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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Possession by Annie Oldham - Review + GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers....the place where books come in first, second, and third...and that's okay!

Today, we're playing host to a blog tour for a Young Adult title that's flown under your radar for far too long.  It's got all the elements of a great paranormal read with writing that will draw you right in.  Ready to meet today's title?  Let's!  Ladies and gents, today's ebook of choice....

Song and Shadow, Book 1:
Annie Oldham

About the book....
Constance Jerome wants nothing more than to make it through her senior year of high school without being noticed. But when her mother drops the world's biggest bombshell, flying under the radar just isn't in the cards. It turns out Constance is a necromancer—one of the few who can travel the realms of the dead.

Apparently it runs in the family. And now there's a threat coming: another necromancer with plans to disturb the living and the dead, and Constance and her mother are the only ones who can stop him. If only they knew who he was. Or what exactly he was up to. A quiet senior year isn't an option, and Constance must race to stop a high school apocalypse before the balance between the living and the dead is overturned.

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It's senior year, woo hoo!
Almost time for no more pencils, books, looks, or anything else for that matter....well, except THE FUTURE, but Constance Jerome has that all figured out.  Step one, seek higher education far, far, FAR away from home.  Step two....well, maybe she hasn't gotten that far yet, but seeing as the new school year is starting off less than stellar, accomplishing step one will be MORE than enough to land on the path to happiness.  How is the year mis-starting?  Well, let's see....she's less than popular, being forced to tutor the cute jock failing Calculus who also happens to be the boyfriend of the most uber popular and witchy girl de jour in school, and oh yeah, she just might be a necromancer.  No big!  

Wait, no....REALLY BIG!
Things coming back to life may sound like a good time, but her "job" is more about helping them stay where they should be and with the trouble brewing in town, this fledgling is going to have to learn fast.  Can she do it?  Well, I've no doubt in her ability to pick things up quickly, ascertain the sitch, and deliver a swift blow of karma balancing justice....but then again, it's not up to me now is it?  It all depends on Constance.  No pressure or anything.

If you weren't drawn by the story, let me tempt you some more with the writing.  It's so easy to fall into!  It allows you to get close to our lead and those around her as if you were one of the crowd.  You can't help but care for her as she navigates her way through these strange new waters.  You share in her moments of backbone that allow her to stand up to the evil queen "b's" of the school as well as the dark forces swarming nearby.  By book's end, you'll be so tied up in all that's happening, you won't want it to end.  (I know I didn' two, PLEASE!)

Recommended for Young Adult fans who like a dose of Paranormal in their reads and aren't afraid to call fictional characters, friends.


About the author...

Annie adores writing and reading YA novels. She grew up with an insatiable desire to read and then came the insatiable desire to write. Annie has been blessed to have both of those in her life.

Away from her writing, Annie is the mother of the most adorable girls in the world, has the best husband in the world, and lives in the hottest place in the world (not really, but Phoenix sure feels like it). She loves to cook, sing, and play the piano.



Special thanks to Cami at Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours for the review copy as well as the chance to bring this tour to you.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this tour as well as those forthcoming, be sure to stop by their official site.  This title reached publication the end of last month, so be on the lookout for it on a bookstore shelf or online retailer of your choosing.  Oh, and don't forget to enter below for your chance to win the author's other trilogy entitled The Burn!  Good luck!

Until next time....happy reading!


Annie Oldham said...

Gina, thanks so much for being a part of the Possession tour! I love you review style--so much fun :)

Felicity Grace Terry said...

In need of a good book to fall into, I'll be sure to keep these in mind.

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