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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

RRR presents... Saving The Good News Gazette by Jessie Wells - Author Q&A!

She wrote Zoe into our hearts with 'The Good News Gazette', and now, author Jessie Wells is back to save the day! Touring now with Rachel's Random Resources, her follow-up to that heartwarming, smile inducing story promises to put her life source in peril once again, make her dog down deep for her own reservoir of strength, and find the way for herself and her son once again. Keep reading for a little sneak peek, then keep reading a little more as we get to know the writer behind the work!

Saving The Good News Gazette
Jessie Wells

About the book...
Zoe has a special talent for saving lost causes…but she’ll need a miracle to save herself from this mess!

When her biggest advertising account cancels their contract, single mum Zoe Taylor’s Good News Gazette – Westholme’s pre-eminent feel-good news source – faces an uncertain future.
Determined to save her paper, Zoe strikes a bargain with millionaire developer Daniel Lewis – he’ll help her find advertisers and in exchange she’ll spearhead his campaign to save the Art Deco cinema from destruction.

But with her boyfriend Sam no fan of her new business partner, an unexpected job offer from her old boss, and an unshakeable feeling that there’s something more between her and Daniel than there should be, Zoe’s future soon feels as uncertain as her paper’s…and she’ll be forced to make a decision that changes everything for her and her son Charlie.


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~~~ AUTHOR Q&A with Jessie Wells ~~~

* What inspired you to write this book?

There were a couple of factors involved in the inspiration for Saving The Good News Gazette. It’s the second of a four-book series, so it absolutely had to exist as part of my protagonist’s journey. But the idea to focus on a derelict cinema was inspired by the wonderful people who have rescued cinemas in my own locality, most notably the beautiful Crosby Plaza, a beautiful art deco cinema which has been wonderfully restored and is such a lovely example of what a bunch of dedicated volunteers can achieve.

* Was there a character that spoke to you the most? If so, who and why?

The series is told through the eyes of the protagonist, Zoe Taylor, so it is fortunate that it is always, always her who speaks to me when I’m writing. She shares many of the struggles that working mums face, and is brave, scared, strong, weak and kind in equal measure.
That said, other characters were fighting to be heard in this book. Daniel, in particular, was quietly but forcibly pushing his way to the fore the entire time I was writing. Also, it turned out that Norman, who had spent years waging his own fight to rescue the cinema, had far more to say than I’d originally thought.

* What do you hope readers will take away from the story?

While the story is different from book one, the key theme of community remains the same. I started the series with a quote by Helen Keller, who so wisely said: ‘Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.’ That remains as true today as it has ever been. I would be delighted if the story inspired readers to come together and make things better, in some small way, for their own community.

* Any new titles in the works?

Absolutely! Book three in the series is currently in progress and, without giving too much away, events occur to test both the community of Westholme and Zoe herself in ways they never could have imagined.

* If you weren't a writer, what would be your dream job?

I have been very lucky in my life to have experienced a few different dream jobs. The first, as a features writer for the Liverpool Echo, which saw me interviewing celebrities one minute and writing hard-hitting pieces about current affairs the next. It also gave me a free pass into the best venues and events in Liverpool which, for a twenty-something writer, was an absolute dream.
Now, alongside novel-writing which is nothing short of a dream come true, I am also fortunate enough to have another job which I love, having retrained a few years ago as an independent financial adviser for Oakley Independent Ltd. It was an unusual move, swapping words for numbers, but I work with the best bunch of people who have supported me through the challenges of taking up a new career in my forties and thoroughly enjoy my other dream job!

*Any advice for future authors in the audience?

Keep telling yourself you’ll get there someday, even if all evidence points to the contrary! But most importantly, seek out organisations related to your industry and join wherever possible. I was pointed in the direction of the Romantic Novelists Association, who provided crucial opportunities to put myself in front of people who could make things happen. That was the turning point for me.

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About the author...

Jessie Wells lives with her husband and two children in Merseyside. She has always written in some form, and previously worked as a journalist on the Liverpool Echo and Sunday Mirror and as a freelancer for various national women's magazines and newspapers before moving into finance. She loves nothing more than getting lost in her imaginary worlds, which are largely filled with romance, communities bursting with character and a large dose of positivity.

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Special thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for the chance to bring this tour to you and to the author for the fab Q&A. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, this promotion, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to snag your copy today and be sure to check out the rest of the tour for more bookish fun!

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