionship (and many in this case not only refers to the vampires, but the number of companions.....).  Long to have the ultimate protector and mate by your side?  Be prepared to share!  With all the time they have on their hands, they are not big on the monogamy bit.  Ever wonder if that new red ribbon bracelet trend was really ALL about a religious following?  Maybe yes, maybe no (remember, this is all in good offense meant to anyone)....some may say it signals a true "believer" of another sort.  Depending upon the wrist it is displayed, there is another connotation of it all together.

When I first saw the title for this in my Shelf Awareness newsletter, I thought to that sounds like fun!  (Not the dating the undead part, the book itself!  Although....) I mean it's October.  The month of spooky, creepy, scary, fun-ness....what better time to read a book about snagging the attention of the opposite undead sex?  Lucky me, I was able to procure a copy of this for my reading pleasure and your review-reading enjoyment!  I have to say, it was pretty good!  Presented from a first person "how-to" stand point, it deals with your inclinations in a serious yet friendly fashion....after all, the author is telling you about her experiences first hand, including one that may lead to her having a new perspective by books end.... (nope, I'm not going to tell you how it turns out...that would spoil the fun!)  Entertainment for both the timeless romantic as well as the "bad girl wannabe" in us all, it allows readers to take a look at dating the darker side.  After reading up on the pros and cons from somewhere who's "been there, done that"...see if you aren't the least bit tempted....

The ARC of this book was received courtesy of Andy of Sellers Publishing, Inc.  (THANKS!) 

Who is your favorite vampire and why? (Can be from books or movies.) Do you vote for the good guy, the bad guy, or the run-for-your-life guy?  Whether you've actually thought about this or not, give it a go!  I'm rather curious to see who turns up....

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback.
Until next time....happy reading!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

But Then Again I Could Be Wrong: The Book of Rants by Jim Rising

Hello there!  Welcome back to another day and another post here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.  We've got a few different events coming up but alas...I like surprises and therefore the details shal be known only to moi at this time.  =0)  ('ll like them!)  With the sun shining and the humidity rising, it felt like time to dive into a book to bring back memories of the past...and SNOW!  So, let's move on with it...

Today's post is similiar to another recent one in the fact that I am letting the actual book title act as the post title as well.  (Well, if not for the length, come on!  The title is pretty cool anyone, right?) Today's book of choice (for those of you that DIDN'T read the title) is.....


WHOO-whoo-WhOo! (insert flashing red lights) This is a HUMOR ALERT!  Inside the pages of this book, you will not only find a memoir of sorts detailing the life and times of a radio personality (okay, spokesperson, disc jockey...whatever terminology works for you, go with it), but humor to boot!

Ever have a time when you wondered why people do such silly (*COUGH**stupid*COUGH*) things?  Do you just file these instances away in the "forget-as-soon-as-possible" folder?  Or are you the person that gets online and types up a storm on the lastest thing that crossed you today?  Whether former or later, not to worry...there are many like you out there in either case.  Jim Rising, author and "subject" of this book has the privilege of talking about his "weighings on the mind" almost whenever the mood strikes....such is the freedom of life on the radio!  If you've tuned to any local station recently, you are sure to have heard the DJ's talking about this or that.  If you are like me, you probably tune them out half the time and either wait for a song to play, or change the station.  There are however those rare occasions when the person's personality comes through in what they are delivering and it just hits home.  This book is a collection of just that.  Daily "rantings" of situations encountered, thoughts entertained, and various what-not to spark conversation, laughter, and maybe your own remembrances.  Take it in all at once, or merely in small doses....but I'd definitely recommend this book the next time you encounter a "what the heck" kind of day.

Now I may be a bit partial on this one, and no....not because of how I obtained the book (don't worry, it's disclosed at the end of this post).  After being contacted by Nicole from Tribute Books, I was surprised to learn that not only are they located in Scranton, Pennsylvania (ah, it feels good to spell that out again), but the author and subject, Jim Rising, lives in the general vicinity, thereby making his stories and recollections all about that area! (SQUEEEE!)  So....oh, wait, you look confused?  Why is that important to me?  Oops!  Forgot to mention that.  My family was transplanted to our current location FROM around the same location in PENNSYLVANIA! (LOVE spelling that!  You know in school up there, it's like one of the FIRST words you learn how to spell.  Yep, no PA abbreviations for you.  Spell it out or face the consquences....) (overly dramatic, yes!  But worth the effect..) So, as you might be able to guess, this was like a walk down memory least in the aspect of locations mentioned and such.

The stories were highly entertaining and although some of that may come from an understanding of the sense of humor and living in the area he is speaking of, I feel it would be entertaining to "outsiders" (meant in the nicest way) as well!  Give it a try!  You can't tell me that you've never seen someone seriously investigating the most outrageously crazy item being sold at a sale and wondered, "why on earth would anyone buy that or sell it"....or maybe you've seen a great event coming up in your area only to discover the main act is minus a few players and the main draw is the refreshments....or maybe you've had a bird feeder that mysteriously ends up clear across the yard and your thinking OMG, it's Super Squirrel!  (Okay, so I'll stop's really something you have to read to understand...***laughing at the screen***)

Review copy in eBook format courtesy of Nicole at Tribute Books! (Thank you for both the book and the smile!)  For those of you that live in the Twitter world (GUILTY!), feel free to "follow" them! (Who isn't on there nowadays?)

Since I am now reminiscing about home (and SNOW...I really miss snow!), let's talk about YOUR hometown!  Which state and/or country (city too, if you are willing to share...if not, no big!) to you originally hail from?  What was your favorite thing about it?  Least?

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time...happy reading!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dessert: You're One Stop Fun Break Shop!

Hi, everyone! *~*waving*~*  Welcome back!  Today has truly been a Wednesday.  How?  Well, besides giving you no satisfaction of either starting or ending a week (just being stuck in the middle....grumble grumble grumble), it's just been craziness after craziness around here.  To sum it up my feelings in one word....PFFFFFFFHHHHTTT! (That's me blowing "raspberries".  Go ahead, you try it.  Fun, huh?  Thought so...)  In light of the mood (and the fact that with all the interruptions, I SO didn't get to finish the book I wanted to post...not YET anyway...) and the day, I thought I would post a little "fun break" for everyone.  I did one (or two?) of these when I first started the blog, but they seem to have fallen by the wayside.  I aim to rectify that since they are so much fun (well, to me at least....your thoughts?)!  Here we go!

Gotta love these!
(Oh and to cover any copyright scan courtesy of my 2009 Happy Bunny desk calendar!)

Until next time....happy reading!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Over My Dead Body: 43 Old Cemetery Road (Book 2) by Kate Klise

Hello, hello!  Happy Tuesday, everyone (or whatever day you happen to be reading this)!  It's a rather sunny and hot day here, how about where you are?  I know from some of my Twitter friends that some LUCKY folks are getting a blanket of the beautiful white stuff (snow)...*SIGH* I miss it so!  The most we get around here when it's not sweltering outside is a nice ice display of someone forgets to shut their sprinklers off.  Even though it's kind of man-made, it's still a sight to see!  Enough about the weather for now, let's get back to the subject at hand.....

For the month of October I wanted to do a spooky, creepy or scary book review every day.  Alas, not all of them will fit that profile (too many in other categories to ignore!) but today's choice DOES continue the Halloween fun.  It's a new children's book coming out 10/19/09 (according to NetGalley at the time of this review), so this review is coming out just in time to spark your curiousity.  Without further ado, today's book of choice is....

Kate Klise

Picture it...Ghastly, Illinois circa 1874. (Thank you Sylvia for the borrowing of your famous opening line for flashbacks....don't know who I mean?  Uh!  Anywho...) Olive C. Spence is the proud owner of a fabulous newly built mansion (named Spence Mansion...I wonder why..).  She has it all to herself for alas, she never married nor had any children.  Not to worry though...she has a many of you might share.  She is a mystery writer! Her only problem...getting published!  She tries and tries and tries so more, only to end up at death's door with many a masterpiece lacking an audience.  She vows to haunt the home she had built until one of her works finally reaches publication.

Time passes and the house falls to a new couple....the Hopes.  They are different than most as they are not just seeking residence, they are seeking the ghost!  (GASP!) Yes, my friends, they are professors of the paranormal aiming to "study" the phenomenon associated to this place.  Unfortunately for them, Ms. Spence is real, but wants nothing to do with their greedy ways.  Instead, and much to their dismay, she befriends their young son Seymour Hope and his cat Shadow; encouraging him to practice his favorite pasttime...drawing!  One day, the Hopes leave for a lecture in Paris, but "forget" one important bring Seymour!  Or did they?  It seems that this "inconvenience" was rather convenient for them since the ghost was being uncooperative, thus disproving their lives work.  What's a boy to do?  All alone in a mansion with no one to care for him....or is he?  It seems he may be out of traditional parents, but he does have one ghostly caretaker and a newly residing author named Ignatius B. Grumply more than willing to be in his company (meaning both "in the same room" and "business" for the three band together to write a ghost story!).

It would seem all things have worked out for young Seymour, but alas, just when the road seems clear of obstacles, some generally tend to pop up.  Enter one Dick Tater (giggle...sorry, the names are so funny!) and the IMSPOOKY (International Movement for the Safety and Protection Of Our Kids and Youth....whew!  There's a mouthful!).  If his agency did what it's long-winded name stood for, it would be supported by any and all.  In this case, he blindly sets out to remove both Seymour and Iggy from the house shared with Olive and end the so called charade that's been transpiring.  Will this be the end of their happy little trio?  What of the promised continuation of the ghost story they were working on?  Has it all been a hoax?  You'll have to read it to find out....(I am NOT spoiling this one for you!  It's a quick read but a fun one!)

Alrighty, so the title being as long as it is, I opted to use it all by its lonesome for this post (the longer the title, the longer the link).  What can I say?  In summary, I absolutely....LOVED this book! (*~*happy dance*~*)  Despite not having read the first in the series (hmm, this seems to be a trend of late, but one I will remedy...I like to start at the beginning!), I was completely under its spell.  First off, it's not like any other book I have seen thus far in the way it was put together.  It's not your typical story even though it reads as one.  The pages are made up of various mediums/styles...from photo albums to scrapbooks, newspapers to postcards, and personal letters to scripts.  Even though this may sound a bit odd, trust me it really works!

Secondly, the fun is not only in the story, but in the details!  We start out with a drawn map, listing places such as Antiques, Pet Store, Funeral Parlor, and...the Home for the Deranged.  (LOL)  You've gotta love that the last two were included, it's just so quirky!  Then we have the names of the cast of characters encountered.  A few include the President of the Bank...Ms. Fay Tality; the owner of Ghastly Lock and Key, Mr. Ike N. Opennitt; the funeral director, Karry N. Barry; and last but not least, the owner of the Gourmand, Shirley U. Jest.  (I'll give you a moment to stop laughing......still going, okay another moment......alrighty, my post is getting really long, come up for air for a second and then go back to it.) Whilst still in the "looney-bin", Ignatius creates a way of communicating with his cell neighbor through a series of knocks. One being "A", two being "B, and so on.  They even close out a letter or two with the code! 

Finally, in mentioning the way the book is gathered, the letters from each main character have a small touch of themselves as well with including their titles in relation to contributions made.  Ignatius is "a writer in residence", Olive is "ghost writer in residence", and Seymour is "illustrator in residence".  In the end, the imparted message is clear.  Behind the fun, mystery, and laughter, families come in all shapes and sizes.  There is no cookie cutter version to which they can all be compared.  Families are made by the love that is shared, the mistakes that are learned from, and the triumphs that are achieved.  Highly recommended for readers young and young at heart!  (seriously, you need to read this....)

The review copy for this book was made available to me by the fabulous folks over at NetGalley! (Thanks guys!)  If you haven't checked out their site, you really's great! (No, FTC people, I wasn't paid to say this or anything....I just really enjoyed the book and want to share the wealth!) Of course, they are also on the endearingly fun (just love those adjectives today) website we all know and love...Twitter!

Ha!  I bet you thought I forgot, didn't you?  Nope!  I love comments and if you don't feel like commenting on the book review (*sniff*sniff*) then at least take a stab at the question posed!  =0)
If you were a ghost, what would be the first thing you would do?  Now remember, you have any ghostly powers that you can imagine and the world is your playground....what would you tackle first?

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback!
Until next time....8 knocks 1 knock 16 knocks 16 knocks 25 knocks    18 knocks 5 knocks 1 knock 4 knocks  9 knocks 14 knocks 7 knocks!
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