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Friday, March 23, 2012

Everyone loves a good mystery....

Hi there!
Welcome back to the Friday edition of Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers....the place you can count on for bookish news and reviews every day of the week...even if it posts late in the day. ^_^  Before we get to far into things, just a quick reminder about the contests currently running on the site, one of which ends TONIGHT so be sure to check out the listing in the right hand side bar before you leave!  Now, on with the show...

Today we take a look at a collection of sorts from the folks at Owlkids Books. It's the first in a middle grade and older mystery series that you REALLY need to have your detective wits about you for...a point I shall elaborate on in a moment.  Shall we get to it then because really no mystery can be solved by just sitting on our laurels. Today's book of choice is....

Liam O'Donnell and Michael Cho

Welcome to the town of Whispering Meadows, home to one Max Finder, one Alison Santos and a whole lot of mysteries just waiting to be solved; good thing these two are well versed in that area. Whether your bike has been stolen, your chocolate bars swapped, or your stereo trounced, these two have got your back....but in this book, that's not nearly enough.  You see, as much as they've got you covered, to get to the bottom of these're gonna need to have THEIR backs as well.

That's right! This is not merely a read along sort of mystery, it's a solve along one as well.  Each story in the collection is presented in two full page full color comic book spreads in which we're both introduced to the characters and given the crime details in order to solve the case. Sound easy, right? Yeah....that's what I thought at first too but boy was I proven wrong! 

These are actually pretty tricky and really require your full attention as well as sleuthing abilities because truth be told....I only guessed about two correctly. *-*  Lucky for me (and you future readers), the authors thought ahead...and included what I like to call a Scooby Doo style breakdown at books end.  It gives you the who, why, and final solution to the mysteries so you can check how well you did as well as get some closure for the cases...of course, one wouldn't want to turn to this page prematurely ...gotta use your noodle first!  (Double good idea to put it at the book's end...)  Another interactive aspect of the book is the additional activities that test and strengthen your deducing skills.  From memory match games to "what-is-this" close up pictures, you'll be kept on your toes and have a great along the way.  Speaking of great times....

Even though each mystery is said and don't after a mere four pages, you don't really feel cheated out of an actual story.  Surprisingly you get to know most of the characters pretty well in this short span...and if you're looking for more there's a convenient who's who in the back with the rest of the truly nifty.

All in all, a fun book with appeal for readers young and young at heart, both guys and gals with this sleuthing duo. I suspect many will be  reaching for their detective hats, notebooks and pens after this read....because you just never know where a real life mystery will crop up and a good detective is always ready to go.  This book is available on a bookstore shelf near you as well as volumes 2-4 so be sure to check it out! 

Review copy received courtesy of Owlkids Books. (THANKS!) For more information on this series as well as the rest of their catalog, stop by their website ( or follow along on Twitter (

Until next time...happy reading!

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