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Friday, October 30, 2009

Shine Bright: Pumpkin Light by David Ray

This is Halloween, this is Halloween...pumpkins scream in the dead of night.  This is Halloween, this is Halloween...treat or treat til...oops!  Hello there! *~*princess wave (similiar to beauty queen wave)*~*  Welcome back to another installment here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Thanks for all the well-wishes yesterday...we had a great time!  Getting back in the swing of things after a day removed definitely causes a little Twitter back up but not to worry, I made it through most.  Two quick items to point out...first we have a new sidebar link to a feature from HarperTeen perfect for this time of year as well as YA book lovers everywhere.  It's called "Pitch Black:  Books With Bite".  Check it out for some great reading suggestions as well as the chance to "pimp your coffin".  Secondly, these are the last two days to enter the Post-Birthday Blowout contest for your chance at some nifty green apple mints...oh and FIVE SIGNED Nancy Holder YA books!  Check the right sidebar for the link to that one!

I must apologize for the opening, I've kind of got Halloween on the brain (with it being tomorrow plus I am typing this post while dressed as a princess since we had some kiddos some through today), how about you?  It's actually kind of appropriate, that portion of the song I mentioned earlier, in light of today's book choice.  Without further ado...(trumpets sound) P-R-E-S-E-N-T-I-N-G, today's pick is....

Pumpkin Light
David Ray

Angus was born in the season of the pumpkin, or more frequently referred to as fall.  (YAY!  Another fall birthday!) The light that came from the sky that morning was likened to a giant pumpkin, filling the sky with it's beauty, warth, and life.  This same light inhabited the young least until one fateful Halloween.  You see, each year young Angus would revel in the glorious arrangement of carved pumpkins on display in the general store.  Keeping watch for hours, the boy would draw as many faces as possible in the time alloted by his parents to display on his own wall until the following year.  This year however, time escapes the lad.  Coming home much later than anticipated, he is sent to his room both pumpkin pie-less and picture-less by his worried parents, leaving bare walls and an empty tummy. 

Strange things will happen when the normal order of things is thrown off course...he floats off to a dreamless sleep awakening to find himself in the loft of his family's barn.  How on earth did he wind up there?  No matter...all seems right in the world as he catches a whiff of his mother's pie!  Racing down for a slice, he steals away to the cornstalk field to enjoy.  But wait, what was that?  It seems the scarecrow has a bit much to say about his little mis-adventure and places an enchantment on the boy, only to be broken when the magic pumpkin which he now guards is finally carved...oh, did I mention he is now a dog?  Will Angus be restored to his own form?  How can he complete the task set before him without a voice?  (You know the must read to reveal all!)

I must admit that when I picked this title up I was counting on a quick read for a fun Halloween themed post.  While it didn't fail me in that department, I will say that the story went places I never dreamed of from the cover nor the title!  (That's a good thing...keep reading...)  I was expecting a cutesy story about a boy that loves pumpkins....nothing to write home about, but enjoyable none the less.  While I can't say I am rushing off to put a letter in the post (hmmm, that sounded a bit proper English...I think I need to change out of this princess costume...), I am certainly glad to make this today's pick.  The author combines the full page pictures (which are beautiful by the way) with a magical twist that leaves readers wondering whether Angus actually experienced the events or merely dreamed one fantasical dream (and a book spooky too, I might add.  Would you really want a spell placed on you by a rather creppy looking scarecrow?  Didn't think so...).  Enjoy the story, revel in the pictures, and let your own "pumpkin light" shine bright this Halloween!


Well, as this seems to be one of my shortest book review posts to date, I think I'll leave the COMMENT CREATOR off of this particular post and let you (the readers) breeze through in passing....of course, if you'd like to comment or pose a question, I'm all ears.  Oh, and in the spirit of the season...try carving your own (virtual) for all!

Until next time....happy reading!


Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

I've never heard of this one. Sounds fun though and it has pumpkins on it, so come on, I gotta read it!

Patricia said...

I granted you an award, congrats!
Go to my blog to check it out:

Gina said...

Michelle: Yes, gotta love the pumpkins. SO festive and fun!

Yay! Reads: YAY ME! =0) Thanks for the award! Will add it promptly to the virtual trophy room with a smile on my face.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Thanks for the review of this book - it's sounds like a really good read and I love books with good illustrations. Halloween proved rather uneventful for us this year, very few trick or treaters and not a single pumpkin in sight.

Gina said...

Petty Witter: Really? Gosh...I think they may have all come my way! Last year trick-or-treater stats gave us maybe 6 kids....this year we had 26! It was great fun seeing them out in droves with their family and friends. Like when I was little... =0)

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