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Friday, October 3, 2014

From a Killer's Mind by Jason Helford

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It's October!  Did you know?  No really...did you?  This year seems to be flying by as a whole and with the Fall weather outside (well, somewhere at least), comes the season for creepy, spooky, and unusual reads.  Today's featured title DEFINITELY brings the creepy, scary, and then some to the n-th degree, with a bag of chips, and please-sir-may-I-have-another written all over it.  Not sure what I mean?  Oh, you will be in the know by posts end but head my warning...this book is NOT for the kiddos.  So if you'd be so kind as to join me in welcoming today's ebook of choice...

Jason Helford

About the book...
John has been a successful serial killer for his entire adult life, committed to his craft without detection or disruption. He's spent years perfecting his process and meticulously planning out each kill, honing his abilities to horrible heights; however, when one kill doesn't go as planned, his confidence is shattered, and his dark life starts down an even darker road, to either his salvation...or his ultimate downfall. John finds his private sanctum infiltrated by chaotic characters from the most unlikely of places, putting him through an existential crisis of the soul. As John loses control, his true crucible begins.



This book is SO TWISTED!
The opening scenes are NOTHING compared to what you'll encounter once you begin Chapter 1.  John is....John is...well in the here and now, he's one sick puppy but once upon a time, he was your average Joe.  How does someone go from normal to abby in the extreme?  Oh, you'll see....and in his world their names were Mom and Dad.  ~shudders~  Seriously, Child Protective Services were created for people like this...heck, prison wardens even!  

Though the story walks the line of psychological thriller, making you think you are forever in his head as the other beings come into play, the truth is a bit harder to digest.  I mean there is actual interaction between his "other selves" and the world at large....grant it they definitely wish they never met them, but that's beside the point...and yet when the final curtain is falling, nothing.  Just POOF.  That part was confusing, but then again....I'm not crazy so seeing how the story is told (predominently) through the eyes of John (Mr. Crazy personified) perhaps that's as much sense as that part will allow.  

I will admit, the powers of interaction the author bestowed upon these others was curious; what they could and couldn't do, how they listened and whether their response was what John intended, and then of course there's the way they can umm...."process" his targets.  (Hey, process is about the best word I can use because really....DON'T EAT LUNCH WHILE READING THIS!)  Then there's the fact that we're experiencing everything John is and watching him struggle with reality from the inside out is pretty darn trippy.

In short, a story perfect for the time of year for fans of dark Fiction and/or Horror.  It can be quite graphic at times and in truth, paints anything but a pretty picture; then again, when your medium is flesh and blood (emphasis on the blood), I do believe it was never meant to be.  So consider this for your next creepy-in-your-face won't be sorry!


About the author....

Jason Helford is a first time author, having recently published his debut novel, From a Killer’s Mind, in July of 2013.  He’s a devoted husband and father, an avid comic book collector and an enthusiastic craft beer drinker.  Prizing originality and creativity more than anything else, his favorite authors are Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, Ray Bradbury, Terry Brooks, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Robert Asprin and Albert Camus.  Please don’t be offended if you are an author and your name wasn’t mentioned, he probably likes you, too.  He lives in Maryland with his wife, Bella, his daughter, Maddie, and his goofy dog, Sunset.


Ebook for review received courtesy of author Jason Helford.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well as his other works, be sure to stop by his official site or send him a tweet on Twitter.  This ebook is out now so be on the look out for it on a virtual shelf of your choosing.  

Until next time...happy reading!


Tracy Terry said...

Definitely my kind of read, I love a god psychological mind.

esk rn said...

I read this in the middle of the night... No way I was sleeping again. "Twisted" is the best description of this story but also so creative and not the run-of-the-mill serial killer story. Can't wait for more from Mr. Helford.

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