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Monday, January 25, 2021

RRR presents... TRUST ME by Candace Hutton - EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!

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Today, we're teamed up with Rachel's Random Resources to shine a spotlight on a title that's just ready and waiting to be added to your must read list!  So, if you're ready, let's step between the pages as we catch the overall glimpse, followed by a special EXCERPT, plus your chance to win!  On your mark...get set...READ!

Trust Me
Candace Hutton

About the book...
Brooke Anderson never pictured herself as a divorcee at twenty-eight. But when she mentions getting a post-nup to her husband Garrett after one deliciously sex-filled year, he promptly serves her with divorce papers. Admittedly, she could’ve told him about how her father left her and her mother homeless when she was young, and how she’s never been wired to trust anyone. Especially those closest to her. Now, all she wants to do is avoid anywhere he might be so she won’t have to face him again. 

But she’s not the only one who can’t seem to trust. 

Garrett Call grew up with parents who married for money and wants no part of a life that puts material possessions above love. He reinvented himself in college, complete with a new last name so he couldn’t be tied to his family’s lucrative business. He never even told Brooke the truth. Admittedly, he could’ve handled the issue of a post-nup better with his ex-wife. Maybe he didn’t count on how much he was going to miss having her in his life. 

When their best friends’ wedding forces the exes to see each other again, a dangerous man from Garrett’s world threatens Brooke’s life. And they realize the only way to save themselves is to finally learn to trust each other.



~~~   EXCERPT   ~~~

Context: At the beginning of the book, Brooke is having doubts about the choice she made to divorce the ex she’s still in love with.

The first rule of singledom was to not think about your ex. Or his fingers. Or his tongue. Or how good his stubble felt on smooth skin.

Brooke crossed her legs in the hopes of relieving the ache between them. She had done the right thing. Her year-long marriage to Garrett had been nice. Sexy. But a divorce was the right idea. Even if it hadn’t been her idea.

She could admit that she’d panicked. When her co-worker, who was on the fast track to becoming partner at the firm, was fired suddenly and with no warning, Brooke realized the same thing could happen to her.

She and Garrett were both fiercely independent, and the thought of losing that, having to depend on someone else… She couldn’t do it. And worse, what if Garrett didn’t want to take care of her while she searched for another job? He would leave her, just like her father had left her and her mother when finances got too bad.

To her, a post-nup seemed like the perfect solution. That way, if she lost her job, Garrett would still feel financially secure and wouldn’t feel like he had to help her out. Money didn’t have to be an issue between them.

Unfortunately, Garrett hadn’t agreed.

The minute she had brought up signing a post-nup, Garrett had balked. He’d walked right out of their Manhattan apartment and reappeared hours later to tell her they should get a divorce right then because there was no way in hell he would ever sign a post-nup, not for anyone. Post-nups were for people who weren’t really in love, and if she felt that way, they should end it.

It was the first time Brooke could remember seeing literal red. It still stung to think he’d said it, that he thought she didn’t love him just because she wanted to make a smart financial decision. She would’ve talked with him about it if he’d let her, but he was so arrogant and cold about it all. So opposite from how he normally was.

And yeah, maybe she could’ve relinquished a bit of her pride, but it still wouldn’t have fixed it. She was on track to start making seven figures a year by the end of the year, and she didn’t want to end up like her mother: abandoned by her husband and raising a child on welfare.

Maybe she’d never told any of that to Garrett, but it shouldn’t matter. He should be willing to bend a little. If he really loved her, wouldn’t he have signed it?

She knew she should’ve asked about a pre-nup before they were actually married. Though, their wedding hadn’t exactly been orthodox. They’d been in Atlantic City for the weekend with their friends Chad and Noah, and Garrett had just asked her. She could still remember the sea breeze whipping her hair back as she looked down at him on one knee. The Boardwalk had been the perfect place to propose. Intoxicated by the sights and the way Garrett made her feel, she’d said yes.

They’d gotten married in a small chapel an hour later.

It wasn’t fair to bring up a post-nup after a year of marriage, and she’d thought she could handle it, but it had grown to the point where she was having trouble sleeping at night, imagining what would happen if Garrett suddenly decided he wanted a divorce and she had no legal paperwork to protect her.

And what if they’d had children? What if he walked out and she couldn’t take care of them? She couldn’t bear the thought of being homeless again, especially with a child.


About the author...

Candace Hutton was born and raised on books. She spent a great deal of her teenage years in libraries and bookstores and still tries to sneak off to them as often as possible. Some of her other favorite things are coffee, puppies, and the smell of rain. You can connect with her onTwitter @authorcandace.


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