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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Time to meet... MILO THE ALBINO DINO by Dolev Zaharony - REVIEW!

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Today, we're serving up a second helping of bookish fun from an author whose work we featured once upon a November.  Now he's back with another Storybook for the kiddos filled with characters they'll love, illustrations that will keep them captivated, and a message of owning their uniqueness that goes straight to your heart.  Ladies and gents, kiddos of all ages, let's get ready for a little prehistoric fun as we set our sights on today's ebook of choice...

Milo the Albino Dino
Dolev Zaharony
Illustrated by
Marian Naseif

About the book...
Milo is having a tough time at school. The other kids won’t play with him because he’s an Albino. The longer this goes on, the sadder and lonelier he feels.

When he tells his mom what’s going on at school, she suggests he find a new friend like him. Soon, Milo is on an adventure of a lifetime searching for another Albino dinosaur. After learning about his journey, a few friends join him and discover what genuine friendship, kindness, and acceptance means.

Milo the Albino teaches young children about awareness and acceptance. This book teaches children how a first impression doesn’t represent who a person is on the inside and how to form friendships without bias.


A great piece of edutainment, if ever I saw one!
Not only do we learn about albinism in our natural world, but from a narrator that has been there, done that...and had to dealt with the consequences of having this rare genetic disorder.  Does having bad eyesight make him a bad dino?  Does needing to apply sunscreen more often keep him from enjoying the great outdoors?  Does the fact that the other kiddo dino's don't seem to understand or accept him keep him down?  Okay, so that's a resounding yes to the last one, but the coolest part of the story, outside of the edutainment scientific value, is how dear old mom helps him see he's going about the friendship thing completely the wrong way!  I mean, looking for someone like him is the perfect answer...isn't it?  Oh mommy dino, you are wise beyond your years, and one day Milo will thank you for helping him see beyond his struggles, and that acceptance from others can only come after we accept ourselves.

A wonderful tribute to the uniqueness in us all, and a great story filled with wonderful illustrations that will help kiddos grow up with open minds AND hearts.


A Tech Marketer by day and writer and musician by night, Dolev has written many short stories. After his first child was born, he started focusing on children's books, as he gets regular inspiration from his kids. Their imagination takes him back to when he was a kid, connecting between unrelated things and blending them into a story. As a parent, he tries to use that same method and reply it back to kids, each time with a different message that will help them overcome the obstacles of life they have to cope with.

Dolev resides in North Carolina and has a wife and two kids.

Read a review for his first book, Far Beyond the Sun, on 'Bookworm for Kids' blog:

His next three books are in production now:
Painting on a Weasel
Even Monsters Need to Go Potty
My Neighbor Has it All! - About materialism and joy of life


Special thanks to author Dolev Zaharony for the ebook for review. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, or his coming titles, feel free to click through the links provided above. This title is available now, so click on over to your favorite online retailer to snag your copy today!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!


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