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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day with Duke by Sandra Hammond

Why hello there!
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Friday is almost here….Whoo-HOO!
Another week is almost in the bag…although that also means that March is almost at the halfway point…whoa.  Where is the year going?  Oh well, whatcha gonna do…except share more reading adventures with all of you.  ^_^

Yesterday, we explored a Modern Fantasy ala eBook that was a bit of a hidden gem in the literary rough.  Today, we change gears and turn our sights back to the land of children’s stories, but this time around, we also have the antics of one precocious pup.  Ready?  Set…here we go!  Today’s book of choice is…

Sandra Hammond
illustrated by
Naureen Hammond

It’s birthday time!  The perfect time to wish for just what you always wanted; in this case, a puppy!  Not just any puppy, mind you, but a male bloodhound, soon to be known as Duke.  A noble name for a noble breed, don’t you think?  Too bad that Duke seems to have skipped the “nobility” lessons but he is one creative fellow when it comes to getting in trouble.  From mishaps with human food to Grinch-worthy Christmas behavior, the sky seems to be the limit on just what Duke can get into next.  Good thing he’s such a lovable and adorable fellow…

When I first started reading this one, I was wondering how it was going to come off to its intended audience.  The story itself comes off as a little tongue in cheek as it points out all the “rotten” and naughty things Duke is responsible for while the illustrations lend it the childish quality that lands it in the Children’s Storybook genre; when combined, the end result is surprising…in a good way.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is one of those sunshine and rainbow books that place our furry kids in the best of lights.  I would say that it is a realistic view of just what can and often times does (in one fashion or another) happen when you add a fur baby to the household.

As with anything, there is a transition period and if that new addition is a puppy (or kitty, or other “baby” animal), it’s unreasonable to assume that everything is going to go off without a hitch.  I don’t care how much you love them or how precious your little one is, they will get into mischief at least once in their lives…but you know what?  That’s okay.  It’s all a part of growing up; both man and “beast” traverse the passageway through this inevitable occurrence after all.

I can definitely share a story or two (or five or ten) about the antics of my own furry kids.  Let’s see…when Hamilton goes out in the morning (or afternoon, or evening) and the neighbor’s dog is anywhere in their yard or even near the patio window, you can count on hearing him bark like a little crazy dude.  Seriously!  Sometimes I wish I could speak dog (well, better at least) so I could find out just what on earth they are SAYING to each other.  *shakes head*  Then there’s the oh-that’s-so-cute “accidents”…take Zoe. 

When Zoe was a puppy, we happen to be having take out food at the house mid-move and I needed to check on something for a moment in another room.  Not wanting to take my food in with me (Mom would have freaked out), I made the mistake of putting my dish on the coffee table (dining room table was full at the time).  Came back, my burger was gone and there goes Zoe with a hamburger the size of her mouth sauntering into the other room.  It was too funny, too cute to reprimand her too much because after all, I left it in reach, but still…another to add to the list of “things that can and will happen”. 

They say love is blind; blind to what is something that’s never actually discussed.  In the end, though Duke is one naughty puppy boy, he is also a cherished member of the family and one that is loved despite his “flaws”…much like they love us.  (Having the sudden need to go hug one of my pups right now…how bout you?)    So if you’re looking for a “puppies are perfect” book…this is not the one for you.  However, if you’re looking for a romp through the adventures that a pup can get into, this one is definitely for you.

Recommended reading for all ages…especially those either looking to add a fur baby to their household or those trying to accept cool headedly the misadventures they might be experiencing currently.  Signed review copy courtesy of author Sandra Hammond.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as her other literary ventures, feel free to visit her website or check out her page on BookBlogs.NING.

Until next time…happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

A fur baby - what a lovely term to use.

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

I wish I could say I had a well behaved dog. I think this would be a fun book for any age

Gina said...

Petty Witter: ^_^

Liz:'s great sometimes, but at the same time...I like their little quirks. It adds to their personality. ^_^

Alexia561 said...

Sounds like an adorable story! Ever read the Carl books? This sounds a little like that series. They're pictures only, but still manage to tell the story of Carl and his baby charge with no words. Gorgeous pictures!

Love the story of Zoe and the hamburger! Too funny! :D

Gina said...

Alexia561: Hmm...the Carl books...nope haven't heard of them. *jots note to investigate later* Thanks for the tip! As for Zoe's story...yep, I can still see her now.... ^_^

Tales of Whimsy said...

Ahhhhh my fur baby is a bit naughty too. But I love him and admire his spunk and vigor. Great review.

Tribute Books said...

Love books about fur-babies - thanks for sharing this one!

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