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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


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Today, we're giving a great big SHOUT OUT to a new Contemporary Romance celebrating its BOOK BIRTHDAY today via Entangled Publishing!  It's set in a small town where everyone knows everyone, filled with great characters, comes with a built-in conflict that has simply festered over time, and has just the right amount of tension in all the right places... *wink wink*  So, grab your gear and saddle up as we explore between the pages of today's book of choice...

Victoria James
Entangled Amara

About the book...
Eight years ago, Tyler Donnelly left Wishing River, Montana, after a terrible fight with his father and swore he’d never return. But when his father has a stroke, guilt and duty drive him home, and nothing is as he remembers––from the run-down ranch to Lainey Sullivan, who is all grown up now. And darn if he can’t seem to stay away.

Lainey’s late grandma left her two things: the family diner and a deep-seated mistrust of cowboys. So when Tyler quietly rides back into town looking better than hot apple pie, she knows she’s in trouble. But she owes his dad everything, and she’s determined to show Ty what it means to be part of a small town...and part of a family.

Lainey’s courage pushes Ty to want to make Wishing River into a home again—together. But one of them is harboring a secret that could change everything.

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Once upon a time, a boy and his father parted ways.  It seemed one sided, as in he left town with no notice leaving his father in the lurch because he was simply being a horse's behind...but as our leading lady Lainey finds out many years later, there are two sides to every story and not everything is as it first seems.

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When Ty came back to town after his time away, I couldn't imagine why he would have ever stayed away.  I mean, the people were so warm and welcoming, slapping him on the back, and diving in to find out what he was up to for those 8 long years...okay, and yeah, that was totally sarcastic.  The welcome he received didn't involve trumpets or red carpets or even a friendly neighbor bringing over a casserole!  What he got was a good welcome for an enemy, not family, friend, or even an acquaintance.  Yes, it'd been YEARS, but you know, don't judge unless you know what you're ACTUALLY judging.  Anywho...

His return marked the beginning of a lot of things...and the end of several others.  It was a new start for the family ranch, if only dear old dad would forgive him for leaving those 8 long years ago.  It was a way to restart his long frozen dream of running the family ranch with his father, if he could only let go of the resentment he holds on his side of the past blow up.  It was a chance at a love he never even saw coming, if only he'd get out of his own way and be the man he truly is instead of the one everyone assumes he is.  Sounds like a lot of longing, right?  Well, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING...the's good. SO GOOD.

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I already loved Lainey's character for her spunk and drive, but I had to give kudos for sticking to her values...though the timing was DEFINITELY a bit awkward. Hey, better late-ish than never, right?  Also, I loved Ty's respect for her choice, even if he doesn't quite know what to do with himself, and how he was able to admit it may be too much for him.  Of course, I also loved how he found himself falling into something he never saw coming, which leads to some heart-wrenching yet wonderfully selfless moments.  There was always the little secret between them though that was going to rear its ugly head at some point...but, you know, what's a story without a little intrigue, right?

So, to summarize... it was SO GOOD! To give you a little bit more...I was SO happy with the ending, truly and one hundred percent. Concessions were made, truths were uncovered, dreams were rediscovered, forgiveness was found, and love made itself known. Be still me heart... 💕  If you're a fan of Contemporary Romance and don't mind your next potential book boyfriend wearing a cowboy hat from time to time (I'll totally overlook it...or hide the hat *giggle*), this one is for you! 

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About the author...

Victoria  James

Victoria James is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She is a hopeless romantic who is living her dream, penning happily-ever-after's for her characters in between managing kids and the family business. Writing on a laptop in the middle of the country in a rambling old Victorian house would be ideal, but she's quite content living in suburbia with her husband, their two young children, and very bad cat.


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Special thanks to the Entangled Publishing team for the eARC for review!  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title, the author, or the publisher, feel free to click through the links provided above.  This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to score your copy today!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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