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Monday, October 9, 2023

WHAT'S THE BUZZ?: Romance Edition πŸ’—

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Today, we're answering the bookish cry of WHAT'S THE BUZZ with a special ROMANCE EDITION.  That's right!  Who doesn't love a good romance?  Am I right?  The titles on the docket today are spread throughout the genre that quite literally has something for everyone.  A few have been released, while a few others are coming up fast, but one other thing they all have in common...I would highly recommend them all!  Ready to add to your TBR?  Here we go!

Townsend Harbor, Book 3
Kerrigan Byrne & Cynthia St. Aubin
Release Date:  08/29/23

As much as I've enjoyed getting to know this series, I can honestly say that I think THIS ONE was my favorite thus far!  Grant it in book one, we have a bookstore owner getting it on (eventually) with a mysterious recluse that seems to have nothing but her best interests in mind, and yes, they make a damaged (who isn't?), yet mind blowing couple...all making it memorable for certain.  Book two gave us the story of the newcomer in town selling hot double cups of...joe with a side of snappy sarcasm, whit, and wonder, all while equally ticking off and intriguing the local man with a badge that was recently made single (after book one!), until hot under the collar becomes more hot, and sans collar (and then some!), granting us an unexpected couple, but a great fit all the same.  Now, book three, we have opposites attract with the story of the best friend meeting the less than blue collar man of her never dreamed dreams...and while he may be a lot to handle, so is she, in her own way, and remarkably they GET one another...not just get it on.  The layers that are peeled back on each of them, revealing how much more they BOTH are despite the way they get pigeonholed by people, really speaks to embracing your true self, learning to love you first, and not being afraid of letting someone in, nor letting them back out again!  It's just as hot as the others, but it didn't feel like quite as much focus was on ONLY that, giving me more of the story aspect that I love and adore!

Melissa Ferguson
Narrated by: Talon David, Kayla Jackson
Release Date:  09/26/23

In this double novella from Thomas Nelson, you get two GORGEOUS Christmas stories in one fabulous package...or in this case, audio book!  That's right!  I listened to this one through NetGalley (did you know that was a thing?!), and quite honestly fell in love with it!  As opposed to the prior novel featured, this one is squeaky clean, but that doesn't mean there aren't moments of sparkage, moments of closeness, or moments that will make you wear a silly grin and sigh (yes, I totally did this!).  Dashing Through the Snow .... gives us a woman on the romantic holiday trip of a lifetime, having to go it solo thanks to her now ex-boyfriend pulling the plug on the most wonderful time of the year.  Willow seizes the day, thanks to her pushy but loving friend, and not only revels in the spirit of the season, but finds that while her heart may be wounded, it doesn't mean she won't love again...perhaps sooner than she thinks!  Pining for You... delivers the story of Skye and Theo which takes place on a Christmas tree farm.  Old wounds are healed, recreated, and potentially healed once again, but a lot of old truths are brought into a clarifying light, allowing these two matched at heart to find a start in the here and now.  Of the two, I gotta play favorites with the first, but I have no regrets in listening to the second. 

Beachside Kisses with My Bodyguard
Hallmark Beach Small Town Romance, Book 1
Release Date:  10/11/23

Alright guys and gals, so we're back on track with this one where I'm getting the scoop out to you before the release (woo hoo!).  This time, we're heading to Hallmark Beach as we read and share the first novel in the new series...much love to the author for the chance to be a part of the ARC team!  I loved the setting.  I loved the characters.  I loved how the Princess was so much more than just royalty, even when many kept trying to label her for past mistakes.  I loved that she was eventually able to put that behind her, and discover what she truly wanted in both love and life so that following her dreams was simply the next most logical step, even if she did have to sort out exactly what they were in order to take that step.  I loved our fearless Muscles (obvious nickname, but cute nonetheless!), and his noble desire to keep HIS desire off the table, and under lock and key.  The back and forth between them was a little torture, but sweet and as it eventually leads to a HEA that we readers love with all our hearts; it was totally worth it.  The other story line running through it, regarding her brother's "normal" wedding, was a spectacular way to keep things moving along, build a little tension, and also capitalize on creating a memorable setting with notable side characters that (if rumors are true) will be getting their own stories in the future!

Perfect Imperfections
Release Date:  10/24/23

Last, but certainly not least, we have the forthcoming release from an author whose work I've read several times, and the love for those stories just keeps growing!  This particular title is near and dear to the author's heart because it features a character with OCD. You may know what it is, heck you might even have it or know someone who does, but a few important things to varies from person to person, the compulsions or rituals they perform are specific to them and not something that can simply be turned off, and a person with OCD is just that a PERSON with ocd...they are not their diagnosis; they are themselves.  Unique, original, and with their own idiosyncrasies, just like the next person.  No one is exactly the same as the next, but all deserve love, kindness, and acceptance.  In this story, the characters are true to themselves.  There are no magical turn of events that solves their problems.  There are no potions or amount of attention that removes their symptoms, or diagnosis...and that is SIMPLY PERFECT.

I adored Ellie for everything she did, and everything she was.  From her problems to her solutions, her witty wardrobe (so would wear those shirts!) to her care of others, the way she interacted with the animals to how she handles Sullivan...and now I'm getting off track.  (LOL!)  There is not a moment that I felt a disconnect from her character, or a falsity in her personality.  She was simply her, and eventually learns to love that even more about herself.  Sullivan was a perfectly imperfect specimen of a man that most woman and their mother's would go gaga for..but for me, though his outer beauty can't be denied, his inner beauty is a real heart breaker.  He adores his little girl (who wouldn't?  Charlotte is a doll!), cares for all of his patients beyond the clinical aspect of medicine, takes the white coat off at home but leaves the amount of care and understanding that he has remains because it's simple him.  Watching these two come together was PURE MAGIC.  I laughed, I gasped, I blushed, and grinned like a lovelorn schoolgirl, and by book's end the HEA was in the bag!


Special thanks to all the authors (and publishers!) listed above for the chance to read and share these amazing works (as well as the copies for review!).  (THANK YOU!)  For more information on any of the books featured, feel free to click through the links provided.  Several are available now, while the others are coming soon, so be sure you don't miss out on all the bookish love!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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