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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I've been tagged!

Help....readers.....I've been tagged!
No really....see?

Okay, it's no cause for alarm unless you are ringing a bell to signal FUN because that's what this tag brings!  I was tagged for this MEME by none other than Michelle - THE Red Headed Book Child who just happens to run the fab blog by the same you can blame her FULLY for my personal share today.  ^_^  The basic set up for this one is "4 Things..." including the TAG at MEME's end.  Ready to learn a bit about me...and see who's next to be tagged?  Here we go...


4 Things in My Handbag

Current read - paper copy
eReader - just in case I finish my book
Cell phone - don't leave home without it
Mints - hey, fresh breath is ALWAYS in fashion


4 Things in/on My Desk
(since I don't actually have a desk per se at home, we'll look at my work desk)

Several picture frames - holding lovely pics of my pups
One plant - that has somehow managed to survive my attention (or lack there of) for over a year
Candy dish - believe it or not, it's for other people, not me (my candy stash is in the drawer...hehe)
Miniature hand made tree and painted thimble - they were presents from a friend/coworker...the thimble has a winter scene hand painted on it...very intricate


4 Favorite Things in My Bedroom

Books - yeah, with so many in the house, there are QUITE a few in the bedroom and of course they rank as a favorite thing
My CD collection - can you tell I'm a bit of an entertainment junkie?
Stitch - yes, the blue cutie/trouble maker of Disney fame....Mom picked up a fairly large stuffed doll of him a few years back on our trip down there.
Shoes - a girl can never have too many...and I am a proudly practice that believe. ^_^

4 Things I Always Wanted to Do (but haven't yet)

Travel (more) - Italy, England, Australia, New Zealand, France, Alaska...I have the potential destination ideas, now I just need the time and monies....
Visit PA - as in Pennsylvania.....we haven't been back there since we moved away many moons ago...would love to see how things have changed...
Change my hairstyle - for the longest time it was the classic bob style with bangs, then without bangs, then just long, or as Mom would say "no particular style"....would like to shake things up a bit
Work with a publishing company - *ahem* well, it is something I'd like to do one day.... ^_^


4 Things I Enjoy Very Much at the Moment

Spending time with family - that's also counting the four legged fuzzy family members....
Reading - nuff said!
Listening to music - I did say I was an entertainment junkie, right?
Going to the movies - yeah....please see above statement....


4 Songs I Can't Get Out of My Head
(Now this changes on a regular basis, but at the moment, with links included....)


4 Things You Don't Know About Me

I love khaki - it's a staple of my wardrobe, except on the weekends when I can wear jeans.
BIG fan of musicals and their movie counterparts - that means everything from High School Musical to Legally Blonde the Musical is pretty much included.  I can't help it!  The music is just so fun and catchy....on the other hand....
I love a good concert - and have seen multiple acts including Linkin Park, No Doubt, NSYNC, Sister Hazel, Aerosmith....need I go on?  ^_^
I don't like coffee - there I said it....and don't give me that "it's flavored, it doesn't taste like coffee" ALWAYS does! *blech*


4 People I Would Like to Tag

Let's see, next on the victim...I mean tag....list is....

Danielle at There's A Book
April at Cafe of Dreams

Welcome to the "game" ladies....let's see what YOU decide to share....
Until next time....happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

I agree with you about the coffee and no amount of mints will take away that horrible taste - yuk. Thanks to the links to those other blogs, I'm away to visit now.

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

LOL.. Yes fresh breath is always in!

RivkaBelle said...

Huzzah for another non-coffee!!! I had to put soooooooo much stuff in coffee just to be able to drink it once, that it ceased to be coffee. But it still tasted like coffee underneath. So I just have cocoa (and doctor it with all the yummy for-coffee flavored creamers!) and hot tea :oD

So She Dances is a good good song to have stuck in the head :o)

Gina said...

Well would ya look at that! 2 of 3 commentors coffee! ^_^

Petty Witter: LOL on the mints, you're's one of those "must eat grass" moments. Have fun hopping round the blogs!

Cleverly Inked: ^_^

RivkaBelle: You too? LOL! Cocoa definitely ROCKS...totally with you on the alternate choice. Agreed too on the Josh Groban's work...perfect for many an occasion.

RivkaBelle said...

Cocoa makes my world a much happier place ... Especially when it's cold and crazy. :o) Groban is the other answer (after chocolate) to surviving insanity, I do believe. 'Awake' is what got me through my senior thesis - I'd put it on repeat and it A] made typing happier and B] put me to sleep when I finally ditched the laptop and notecards, haha ... (The things my profs will never know!)

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

See? that wasn't so bad...and look how delightful you are...let's rephrase that.. how much MORE delightful you are now that we know some dirty coffee hater, shoe-a-holic!


We should sing musicals sometime. Just post random lyrics in each other's comment boxes!

I'll start!

(Buffy the Musical episode)
THis really does.

Gina said...

RivkaBelle: LOL...I can totally see that working. Also great music for relaxing. Try it on repeat at the beach...with or without a book, tre magnifique!

Michelle: Aw, shucks...thanks!
Too funny on the "mustard" line! I remember that episode too.... ^_^ Hmm, random musical posts huh....sounds interesting....we shall see... thanks for the smile!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Ahhhh you're so cute. You carry your eReader and a book? You go girl!

I want to see Europe too :)

You should totally do the hair thing!

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for tagging me :)

I promised my self a while back that I would keep my blog strictly book related :) But I love that you thought of me and tagged me :)


Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

I want to travel 2! France and Italy sounds amazing*sighs*

Gina said...

Juju: & eReader...never leave home without them. ^_^ Europe, YAY! As for the hair, gotta find a style to hard...and SCARY! You are most welcome for the tag and thanks for sharing your picks via email! Totally respect the "books only on blog" promise. Happy reading!

Faye: LOL! From the sound of it, we all need to form a travel group and go together since almost everyone shares that desire! ^_^

The1stdaughter said...

This is fantastic! I love it! I'm with you on the coffee bit, not only because I can't because of my religion, but I can't stand the taste. Yucky! Although, I do quite love the smell...I know, weird.

Love, musicals! Well, anything music related. I've actually seen Linkin Park back in the day when they only had 12 songs and the set lasted all of an hour. It was great! to type up my post. Sunday will be the perfect day for it, since I'm just hanging around my in-laws for the weekend and heading to a book festival! Thanks for tagging me! :o)

Gina said...

the1stdaughter: HA! Another non-coffee Understand about the smell though...don't mind the whole bean smell, but otherwise, thanks. WOW on the Linkin Park front...we saw them on the Insane Asylum tour with Limp Bizkit, Metallica, and several was fun, until other people started to get drunk, rowdy, etc... O_o
Can't wait to see what you post! ^_^

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