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Friday, December 28, 2018

Borrowing Christmas by Kat Bellemore

Borrowing Christmas (Borrowing Amor, #1)Borrowing Christmas by Kat Bellemore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Katie and Sam. Sam and Katie. Though they couldn't have been further apart, once couldn't imagine them anywhere else.

Katie had a bit of bad luck growing up...okay, A LOT of bad luck, and landed herself in some sticky situations. Problem was a bad cop was pulling the strings and that made breaking free way harder than it should have been. She takes it upon herself to try YET AGAIN to cut the strings he's pulling and lands in what could only be described as least to her. Grant it, it drives her CRAZY at first, along with a certain mayoral figure (ooh!), but everyone wants a place to call home, somewhere to land when things get tough, and people to care for and about...even if at first they don't realize it. Same goes for same in regards to that last sentence. He's the bachelor mayor the town never thought to want, and may not be for long (a bachelor, that is) if certain things go his way. Thing is there are more than a few surprises arriving in town along with the appearance of a certain someone beautiful that's captured more than his eye. Can two people wearing masks of their own making come clean to build a lasting future? In a town like Amor, sounds like that just might be a possibility...

It's a page turner from the start and while the story itself only transpires over the course of about two weeks, it's long enough to get a good read of the people/community, and the lay of the land. I can see future stories being released to flesh out the town, and let us catch up with the changes that came about during our short time there, and will certainly be interested to see what the author delivers. Recommended for Contemporary Romance fans of the Young Adult set as well as Adult; it's flirty without getting steamy, so you can enjoy the snow angels and your cocoa too!

**signed copy received from the author with no promise to review, but I simply couldn't help myself

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