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Friday, October 1, 2021

Kobee Manatee: Climate Change and the Great Blue Hole Hazard by Bob Regan - REVIEW!

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Today, we've got two great tours making their presence known in the site, and first up, it's an edutainment title, 4th in a series, seeking to raise awareness about the environment and climate change through the sea worthy adventures of Kobee Manatee and friends!  If you've embarked on adventures with him before, great...but if not, just go with the waves because you'll feel right at home in just a moment.  Ready or not, fair readers, here comes today's blog tour guest and ebook of choice...

Kobee Manatee:  Climate Change and the Great Blue Hole Hazard
Bob Regan
Illustrated by
Lauren Gallegos
Thompson Mill Press
Release Date:  09/28/21

About the book...
Kobee Manatee® and his seafaring pals, Tess the seahorse and Pablo the hermit crab are swimming from the Cayman Islands to Belize to help his cousin Quinn clean up plastic litter at her new, all-veggie underwater bistro called Quinn’s Seagrass CafĂ©. On their Caribbean journey, they encounter harmful effects of climate change and plastic pollution, along with several other unforeseen problems - a distressed loggerhead turtle, a giant Portuguese man-of-war, and a venomous scorpionfish. Then the friends discover the amazing Great Blue Hole. Their adventure takes another surprising turn when Pablo plunges into its huge abyss! Can Kobee and his buddies save Pablo?


This is a wonderful story ruled by the amazing full color, two-page spreads, and filled to the brim with not only adventure through the deep blue sea, but also knowledge.  At every turn of the tale, you'll learn something new, whether it be about coral bleaching, the hazards of plastic in our oceans, ways that you can make a difference, or the Great Blue Hole itself. It was hard to see Kobee's friends get tangled up in the rubbish of mankind, but wonderful to see them work together to overcome it.  Following this group through the waters presents many obstacles they weren't expecting, but they grow together in friendship from the things they overcome, and in knowledge on what to avoid in the future...all the while making their way to help another friend clean up their part of the ocean for their new cafe!

I think little ones will be enraptured by the illustrations and the bright, colorful palette used to portray all of these under-the-sea dwellers.  I think slightly older kiddos will see the struggles of the sea and the creatures in it, sparking action to change it not only for tomorrow, but today.  I think that adults sharing in the reading adventure will be reminded of the steps we can take in our daily lives to help with conservation efforts to slow climate change and help restore some of the balance the earth needs to survive for generations to come.  I, wait, I know that I will be seeking out more information on some of the topics raised and from some of the organizations mentioned to see how our smaller individual steps may be paired with others to make an even bigger impact.

All in all, a Picture Book with not only a good story and wonderful characters, but a mission...and anything that helps us take steps in the right direction, or even gets us thinking about what else we can do, is A-okay in my book!


Catch up with Kobee Manatee and friends online...

Author Bob Regan...

Illustrator Lauren Gallegos...


Special thanks to PR by the Book for the chance to bring this review to you. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, or the author, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to snag your copy today.

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