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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This just in: BEA, Armchair BEA, and Copia

Hi there readers!
Betcha didn't think you'd hear a THIRD time from me today, right?
Well, normally I'd're right, BUT this news needs to be shared right away.

We all know BEA is this week.
*le SIGH*
For those of you reading this whilst there, enjoy!

For those left behind (so to speak) like me, we are stronger in numbers my friend...and we always have the Armchair BEA event to check out; BUT...if you are looking for even more bookish fun, check out this news flash from Seth over at Copia Interactive, LLC about two titles FREE to download for a limited time!
Ready?  Here comes the news....



To celebrate Bob Dylan's 70th Birthday, we are giving away Clinton Heylin's Revolution in the Air, a massive 446 page song-by-song look at Dylan's work from 1957 to 1973! It is awesome, whether you are a fanatic or a fan. Available now for approximately TWO WEEKS:


We are also giving away Copia's first-ever Author-Annotated Edition. I am very proud to have worked with George Rabasa on his charming, funny, and horribly haunting twisted teen romance, Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb from Unbridled Books, a house that puts out great fiction. George has added about 25 contextual annotations that find him discussing everything from his character's character to Don Quixote to the history of Malls. This is, I think, a taste of what the eBook of the future can bring to readers. Added insight, added interaction, added value. This giveaway lasts ONE WEEK starting today!
(PLEASE NOTE:  If you follow the links, be sure to click the "Buy This Book" button on the page that appears.  You should see the cost listed as ZERO, but that's the only way to finish the "transaction".)


Now that you have the "goody" information, I bet you're wondering exactly what Copia is?  (I know I was when I got the email....)  Here's the scoop on this interactive ebook site build to create connections reader to reader and ebook to ebook.

What is Copia?
Built in social features make reading and studying a shared experience. Follow professors and classmates who take great notes. Join discussions and study groups, all centered around the books you love as well as your required reading. Join online or from the pages of an open e-book.

Join the conversation inside every book.  - When you write notes, highlight text and bookmark important pages, your friends can follow along and respond back. This makes Copia the only social platform that allows you to discuss your books while you read.

Shop one of the biggest online eBook catalogs.  - Welcome to the next-generation bookstore. Where you go, it goes. Shop new releases, bestsellers and old favorites. There are hundreds of thousands of titles you can download instantly.

Read the way that suits you best. - There are many convenient ways to stay connected with Copia. Like the Desktop Reader and Copia for the iPad. But you don’t have to choose just one. Your online account, apps and devices will sync automatically. So you’ll always be up to date, no matter how you’re connected.


So there you have it.
Another bookish site to check out when you are in the mood for a little ebook reading.
The more the merrier, right?

Until next time...happy reading!



Tales of Whimsy said...

You're so cute. I'm with you. One day I'll make it.

Misha said...

I have heard so many good things about Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb! I am going to visit the site now. Thanks for letting us know!

Gina said...

Juju: Feel like we should start singing Disney tunes or something. LOL.

Misha: You have? Cool! I haven't but I like the sound of it. Works for me. ^_^ (..and you're welcome!)

The1stdaughter said...

Yes, one day we'll all make it to BEA, right? Definitely big ole' le' sign. :o(

Still, thanks so much for the mention and what a great giveaway to share! Fantastic!

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