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Sunday, October 27, 2019

PRE BOOK BIRTHDAY BUZZ: Tangled Up in Christmas by Lisa Renee Jones!

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Today, we're teaming up with Entangled Publishing to bring you closer to those holiday reads your heart desires with a little pre book birthday buzz! No, I'm not talking about Halloween, but rather Christmas and don't tell me it's too early because reading wise, I'm SO ready! Without further ado, today's book of choice taking center stage is...

Texas Heat, Book 2
Lisa Renee Jones
Entangled Amara 

About the book...
I haven’t been back to Sweetwater, Texas, in years but somehow, here I am—back where it all started. I’m still trying to figure out how. And of course, I don’t even make it out of the airport before I run into my ex—the entire reason why I left Sweetwater in the first place.

Horse wrangler Roarke Frost’s shoulders are just as broad as I remember, that crooked smile of his still in place, and my heart is melting like chocolate in the sizzling Texas sun. Stupid heart. But worse, we’re supposed to play nice together to pull off a Christmas festival in record time, which is the key to launching my new business.

Now we’re working side by side to save injured animals, setting up a bid-on-a-cowboy auction, and he’s pushing for a second chance. But I know he’s still keeping a secret that could tear us apart if I give him an inch.

I’ll definitely need to dodge the spiked eggnog if I want to stay tangled up in Christmas, and not tangled up in Roarke again…


I actually only just realized that this was set in the same world as THE TRUTH ABOUT COWBOYS which I totally LOVED, so it makes perfect sense that it felt like coming home...even if our leading lady was more than reluctant to do so.

Honestly, most reviews I saw about this one focused on Roarke. Now don't get me wrong, there are many MANY reasons to focus on, alpha when need be but totally about the other person, one woman guy despite what history may say, uber vet and horse trainer/animal whisperer, big hearted, and did I mention easy on the eyes...but what I didn't see much mention of is Hannah, his heart's desire.

The girl's got a history, much of it pre L.A., "tangled" up with Roarke and friends, but the latest had her restarting her life after a scandal reached out its impact into her life. Coming home was the thing to do, and rebuilding her reputation was a step by step process she was willing to tackle, but the man distraction was not in the cards and her inability to deal with the past as head on as her work life, puts the brakes on any sort of real moving on action. I felt for her,  I truly did, but there was definitely a time or two that I wanted to take her by the shoulders and say "get yourself together woman. ...grab the big girl pants and face your 'fear'"...instead of listening/reading the constant battle of feelings past and feelings present wage war within.

In the end, the story was a winner with leads worth knowing, hearts worth caring for, and enough tension to set the Texas night on fire! A definite win for Contemporary Romance fans and a prefect add to your holiday reading lists!


About the author...

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series. Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland) on the INSIDE OUT series: Lisa has created a beautiful, complicated, and sensual world that is filled with intrigue and suspense. Sara's character is strong, flawed, complex, and sexy - a modern girl we all can identify with. In addition to the success of Lisa's INSIDE OUT series, Lisa has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa's other bestselling series include: DIRTY MONEY and WHITE LIES. She is presently working on her LILAH LOVE series to be published with Amazon Publishing/Montlake Romance. Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women's Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine. Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at and she is active on Twitter and Facebook daily.


Special thanks to Rikki at Entangled Publishing for the ebook for review. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, or the publisher, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is set to release OCTOBER 29th, 2019, so mark your calendar or pre order your copy today!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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