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Friday, August 1, 2014

COVER REVEAL: Day Zero by Summer Lane

Hi guys!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers...the place to be for those that KNOW what bookish REALLY means.  *wiggles eyebrows*

Today, you're in for a treat!
It's a TWO-FER day as in TWO posts instead of one.
The first, a YOUNG ADULT cover reveal that's sure to wet your appetite for this forthcoming release.  Don't believe me?  Well I never EXPECTED you to without some PROOF.  Speaking of proof, let's read a little bit about the title BEFORE we actually see the cover, shall we?
Yes, I am a book tease.  ^_^

Day Zero
Summer Lane of the bestselling Collapse Series
Release Date: Fall 2014
Cover Artist: Arkadiusz Ostrycharz
Official Website:


Elle is a survivor.
Ever since the collapse of modern society, she’s been living in the remains of downtown Hollywood, California, foraging for food and fighting for her life.
And then everything changes.
After Elle is forced out of her home, she heads north. What she finds are the remains of a juvenile delinquent camp, a group of unlikely comrades and the hope of a safe haven. Together, they journey toward the remains of civilization, facing starvation, imprisonment and death.
They are alone, but they are ready.
The end begins today. On Day Zero.

Day Zero is a Young Adult post-apocalyptic survival/adventure novel.

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Sounds good, right?
Yep...told ya.
Now, how's about that cover?
Oh wait, that's've yet to see it ....well, I suppose I shouldn't keep you waiting any longer.  I mean, you've stuck with me this far, might as well give you what you came for.  Okay, OKAY!  Here it is!

Told you it was worth waiting for.
So, your thoughts?  Comments?
Does it fit the bill or miss the mark?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!


About the Author

Summer Lane is the author of the national bestselling YA/NA Romantic Adventure novels of The Collapse Series. She is an experienced publicist, creative writing teacher and lover of all things feline. Summer owns WB Publishing, a digital publishing company devoted to releasing exciting survival and adventure stories. Summer is also the creator of the online magazine/blog, Writing Belle, and the developer of an upcoming children's creative writing program, The Art of Storytelling. She works as a journalist for Traffic Magazine, as well. 

Summer lives in the Central Valley of California, where she spends her time writing, teaching, and writing some more. When she is not writing, she enjoys leisurely visits with friends at coffee shops, watching movies, reading, and visiting the beach or the mountains.   


Special thanks to author Summer Lane for the chance to bring this cover reveal to you.  (THANKS!)  ...and for letting me add yet another title to my wish list.  *happy sigh*  Stay tuned for more on this title as the publication date draws nearer....remember FALL 2014...SO CLOSE!

Until next time...happy reading!

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