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Sunday, April 24, 2022

All eyes on... THE DOG WALKERS by Michelle M. Davis - SPOTLIGHT!

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Today's title in the BOOK SPOTLIGHT comes to us via Quail Run Editorial and features a work of Fiction that sounds like a perfect fit for genre fans as well as dog lovers alike! I mean, come on....tell me you haven't ever watched dogs with their owners in the park, or on your own daily stroll with your pooch, and wondered...what IS their story? Perhaps you've even gone ahead, if they're ones you see regularly, and made up a story to go along with your impressions. No? Just me? Okay then, I'll stand alone...but only just, because today's title in the spotlight features someone with the same habits, only multiplied, and in a bit of a spot. Will she overcome the isolation she's created or will the stories she creates be her only venture into the outside world? Read on, my on!

The Dog Walkers
Michelle M. Davis

About the book...
Ali Doyle, a thirty-two-year-old engineer, discovers her boyfriend—who is the legal counsel at the suburban Philadelphia software company where she works—has no intention of marrying her. After an uncharacteristically emotional confrontation, Ali ends this two-year relationship. However, the fear of seeing her ex at work and losing all control causes her to feign an illness, self-isolating in her apartment. At first, she’s fine with the solitude, but when Ali tries to leave, she’s incapable of venturing outside.

While feeling lost and hopeless in this self-quarantined state, Ali discovers solace to her loneliness by watching dog walkers from her front window. In an effort to find human connection, she creates imaginative back stories for these strangers and their pets. Ultimately, it’s her concern for an elderly gentleman and his Golden Retriever, as well as advice from an unexpected voice inside of her head, that give her the strength to leave her apartment building and begin her journey to wellness.

As Ali reemerges from her isolated state, she meets several of the dog walkers, learning their real names and true identities. Through this process, she forms friendships, finds guidance, and eventually falls in love. But most importantly, Ali recovers the missing pieces of herself.


About the author...

MICHELLE M DAVIS is a writer from Philadelphia whose debut novel, Learning to Bend, shares the story of Jenna Moore’s journey from a safe and predictable life in Boston to Bend, Oregon, where she begins to discover her true self. The Invitation—Michelle’s second novel and the first book in The Awakening Series—delves into the world of spirituality and holistic healing. In addition to writing women’s fiction, Michelle’s blog, elevate, explores finding inspiration, increasing vibration, and embracing limitless possibilities. The Dog Walkers is Michelle’s third book. To learn more about Michelle or read her blogs, visit


Special thanks to Kristen at Quail Run Publicity for the chance to bring this title to you.  (THANKS!)  For more information this book, the author, or her other works, feel free to click through the links provided above.

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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