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Friday, December 23, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas....Almost...

Hi there readers!
Welcome back to a late night edition of the site that aims to fill your Christmas stocking with reading joy….Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers. So, it’s almost Christmas Eve. Have you finished all your shopping and wrapping? Got the holiday food all ready to go? Yeah…if you do, raspberries to you. =0P Just kidding! But seriously, I’m happy for you. Me? Not so much. Been oh-so-busy with work that I haven’t had the time to finish out everything yet and seeing as how I work tomorrow morning (Christmas Eve no less…) looks like I’ll be finishing up tomorrow afternoon/evening. *le sigh* Not ideal, but better than NOT finishing, ya know? Anywho…

Tonight’s review is a quickie…in more ways than one! It’s a title that I try to read every year in one format or another and without even thinking about it what with all the other reading I have going on, I accomplished it yet again. TOO COOL! ^_^ So, what title is that? Why only the epitome of all holiday picks….today’s book of choice is….

Charles Dickens

Okay….so that’s NOT the actual cover over there. Sorry but try as I might, I couldn’t seem to find the match up for the one I read online and as I read it in preparation for story time at our store, I don’t have it in my actual home library, so we’re going off the actual experience right now as opposed to tempting you to purchase a particular copy. ^_^

So…the experience. It was much better than I expected. I wasn’t certain how much could be captured of the original story what with this particular edition being so very short and written in verse. Yep, that’s right. Think “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and add a touch of Dickens and TADA…you have your book. Anywho….the illustrations weren’t fantastical but they were present and for younger readers it would certainly supply the necessary visuals to get them involved in the story, one of the many reasons I was looking at it for the group event. As we all know, the classic tale does have a bit of a dark side with the possible death of Tiny Tim and Scrooge’s own impending doom, and though they aren’t entirely absent from the book….they handle it in stride with enough tact that even the wee little ones ears should be a fine audience.

In short (as promised), a surprisingly good read but then again…it IS Dickens after all. Though I don’t have the specifics on me about this particular edition (Sorry!), I can’t help but recommend the story itself to you in whatever format you may encounter it. It’s a classic that never grows old and with each new edition I add to me “read” collection, I find something else in the story to ponder or embrace. It’s stood the test of time with good reason and truly is a great reminder of what Christmas REALLY means.

So, be sure to share the love and joy of the season with those you hold dear…and those you simply meet in passing; there can never really be too much good cheer, after all. I’m off to start checking my list off once at least….

Until next time…happy holidays…and happy reading!


Sunday Smith said...

My sister just got this story in musically DVD format, one of her favorite renditions. I have to agree, the story is great and most of the takes on it are wonderful.

Happy holidays to you!

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Hope you had a great Christmas! ^_^

Alexia561 said...

Know what you mean, as I was so busy at work that I never got my holiday baking done. *sigh*

Hope Santa was good to you and that you had a great Christmas!

Gina said...

Sunday Smith: THAT sounds interesting! Can't say I've heard that before....gonna have to search it out for next year. Thanks!

Dorothy Dreyer: It was good...but short.

Alexia561: Oh noz! No holiday cookies? What about Santa? *-* (Santa WAS fact WAY too good...didn't ask for anything and it worked in my favor indeed!)

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