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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

AWARENESS TOUR: Ode to a Pug by Jill Rosen, Illustrated by Stephanie Rohr - REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!

Today's post is going to the dogs, and the dog lovers!  The Children's Book Review is currently featuring a furry, friendly, cutesy little storybook on their latest AWARENESS TOUR that stars man's best friend, companion, co-captain, and loveable agent of chaos...or more specifically, the PUG!  So get ready to SIT, STAY, and read because you'll be begging for more by post's end, and I don't blame you in the least!

Written by
Jill Rosen
Illustrated by
Stephanie Rohr
Ages 4+ | 32 Pages
AM Ink Publishing (2024)

About the book...
A precocious pug delights in shenanigans which drive her frazzled owner to declare she will give her pup away!

Laugh along with the snorting, snoring, and gaseous clown of the canine world as its owner struggles to reign in the messes and mayhem of a new addition. But there is nothing that a few licks and cuddles can’t fix, right?

A true delight that any family can relate to, Ode to a Pug is full of heart… and a lot of slobber.


This kid friendly, but also adult friendly, storybook features the wild and wooly times of a little pug and his owner.  From zoomies to chewing on EVERYTHING, feeding time to TOOTing time, cuddles to dress up, and all things in between, it shares the beauty of the dog and dog parent relationship in all its brilliant colors.

Let's face it, anyone that has a dog can attest to the wonderful times to be shared, but also the utter chaos that can break out the moment you turn your head, step out of the room, or the mood strikes.  I've had dogs throughout my life, and we added a puppy around Christmas time.  She's still "little" in age, but GROWING bigger each day, so while she sits sweet and prim for a cookie, the zoomies multiple times a day take on a new meaning when you're dealing with a now 30ish pound puppy!  Let's just say DUCK AND COVER is a phrase you hear AND obey if you're in her path.  (LOL!)  Are there moments you think man, I just need some quiet time  or  I really don't want to take a walkie right now ...for certain, but would I trade her for the world?  HECK to the NO!  Same goes for our little smooshy nosed furry terr...I mean, cuddle  He may get into things he shouldn't, demand time and attention when you're at wits end, but in hindsight, it's well worth the loads of love in return.

If you're a dog lover, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!  If you're a dog parent, YOU'VE LIVED THIS BOOK, but you still need it to commiserate and reminisce.  Whether you're a kiddo or simply one at heart, take a moment to indulge yourself with this one.  You won't be sorry!



Jill Rosen is a career marketer and advertiser who lives with two kids, three dogs, two cats, one bird, and a former stand-up comic and Princeton sketch-comedy writing husband. She doesn’t need to go far for comedic inspiration or advice!

Through her brand management work, Jill’s early recognition of, and appreciation for, powerful writing and artistic design only flourished. She is a seasoned workshop facilitator and strategic healthcare consultant specializing in the areas of mental health and infertility.

Jill was inspired to begin writing her own stories by her two boys, both avid readers. Now Jill can’t wait to share them with all the young readers out there.

For more information, visit:

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Steph Rohr is a French Award-winning children’s book illustrator who earned a distinction from ECV Art School in Paris. She is fond of anything silly, funny, wacky, daft, and colorful. A freelance Illustrator & Art Director, Steph has been working in London in publishing and advertising.


***   GIVEAWAY   ***

Enter the giveaway for the chance to win an author-signed hardcover copy of Ode to a Pug, a 4″ custom pug plush, plus a die-cut pug sticker!


Special thanks to Bianca at The Children's Book Review for the chance to bring this tour to you and to the publisher for the ecopy for review. (THANKS!) This post is sponsored by Jill Rosen. The review and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view. For more information on this title, the author, the publisher, this tour, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. Be sure to check out the rest of the stops on the tour for more bookish fun!


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