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Monday, October 3, 2022

TCBR AWARENESS TOUR: Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen! by Alexa Palmer and Catharine Kaufman - GUEST POST + GIVEAWAY!

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Today, we welcome The Children's Book Review as we shine the BOOK SPOTLIGHT on a title currently making its way through the blogosphere on an AWARENESS TOUR.  The star of the show is Jolene and her incredible love for all types of junk food.  Thing is...eating ONLY junk food isn't exactly the healthiest choice.  From the sound of things, it's a great story to introduce kiddos to the wide range of foods out there and show how healthier eating habits are a lifelong gift.  Take a closer look at our title in the spotlight, then KEEP READING as author Alexa Palmer shares a special GUEST POST with us...and don't miss your chance to win!

Illustrated by
Ages 4-10 | 60 Pages
Palmer and Kaufman

About the book...

Jolene loves junk food. She loves it so much she wears red licorice in her hair–and pink taffy underwear! The Munch Bunch calls her “The Junk Food Queen.” Then, one night in her dreams, she meets a bunch of cool characters who take her on an incredible, edible journey into a world of juicy fruits, super salads, and yummy smoothies.


~~~ GUEST POST ~~~

5 Tips for Healthy Eating
by Alexa Palmer, author of the nutrition adventure story Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen

Healthy eating and healthy eating habits are what we all strive to develop in our lives. The first tip toward healthy eating is reflecting on your generational eating habits. For example, if you were raised in the 1950s or 60s, the portions of food served tended to be very big portions. Once the habits are formed, they become harder to control and more challenging to break. However, it is imperative to cut ties with these bad cycles in life and learn to develop portion control. Smaller sized meals, less snacking, and healthier choices of the food group chain are vital and therefore play a big role in your overall health. While it is difficult to break the habit chain, it is possible to have it under control the majority of the time. Our bodies do not find food overload a healthy balance. In fact, food overload at one given meal can wreak havoc on our overall bodily systems, organs, and daily function.

Another healthy eating tip requires the right food choices. Do we eat the apple or the cookie? Do we eat the French fries or the sweet potato? Rich foods play a role in major diseases. As we research what foods are healthy for what particular parts of our body, we develop food knowledge. Many people become experts on how to fix their cars, how their homes run, or what is the best and latest vacation package. In fact, the most valuable package you own should be your body and keeping it healthy. Once you start your research and become a food knowledge expert, you will enjoy your healthy eating journey more effectively. For example, did you know that beets are healthy for your lungs or that walnuts are heart healthy? Sweet potatoes are packed full of nutritional vitamins as well as avocados, garlic, raw ginger, and onions. Unlike these healthy food choices, overly processed foods and sweets should be kept to a minimum to maintain optimum health. Remember, do not rush your meals. Chew and digest slowly for good health. We tend to do everything fast in our society, including eating our food. Slow down!! Chew it slow!!! Take the time to enjoy your meal experience.

An excellent, surefire healthy tip is spelled F-I-B-E-R! Fiber is our daily cleans. Choose bran-rich organic cereals, flax and chia seeds, nuts, seeds, or green leafy veggies, or sweet potatoes. Two types are what I call the King and Queen of fiber. The King is organic figs, and the Queen is dark, juicy, dried organic prunes. Figs are like a human vacuum cleaner. Keep your body clean and eat fiber daily – 20 grams at least!

A healthy habit is, of course, exercise. If you walk, run, swim, do cardio, or any other active sport 4 times a week, you are good to go! An active body is a healthy body. When we sweat, we release toxins. Nobody wants toxins in their body!

And lastly, one final tip is take your daily vitamins. Put them in your smoothies (the liquid version) or take by pill form. B vitamins, D vitamins, vitamin C powder, choline for brain health, or an overall total daily helps to optimize good health, especially when we exercise! Please research injectable vitamins. They are quite popular now and healthy. Research who has the best! When we develop healthy habits, the future looks bright! Here’s to your health and well-being!



Alexa Palmer resides in Rancho Mirage, California, where she has raised three daughters- Alexandra, Stephanie and Christina. A preschool teacher who has been passionate about writing since the age of 8, Alexa also has a background in performing arts from the University of London and Oxford University. She is a published songwriter formerly studying under the tutelage of the late Buddy Kaye and is excited about launching the musical version she created for Jolene.


- - - - - --- - - - - - - -

Catharine Kaufman is a nationally syndicated food columnist, blogger, author, magazine writer and TV chef. She credits her growing expertise in good nutrition for her survival and recovery from breast cancer and shares that expertise to help keep her family, friends and fans in good health. Writing her columns under the moniker “The Kitchen Shrink,” Catharine dispenses advice on topics that include smart grocery shopping, food facts and folklore, unforgettable dinners on a shoestring, solving cooking disasters and putting the skids on colds, flu and other ailments with healing ‘food chemistry.’

Showing off her humorous culinary savvy, Catharine was featured in a “Kitchen Shrink” mini series produced by Time-Warner, which included such segments as Kitchen Play Date with Kids, and Pantry Preparedness. She also did a stint as radio host and sidekick of restaurant reviewer and food guru Merrill Shindler on KLSX, Los Angeles. As a founder and partner of, the healthy gourmet cooking and food safety blog, Catharine has been garnering kudos from foodies around the world for her featured columns on that long-established site.

Through its offbeat humor, Catharine’s well-received children’s book with collaborator Alexa Palmer, “Jolene – Adventures of a Junk Food Queen,” motivated her two daughters and other children to participate in her cooking classes, as well as to acquire healthier eating habits than many of their peers. “Jolene…” has also been endorsed by the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and is being sold on Amazon and other outlets. Ever since discovering her inner foodie, Catharine has been in her element, focusing her energy and passion on weaning as many people—but especially children and young adults—off toxic foods and guiding them on a fun journey to healthy living.


~~~   GIVEAWAY   ~~~

Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen!

Two (2) winners receive:

- A signed copy of Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen


Special thanks to Bianca at The Children's Book Review for the chance to bring this tour to you and to the author for the guest post. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, the publisher, this tour, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. Be sure to check out the rest of the stops on the tour for more bookish fun!


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