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Thursday, September 23, 2021


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Today, we're got Rachel's Random Resources on deck as we help shine the BOOK SPOTLIGHT on what very well might be your next must read! It all depends on your interests, what catches your eye, and what holds your attention. Our focus today is on the third title in the Arabella Stewart series, and if you're like me and sometimes need a bit more to chew on than simply the synopsis, you've come to the right place, as we've got a special excerpt just for you! Ready or not, fair comes today's title in the spotlight...

A Lethal Arrogance
An Arabella Stewart Historical Mystery, Book 3
D.S. Lang

About the book...
After returning home from her service as a United States Army Signal Corps operator in the Great War, Arabella Stewart’s goal, to save her family’s resort, seems within reach as the summer season progresses. She and her business partner, Mac MacLendon, look forward to re-establishing a successful championship golf tournament, once the signature event of the resort’s year. Problems arise when one of the contestants, an overbearing snob who has created problems at other competitions, clashes with more than one person. When he is found dead, the victim of a suspicious automobile crash, Bella once again helps Jax Hastings, the town constable and her childhood friend, investigate. As they pursue answers, Bella and Jax find several suspects who might have wanted to make the victim suffer for his lethal arrogance.



~~~   EXCERPT   ~~~

In A Lethal Arrogance, the third book in my Arabella Stewart Historical Mystery series, amateur sleuth and resort owner Bella once again assists Constable Jax Hastings investigate a crime in their hometown. Cecil Lahey, a wealthy and arrogant snob, is found dead in his roadster after crashing into a ravine. Was it accidental? Or did another driver run him off the road?  In this scene, Bella and Jax interview one of the suspects.

After Bella and Jax took chairs across from Etting, the man once again sat behind his desk. “How can I help you, constable?”
Bella, who was pulling her notepad out of her pocketbook, glanced at the insurance agent in surprise. Floyd Etting had known Jax for many years, long before he was in law enforcement, so the use of his title, instead of his given name, seemed odd and off-key.
“As I said on the phone, I have some questions for you. I’ve been interviewing others today, as well,” Jax replied.
“A fine idea since I gather you haven’t found the culprit yet,” Etting observed in a wry tone.
Implicit criticism seemed to underscore the statement and, as Bella glanced at Jax, she saw his jaw tighten, which made her speak up. “It’s been less than two days, and Jax has narrowed the suspects down to a handful already.” A dark flush rose in Jax’s face. At the same time, he sent a scowl her way. She immediately flipped open her notepad and put pencil to paper. Obviously, he didn’t appreciate her intervention. Not a surprise. Later, Bella might point out that she would have jumped to her brother’s defense, too.
Etting’s bushy eyebrows rose. “Really? That’s good news.”
“That’s why I wanted to speak with you again,” Jax said. “I’m hoping to cull the list even more.”
“I’ll help in any way I can. We don’t want any killers on the loose.”
“No, we don’t,” Jax agreed. “There were two set of tire tracks, but we can’t be sure the other driver caused the smash-up. Even if he did, we don’t know that he intended to harm Lahey. He may have only wanted to scare him.”
“Really? What makes you think that?” Etting asked.
“Several things,” Jax replied with elaborating.
Etting’s lips flattened. “Why would someone want to scare Cecil?”
The insurance agent appeared to be genuinely puzzled, but perhaps he was a good actor, Bella thought as she briefly scanned his face. His expression gave away as little as his statement.
“The same reasons that someone might have wanted to kill him,” Jax said. “It’s common knowledge that Lahey antagonized many people. He enjoyed humiliating others, as you know.”
Jax presented his points in a calm, professional manner that made Bella smile. Despite his self-doubt, he was proficient at his job.
Etting’s placid demeanor disappeared. “I can’t disagree with that, but I’ve never felt humiliated by him.” His words and tone sounded defensive.
“How did you feel? After all, he blamed you for your team not winning the tournament,” Jax observed, “and he did it in front of a large gallery.”
The older man leaned back in his chair, but tension was evident in the set of his jaw. “He played poorly himself, so he couldn’t pin losing on me although he tried. Everyone knows that, and everyone knows Cecil. I was aggravated at the time, but I didn’t let it bother me much beyond the moment. I don’t let him get to me. I know better.”
“Even so, he made a scene when you left the eighteenth green. That couldn’t have been pleasant,” Jax observed. His tone remained calm as did his expression.
Etting rested his elbows on the chair arms and steepled his fingers together as a laugh escaped him. “He’s made many scenes.  There’s really nothing new to say on the subject. Cecil was a poor sport, a sore loser, and a spoiled rich boy.”
“Then, why did you partner with him?” Jax asked.
“He was a substitute. My original partner had to back out. By then, I didn’t have a lot of choices. Besides, Cecil was a good player, and we had a shot at winning,” Etting replied. “I’d never teamed with him in the past, but I’ve had other difficult partners. I muddled along well enough with them, and I did with him until the final nine of the last day.”
“You seemed very angry with him when you left eighteen,” Jax said.
A flush rose in Etting’s cheeks. “Who wouldn’t have been? He acted horribly.” The man paused as he tapped his forefingers together. “We discussed all of this when we spoke on the phone, constable. I don’t think there’s anything more to add.”
“I believe there is,” Jax told him. “When we last spoke, you didn’t tell me that you threatened Lahey shortly before he left the hotel.”

D.S. Lang, author of the Arabella Stewart Historical Mystery series

A Precarious Homecoming-Book One
A Lingering Shadow-Book Two
A Lethal Arrogance-Book Three


About the author...

D.S. Lang, a native Ohioan, has been making up stories since she was a little girl, and she still is! Along the way, she studied English and social studies as an undergrad. After graduate school, she went on to teach government and American history in high school. She also taught English at the junior high, high school, and college levels. In addition, she has worked as a program coordinator, golf shop manager, and online tutor.

Now, she spends much of her time reading, researching, and writing. Most recently, she has delved into the Great War era and the years immediately after it. Her Arabella Stewart Historical Mystery Series was inspired by her Great Uncle Brice who served in the American Expeditionary Force during World War One, and by her love of historical mysteries. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with family and friends, including her dog Izzy.


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