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Friday, November 16, 2012

Please Pass the Popcorn

Hi guys!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers...the place where you can find something bookish and fun any day of the week...usually.

I say usually as today's post is not truly a post at all but a wish for a great weekend and happy reading to each of you.  Yesterday was spent at the Twilight Movie Marathon at my local theater (for those of you that didn't catch my Twitter updates) followed by the 10 PM premiere of the final installment.  Let me tell you my friends, it was GOOD.  Definitely worth seeing with the love, danger, and excitement we've come to love along with some well timed humor...just try not to guffaw TOO loud or you'll miss the next line of dialogue (thank you people behind me in the movie...*mini-glare*).  The actors and actresses did an awesome job bringing to life a book series loved by millions of all ages.  Sad to see it end...but then again, there's always the ability to reread (or rewatch) it.  The beauty of books...gotta love it.

So, if you have a chance to see it...wonderful; tell me what you thought! If not, just be sure to make some "you" time this weekend...okay?

Until next time...GO TEAM EDWARD ...and happy reading!


1 comment:

Tales of Whimsy said...

I'm envious. Sounds like a blast! Have an awesome weekend sugar.

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