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Monday, June 1, 2009

'Tails' from the Heart: Three Angels by Ben Kerschberg

Pets bring joy to our lives beyond compare. From the moment they select us to be their "parent", a bond is formed that stands the test of time for their unconditional love is there for you and you alone. Sure, they may wag their tail at a stranger, or "kiss" the wayward hand that happens to caress their head, but in the end, you are their world and for that you should be forever grateful. Today's book of choice is....

Ben Kerschberg

I normally go for the books with happy endings. Hey, so call me an optimist but I think that after reading a novel you should be left in a good place, not a black hole of despair. Let me start by saying that this short but sweet "tail" provides many pages of happiness in the form of puppy behaviors that you will easily liken to your own four-legged friends. Containing the life stories of three of the authors beloved mates, you will laugh, you will cry, you will share smiles with the crazy antics that are purely puppy.

I happen to be "grandma" to my mother's German Shepherd (don't question the family her pets, I'm mine she is there's) and can honestly vouch for the greeting tackle that the author describes. In order to maintain control of your wardrobe, you become a master of the "dash and change" method. For those without dogs (German Shepherd's in particular), this is when you come home, race in to get changed, and then happily accept the unabashed face cleaning you'll receive from your fuzzy friend.

~WARNING~ I do feel that I have warn you, the endings of the stories are not that cheery. Take into account the fact that the author did not own these dogs at the same times and you'll understand what I mean. Despite the tears that may fall, I do heartily recommend this book for a quick reminder (it's only about 54 pages) of the fantastic times you've shared with your best bud. You'll definitely want to give them a big hug after this read.

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