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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Diamond In the Rough: Just Meg by Kate Russell

Have you ever wanted to disappear? Not just for a moment, but forever...think twice. Forever is a really long time.

A heartbreaking tale of a young girl who just wanted to set things right. Our story takes place in an Australian "hideaway" by the name of Gunya. Sound exotic? Not really, as this is not a resort for the rich and famous, but a psychiatric hospital built to discretely attend to those suffering from life's ailments. Our cast of characters ranges greatly from the outwardly forceful Hannah, to timidly shy Hope, to the unabashedly forward Noelle, and finally our narrator, Meg. They are each there for a reason. Some are more readily accepted, lying just below the surface, while others are much harder to reveal. Throughout their shared time in this facility they each learn about each other as well as themselves, affording them the ability to build an unlikely friendship.

But wait...that's not all! It's not just a story of four lost girls finding themselves, although that would be engaging enough. 'Just Meg' is a story that will touch the hearts of many out there they have or are experiencing situations that are less than ideal and no fault of their own. Behind the journey of discovery, there is a mystery to be solved. During one of the groups daily exercises, they are instructed to find something to distract themselves from there current "plights" and are given the daily paper. Their story of choice involves a powerful man's death and his missing daughter. What really happened? It is their intention to find out.

A roller coaster of emotions as is, author Kate Russell adds an unexpected twist at the end of the story even the most seasoned readers will not see coming. I invite you to step into this book and see where it leads you. You can be certain in the end that there is no "just" about Meg, or anyone else.

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