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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night Delight: GREEK: Double Date by Marsha Warner

Happy Friday, everyone!
It's time for you to wind down from another week of school, prepare for a glorious weekend!  Okay, so I still have some of those things to do over the weekend, but still planning on having fun too. 

Sorry, for my lack of wordy introduction here; I'm still laughing at my own choice of words for the title of this post.  (hehe)  Thought it might work though since it is Friday (or at least the day this is posting is) and though used with the TGIF moniker, has also been forever-and-a-day known as "date night".  Now that I think of it, that probably came about when people generally worked nine to five, five days a week (which nowadays is a rarity)...funny how some things seem to stick.  Anywho, the post!  The book!  The subject of today's ramblings!  It's a book about a TV show about...well, um, a fictional story though it could have actually happened somewhere at some time...and in short, it's a lot of fun.  Today's book of choice is....

Marsha Warner

The Zeta Beta Zeta house is in an uproar!  The all Greek formal is coming up which means a last minute scramble to make sure everything is in place.  The right dress, the right hair, the right shoes, the right form of transportation....the right date.  Up until a few weeks ago, that wouldn't have been an issue for Casey Cartwright, but now, with former boyfriend Max out of the picture, Evan in splitsville and Cappie, well, being Cappie....her arm is currently hanging in midair....that is until a certain transfer student ushers in some new potential.  Meanwhile on the other end of the Greek system...

Rusty Cartwright (yep, her younger brother) of the Kappa Tau house has issues of his own.  He was suckered into, I mean graced with the honor of planning the Honors Engineering Awards event and is feeling the pressure.  Wanting to get everything right, Rusty makes it his added duty to find a date for his roommate Dale Kettlewell.  Not a problem, right?  Um, let's just say he's not necessarily on the top ten of most girls dateable list on campus, so yeah, problem.  Thankfully he has a big sister in a sorority full of we're-happy-to-help-out girls...right?  Right?  As it turns out, many of the girls already have dates or are mysteriously washing their hair that night....looks like someone may have a problem....especially when that someone doesn't like to let other people down.  What's a girl to do?

Wooooo...Wooooo....calling all GREEK fans!  You know, that fun little show on ABC Family that tells the stories of Casey, Ashleigh, Cappie, Evan, Rusty, Dale and all your other make-believe-they're-really-your-friends type people.  *waits for recognition to dawn*  Yep, that's the one!  I must say, in case you don't know, I AM a fan of the show!  I started watching it when it first started and nary was an episode missed...back then.  You see, that was BEFORE I was blogging and life got all sorts of busy, so I had the time to keep up with EVERY show I watched (and yes, that was quite a list).  Nowadays, I catch them when I can...and Hulu has become a close personal friend in aiding and abetting me with that task.  Lucky for me, this book picks up on an episode I DID see...

Okay, so perhaps "lucky" really isn't the best way to phrase it.  The way the story is written, you can easily enjoy it without having seen the corresponding episode, so no worries there...BUT, if you HAVE had the fortune to see it, all the better.  It's a more in-depth look than the fun you had while viewing, but the details revealed just add to the experience.  I could literally sit there reading the book and watch as the episode unfolded in my mind (active imagination, go figure), quite contentedly. 

Let's talk characters!  Ashleigh still had her perky-let's-cut-the-drama attitude.  Casey was still the sorority girl with best intentions trying to please everyone and herself too.  Cappie was, his laid back, don't-do-for-others-let-them-do-for-you-and-then-secretly-do-it-for-them-anyhow way (gotta love him...slacker or not, ladies man or not...he tries).  Evan was his I'm-rich-now-I'm-not-but-I-could-be-soon self, dressed to the nines and ready for action.  Rusty...dear sweet Rusty....running around trying to make sure everything is going well, forgetting to have fun himself, and despite a medical semi-emergency, making sure his date doesn't arrive to empty arms.  Dale, well, he's a cookie from another jar, and you just can't help wondering how on earth he fits in with the crowd, but somehow he does and they are better for it.

In was fun, it was fresh, the characters were true to themselves as you've come to know and love them.  The story didn't stray from the episode, but it did give another form of media through which to enjoy it.  There's not really a less-than-YAY aspect I can really was good! 

Special thanks to Tricia Carr at Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc for the review copy.  (THANKS!)  For more on their current happenings, feel free to visit their website.  This book was released earlier this year, but future installments are on their way fact I believe one is coming out in October so be on the look out.  Speaking of websites (you know, a sentence ago)....the publisher of this particular book (Harlequin TEEN) has a website for readers to check out, complete with Cap 'n Dale's Booktacular Book Club (seriously funny stuff)!  Recommended reading for fans of the show as well as those that just want to have a little won't be sorry!

For all those out there who are fans of the show, this curious mind wants to know....if given the choice, who would YOU choose?  Max....Evan....or Cappie.....and why!  The comments are open; let's see what you think.....

Until next time....happy reading!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Not a programme I'm familiar with though I have read a number of different thoughts on the book which, sorry but I can't help it, always puts me in mind of the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

This book sounds super fun! i haven't watched the tv show but now i'm curious :D

Alexia561 said...

Haven't watched the show, but the book was a fast, fun read!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Fresh is definitely something I look for in my reads. Great review :)

Gina said...

Petty Witter: Really? huh, I hadn't made the connection...til now... ^_^ nice call!

Faye: Ooh...the book was good, but definitely check out the show if you get a chance.

Alexia561: Agreed! ^_^

Juju: Absolutely, gotta keep things lively. Thanks for the kind words!

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