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Friday, May 1, 2009


The sun reaches its warm rays towards the earth seeking to chase the darkness of night away. In it's eternal quest for domination, it alights upon a girl passionately practicing a past time once thought to be dead to the known world. She is....READING! The dawning of a new day.Okay, so maybe a bit too dramatic, but hey, you're still reading this right? (I know you are!) So it served it's purpose....WELCOME to my blog, Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!

A basic layout of the site can be accessed through the navigation menu links:

  • Menu - Let's see, you are here, so let's leave it at that!
  • Meet the Chef - All about me...the one behind the blog! NOTE: Authors and publicists seeking reviews can find contact information here!
  • Main Course - The meat of my blog...Daily (or so) posts of book reviews, new sites, and just about anything else that crosses my mind...
  • Dessert - Everyone needs a "sweet" break, right? Pic's and sayings to brighten your day.
  • The Lounge - Usually a place to gather and discuss things....this link will bring up the "Food for Thought" and other discussion type posts.
  • Customer Favorites - A quick link to bring up all book review posts ONLY.
  • Nutritional Content - What goes into recipe? Ingredients! So this section will give you a detailed listing of all books reviewed on my site as well as quick links to those posts.
  • Miracle Mile - A gathering of the Roving Reader posts, convenient for adding to your TBR pile.
  • Accolades - Last but not least, this part will share posts containing honorable mentions I or my blog receive as well as awards.
There are various others goodies posted throughout the site including a rambunctious little bear that will play music if you so desire (click on the PLAY button between the headphones!). If you have any other questions, comments, or requests, feel free to post them! As always...happy reading!
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