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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Food for Thought: Twitter Etiquette?

Hi there everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the Bear-ly There Book Tour yesterday...remember that the contest drawing is not until the end of the month, so feel free to enter through the 30th!  On to other's post is 'Food for Thought' for many reasons.  First of all, I haven't done one for a bit and I am a creature of habit to a certain extend.  If I like something, I tend to do once, wait a bit and then repeat! (Now I have a desire to wash my hair for some reason...) My second reason has to do with the sudden urgency to spew (gross word, I know, but it gets the point across) a bit regarding a recent tweet I received.  (Don't worry, the Tweeter will remain nameless to all of you....I'm not THAT peeved....)

While going about my daily Twitter activities of tweeting, and retweeting, I swapped over to my "@ME" messages to discover one from a "newbie" follower.  To repeat (*COUGH*retweet*COUGH) it without an actual quote, it's message was simply that I had too many contest tweets and retweets so they were "un-following" me.  (PAUSE.....just giving you time to let that sink in..)  After my I was certain my eyes weren't deceiving me (I mean I have glasses, but this made me think I had someone else's), I stopped to consider their "complaint". 

Twitter was created for (okay, if not created for, then used for at the very least) social networking and more recently "business" networking.  If one doesn't tweet, one can not participate.  If one sees an AWESOME tweet about whatever it may be without sharing a re-tweet, than that flow of information has been cut short.  I don't care if it's about a new book (do I really DO care...that's not what I meant...keep reading), your recent trip to the movies, or your new puppy (love puppies...want to pet and hug and oh, wait, I've off track again...), it's up to me whether I read it, pass it along, or ignore it all together. 

Bottom choose who you follow.  I don't mean to sound mean, or haughty or whatever other word you would like to insert here, but Twitter leaves the following up to the user for a reason.  I'm sorry (not really...well maybe a little) if you just click on people randomly to follow and then aren't interested in the conversations they have.  Personally (as I've posted before), when I receive a "SO&SO is following you" email, I LOOK at their page.  If I honestly have no interest in reading their tweets, I'm sorry...I just don't follow.  They are welcome to follow me (unless you are a spammer or nudie link sender, then I block you with my ninja power....okay, okay..I click the button).  My tweets are pretty much in two areas...books and friendly chats.  If those happen to include a few contests (who doesn't like contests?) and/or retweets to help spread the word on things I feel passionate about, so be it.  That's my choice.... (Whew!  Done ranting now...well, almost...)

I would like to open this topic up to YOU, the readers of this blog.  What are your thoughts on the whole Twitter phenomenon?  Love it?  Hate it?  Follow all, none, or somewhere in-between?  Is there a limit to what you will "allow" when you follow someone?  Thoughts, comments, feedback...bring on the friendly discussion of this rather interesting (in my opinion) "debate".....

Until next time....happy reading! (Retweet!) (sorry, I couldn't resist)


Alexia561 said...

Love the little ninja picture! :D

I'm with you...I periodically check my followers to see if I want to follow them back or not. If they are marketing something or are "motivational" tweeters, I tend not to follow. I also don't follow anyone who has nothing but contest links or RTs, with no original content at all.

Was surprised when I saw your post earlier, as most of your tweets are conversation. You are definitely not a RT offender!

Off to RT this now! *L*

Vanessa said...

I am selective about who I follow... and you are one person who NEVER annoys me.

I Twitter for blog reasons only. I don't really use it for conversational purposes. And so retweets and the like are actually what I tend to be looking for. Does that make sense?

La Coccinelle said...

I don't Tweet. I don't even have an account. For what I do online, I don't really see the need for it.

Melanie said...

That's what I do too when I get a notice that someone new is following me. Check out their page. If I like it I follow, if I don't, I try to forget about it without feeling guilty.

I started out tweeting just for blogging purposes, but now I'm caught up in it. It's a great procrastination tool. xD

Great post!

Belle said...

I always check out a new follower's page, although I tend to let a few pile up first so I can get through a bunch at a time :) I'm always on the lookout for active Tweeters who have a nice mix of conversation, links and RTs. I think RTs are such wonderful things, personally - I've discovered some really great links (and yes, contests!) because someone was thoughtful enough to RT something.

Gina said...

Ahhh...and there you have it folks! The flow of conversation and open exchange of thoughts. To make a quick blanket comment....thanks to everyone who posted thus far! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that actually considers whether to follow or not to follow...and that most of you don't mind the RTs. Now on to personal commentary...

Alexia561: Glad you liked the ninja pic, I just couldn't resist! I was surprised too when I saw the comment....but thank you for the "non-offender" status. LOL on the RT. =0)

NotNessie: Thank you! You make perfect sense....the RTs are sometimes the only way you find out about new posts, new contests, etc....

La Coccinelle: GASP! No Twitter account? (just kidding!) I too saw no reason to have the beginning. I just couldn't understand why I'd want to tell the world "I'm eating lunch then driving to town"..seemed silly. But once you get into "following" people and places you have shared interests can be addictive. I am in no way trying to convince you to join them, merely sharing my side of a shared story. =0) Thanks for the comments!

Melanie: Looks like we're on the same page....and yes it is great for putting off the inevitable, why just this afternoon it served it's purpose yet again for me. =0P

Belle: That's a good method! I too like the mixed Tweeters "best", makes it more interesting....more personal and yet not too much.

Sabrina said...

I don't tweet.. I don't have the time.. OFF SUBJECT: I really like the site.. take care

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Thank goodness for La Coccinelle, I was beginning to think I was the only person who didn't Twitter. I can see I'm going to have to start though as I love the blue bird button - so much better than the boring button of Face Book which I did join, though to be honest, apart from playing Farmville on it, I'm not all that bothered about.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I know it's hard. One hater got me down recently but ya know what?

The bottom line is: You can't please everyone doll. Just keep on trucking, smiling, and be happy go lucky you :)

Aarti said...

I pretty much just got on the Twitter bandwagon some days ago, so I am by no means an expert, but I do only follow those people who interest me. This tends to lean towards Chicago-centric or book-centric Twitter-ers.

Personally, I don't know why people leave a message about un-following someone. Is that required? Isn't it kind of assumed that when you unfollow someone, it's because you are uninterested in what they have to say? I'd prefer not to get a message about that, personally.

Anyway, I LOVE your blog! Especially the header :-) Glad we found each other, via Twitter!re

Pop Culture Nerd said...

Wow. I'm surprised you even got a message from someone saying he/she was un-following you. I've had people drop me but I neither cared nor wanted to know why. I have lots of followers who are marketers and don't seem to have any interest in my content so I always assume it's one of them.

Like you, I'm extremely picky about who I follow. I don't understand how anyone can follow 500 people and not be bombarded by a giant wall of tweets when they log in. How does one find time to sift through all that?

Anyway, I say you should continue to tweet whatever you dang well please. If people don't like it, they'll un-follow but you can't please everyone all the time.

Margo Dill said...

I can't believe people take the time to send a message to tell someone they are unfollowing them. More time than I have. If I decide to follow someone, then I don't like their tweets, I just unfollow. I don't think that person is really heartbroken that I decided not to follow their tweets, unless it's my husband or something. :) And I think it happens all the time as people figure out more and more why and how they would like to use Twitter. Anyway, keep up the good work!


Bri Meets Books said...

There's Twittersnooze for some people!

I do the same. I look at their page. And I'm trying not to tweet about nonbook things so much lately. And I love that people RT contests and such - things I would otherwise miss.

pippirose said...

I swore I'd never, ever join Twitter.
And then I found book blogs...and craft blogs...and now, I've become a bird-brain too! LOL.
I don't follow celebs...or care what somebody is eating for lunch. If something someone tweets doesn't interest me, I skim past that particular tweet.
I would NEVER think of complaining to the Tweeter! How silly...

Gina said...

Sabrina: I definitely understand the time issue. Once you get into it, it's addictive. Thanks for the kind words on the blog! Stop by anytime!

Petty Witter: Aha! Welcome to the Twitter-side! =0) (I'm the opposite of you, never had a Facebook page!)

Juju: Thanks, Juju! Sorry to hear about your bad experience though, but I love the upbeat attitude!

Aarti: Welcome to Twitter! Telling someone you are un-following is not required, in fact I think it's better you don' hard feelings either way. Glad you like the blog! Feel free to stop by whenever you like!

Pop Culture Nerd: I know, right? If I un-follow someone, I just quietly click the button...not announce it. You may see the counter drop but otherwise it doesn't affect you. Regarding the 500+ following folks...I think they probably breeze through them, or perhaps only read what's in front of them at the time....otherwise, they could NEVER catch up. In close...I definitely plan on taking your advice... =0)

Margo Dill: Totally agree. Pretty sure that's why Twitter sends a message when you are following, versus not....and thanks for the kind words!

Bri Meets Books: Hi, Bri! I've noticed the decline in tweets, but you've got a bunch going right now so it's definitely understandable. (Oh, and I love the contest RTs too...some you may never have known about without them!)

pippirose: Hmm...I think I must be a fellow bird-brain too then. LOL. I too was against it until the book blogs, etc, etc and I just take each tweet as I see them. It's their message, who am I to tell them what to say?

Kari said...

I'm with Margo. That astounds me that someone spent the time to say they were un-following you! That sounds like lashing out with some pent up frustration...but can Twitter really create that much frustration?

I joined for my blog, but it just hasn't clicked with me. A lot of book bloggers use it religiously, but I've found it pretty hard to join in conversation and feel like myvoice is heard. Maybe that's just me.

Gina said...

Kari: I guess it can for some people! (create that much frustration) Not for me though...
Regarding your voice being only thought on that is it can take time. Once you are in with a group of 'followers' that you 'click' with...that connection gets a little easier. (Although I must confess, at times you will still feel your thought got lost in the virtual just happens when so many people are in one location.) Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! =0)

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