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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Insight by Jamie Magee

Hi there readers!
Time to turn the page on another day and wet your whistle with another reading adventure you are sure to be satisfied with.  This is actually an eBook review and as most of you know, I certainly PREFER my good old paper books but there are occasions where I will make the exception and go digital.  So all of you eBook lovers out there and even those more tentative to sample the virtual waters, this reviews for you.

Today's featured title was actually supposed to make the April spotlight on my site but alas, time constraints had me without an available day and I wasn't quite finished reading it.  I know, I know....guilty as charged.  I've actually been on a reading spree but despite the progress, eBooks take me longer for some reason.  Glad I pushed forward though because this one was definitely worth the e-ink.  Today's book of choice is....

Jamie Magee

Willow Haywood has had an unusual childhood to say the least.  How so?  Well, she has the usual troubles of what to wear, who likes whom, and who to hang with....but she also sees ghosts (sort of) in emotional distress.  If that wasn't odd enough, she can also affect their dispositions to help ease their worries and move on from the situation at hand.  Yeah....definitely not your average child or hobby and that's only the beginning.  You see, Willow has been having these nightmares where she helps someone and then a mysterious boy appears emanating....nothing.  He's just blank.  She can't help but feel completely uneasy in his presence almost like prey whilst in the eyes of a predator but she toughs it out each night for her just rewards....her dream boy.  After each nightmare she is whisked away to a beautiful land where a gorgeous boy is waiting for her to while the hours away in each others arms.  For Willow, it's worth the least until it all becomes oh-so-very real.  It is said we must take the bad WITH the good....but what if the bad is not willing to let you go so easily and the good can vanish in a heartbeat?

I must say, I was rather surprised by this read.  When I was first approached by the author, I did my due diligence and read through the information provided as well as took an extended visit to the book's site.  I really had to dig into the excerpt because while I was intrigued by some aspects, I was still teetering on the edge of acceptance due to a few points.  Allow me to explain. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the worlds she created of which I was able to learn more of while reading deeper into the book's text.  Infante (as this dimension is known) is wholly recognizable as today's society and it was interesting to see it positioned as the youngest amongst those explored.  We often times take our current surroundings for granted and as long standing when in fact they are relatively new when compared to ancient cultures still seen today in other parts of the world.  Chara is certainly a place that I would love to visit (or move to).  The culture and beliefs...all peace and love (without the incense or tie-dye colors) could one resist!  I mean to have your true soul mate be found as an actual reality not a fantasy, the ability to use your insight for the good of others, and the chance to live in a land so beautiful in every way, what's not to love?  Now Esterious is another story altogether and though it is dark and loathsome, there is a reason for it becoming that way that is revealed late in the text...but still, it's a land to be traveled around as opposed to through whenever possible.  Moving forward....

The characters were varied and numerous.  Seriously, you may need to take notes on more than one occasion to keep track of just who everyone is and their connections to each other, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few rough patches as well.  There is no doubt that her dream boy is well....dreamy.  Looks and attitude make a wonderful package indeed.  The boy from her nightmares is equally memorable for several reasons but certainly not least on that list is the malice he emanates when push comes to shove.  Perodine, on the other hand, remains a mystery till the final pages.  She appears in a dream sequence (sort of) that Willow has and although it seemed she was there to answer a few questions, she really only served to confuse the issues further.  Also, when Landen is following his "beacon" to find his soul mate (who shall remain nameless as to not spoil the fun...hehe) it sort of just happens in the blink of an eye.  One second he's searching and the next *POOF* she's there.  I understand that the past events of the story play into the scenario that unfolds but it still felt sort of sudden when it actually happened.  On the other hand...

The talents, or insights, that they each have (including Willow) cover a range of fascinating areas, one of the most predominate ones being that of the traveler as they are able to see the "strings" through which they can travel to the other dimensions or worlds.  This is especially useful in aiding other travelers in their search for their soul mates.  I loved the fact that the drive to find that one person that completed them was more of a given than a "group activity"....if only it were that simple in real life.  *le SIGH* The many insights encountered are explored throughout their adventure but never so much as to over shadow the story at the heart of it all. 

In short, a magical yet realistic journey awaits all those willing to enter the "string"....and who knows, you may even find a bookish version of your soul mate.  Recommended for Young Adult fans of all ages.  There is not a hint of foul language nor are there any scenes that go beyond demure anticipation.....bookmarks up to the author on those accomplishments alone!  There is a bit of a higher power message within the story with several smatterings of God references but nothing incredibly preachy...more logical.  Also, it is clear the book as eco-message angle as well with all the clean energy being used, but nothing that would offend those merely seeking a fantasy type adventure.  The final message I took with me upon turning the final can conquer all, if we'd only listen to our hearts. 

EBook for review courtesy of author Jamie Magee.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as her current works in progress, feel free to check out her site, follow along on Twitter, friend her on Facebook, or connect on GoodReads

Until next time...happy reading!


Misha said...

Very unusual premise. Too many characters confuse me as well, but I think I will be willing to read the book just out of curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting, must try

insight117 said...

Great post! Good things come to those who wait :)

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