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Friday, August 15, 2014

Harry and the Hot Lava by Chris Robertson

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Recently for me, reading time has been harder to find than a needle in a haystack, at night without a flashlight and using only tweezers. *-* Needless to say, no reading in a day makes this girl an unhappy camper indeed...but that's beside the point and something that's made better with a good book. Take today's ebook for example. It comes to us from an author featured previously right here on the site and stars a creative work of Picture Book wonder that takes something so simple, so overlooked and works it into a bookish joy. Don't believe me? Allow me to further convince you. ^-^ Today's ebook of choice is. ..

ISBN: 9781623955755
eISBN: 9781623955762

This is a 19 page ebook about a boy named Harry narrowly escaping this AMAZINGLY hot lava flow that's following him no matter where he goes. Hide in a closet? Nope, it's creeping under. Climb on the bunk beds? Ahh! The levels are rising captain! How about between these bookcases or balancing precariously on a kitchen tile like an island at sea? Egads! It's STILL coming!  Is no where safe from it's deadly crawl? Can no one save our leading little man? *gulp*

Okay, okay. .. time to relax. No one was hurt in the making of this imaginative adventure through the epages... but their sense of reality was certainly put to the test. I love how this author takes something so simple and with a healing dose of imagination,  turns it into something altogether different in the best way possible. Last time around it was a yellow umbrella. Now, it's something we all possess in some measure, that grows with use and with time, that'll never dessert us even in our darkest days. Can you guess what it is?  ~listens~ No... though those were all good answers. Come here, I'll whisper it to you. ...

.. it's the power of imagination.
Uh huh. That's right. You heard me. 

IMAGINATION.... and if I say that word one more time, I may break into song ala Disney's Epcot and Figment, the little purple dragon. (*flashback*) In this story, it reminds us just how much power it (imagination) holds to change the world we live in. Whether good or bad, happy or sad, remains a choice given solely to the user... but one thing's for certain, it packs a punch every time and it's something you never outgrow. Here we are offered the chance to walk, run, and jump through Harry's story with a surprise ending that is sure to bring a smile to your face....AND just when you think it's over, turn the page (or flick the screen); there's one more around the corner.

So, in conclusion, do I recommend this ebook? Indeed I do. .. for one, for all, the big and the small. It's a grand time to be had while it lasts and then some. .. after all, one never knows where the spark of imagination will lead you and when combined with the fabulous artistic styling we've come to love in this author's works, I do dare to say we have a WINNER.

Author Chris Robertson

Special thanks to author Chris Robertson for the review ebook and the chance to bring this fun- tastic title to all of you.  (THANKS! ) To discover more about this title as well as the author's other works, be sure to visit his official site, like him on Facebook, or follow along on Twitter. This title was released last month via Xist Publishing, so be on the lookout for it at an online retailer of your choosing.

Until next time. .. happy reading! 

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Tales of Whimsy said...

I LOVE the retro style art.

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