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Thursday, September 16, 2010

BBAW: The Right to Read: Richard Wright and the Library Card by William Miller

Hi there readers!
Welcome back to the BBAW 2010 celebration here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Yesterday, we played host to a newly published author and introduced a chance for you to win a copy of his recent release; if you haven't had a chance to check out my review, the interview, or enter....go ahead, I'll wait right here. ~Jeopardy theme plays~

You're back!
Great!  Now we can start the show....
Since we are in the middle of a great big book blogger party (BBAW, remember?), I thought to my self....self, why don't we feature a bookish post or two that celebrate books celebrating the joy of reading?  Admittedly, my discussions with myself are all in my mind (don't want to look like I'm talking to myself or anything...*ahem*) and yes, still rather lengthy....but I had to admit, it was a fairly good idea, to me anyway.  As luck would have it, I received two books for review a few weeks ago that fit PERFECTLY into this category and so I've been saving these two reviews for this very day.  Today's first book of choice is....

William Miller

Richard Wright was a young black man making his way in the world as society dictated...working, keeping his head down, and not asking questions.  Acceptable to some as a full life worth living, but Mr. Wright had other ideas.  You see, he had a burning desire to read, not only for enjoyment, but in the hopes of one day being able to change the hand he'd been dealt.  The problem? Due to the times being what they were, he was not permitted to use the local library, in fact it was punishable by imprisonment and other things to grim to mention.  Mr. Wright accepted his fate and carried his dream locked away in his heart...until one day a man with an open mind lent him a helping hand.

A great story that shows the power of reading not only over the imagination and throughout history, but also as a means of having the ability and confidence to reach for your dreams.  Can you imagine being told you couldn't read?  I don't mean that weren't capable of it, but simply that you were not allowed to.  Perhaps it's the freedom we (now) have in the US of A (since it didn't exist for everyone for quite some time), but it boggles my mind.  Even with that freedom, we still run into instances where our choices are blocked by the powers that be.  Ever hear of a little thing called Banned Books Week?  If not, you should check it's a little celebration for the bookish rebel in you and is one way that we can experience, in a small way, the frustration that Richard Wright would have felt in his struggle to gain access to a world of knowledge. 

As readers, we know and can certainly appreciate the immense joy attained through reading.  The mere act of it can do so many things to the mind, body, and soul.  One moment, we're jetting off into the land of imagination filled with genies, unicorns, and monsters.  Around the next corner, we find a glimpse into the good and bad times of those that have lived and are living life to its fullest.  Look over that a furry adventure with kittens, puppies, and horses...oh my!  Ooh, wait....I think I see some hefty learning experiences coming up on the left, might be time to make a pit stop and gather some knowledge.  Whatever your aim is, whether it's a relaxing escape from reality, a look at someone else's reality, or furthering your mental capacity on this or that, books are the common denominator that will take you there.

In summary, the story captured within the pages of this storybook will entertain and educate while the accompanying pictures visually capture the emotions unable to be expressed in words.  Recommended for new readers of all ages as well as those that simply enjoy reveling in the wonder and joy that is my fellow book bloggers out there (yep, I'm talking to YOU).  Review copy received courtesy of LEE and LOW Books.  (THANKS!)  For more information about their diverse and unique catalog, visit their website or follow along on Twitter.

Stay tuned for the second book review posting later today as we celebrate what we do (blog about books) and the books that inspire us to keep doing it....

Until next time....happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

An interesting post and it ties in beautifully with my post today so I do hope you don't mind me leaving a link to it.

Gina said...

Petty Witter: Thank you...and no, you're welcome to! In fact, off to check out that post right now.... ^_^

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