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Thursday, December 20, 2012

BLOG TOUR: The Fart That Saved Christmas by Jacob Morningside

Hi there!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers...the site that's dishing up the holiday spirit with a smile and a nod; though today's batch may have been spiked!

Okay, not really...but it is a holiday read presented as a picture ebook that's intended for an adult audience.  Before you go getting any ideas, it's not that salacious or anything; it simply shows another side to Santa and his "merry" North Pole crew that is best left unseen by the kiddos.  You know what I mean?  Cool beans...I mean bells.  ^_^  Without further ado, please allow me to introduce today's blog tour guest and book of choice via Tribute Books Blog Tours...

Jacob Morningside
Illustrated by Nadja Andrasev

About the book....
The behind the scenes story of what really happened "The Night Before Christmas."
It's Christmas Eve. The reindeer go on strike with a list of demands for Santa, the elves and Mrs. Claus. Santa gets "loaded" and threatens to cancel Christmas, fire the deer and divorce Mrs. Claus. But, just when all seems lost, Christmas is saved by a timely fart.

Sounds...well, odd doesn't it?  It was...but humorously so and certainly seasonally appropriate.  This would be a good book for an adult Christmas party or gathering when you're looking for something outside the box to add more mirth and cheer.  I'll admit, I'm not really a fan potty humor (I know, I know...I'm weird; self admitted and proud of it) but even I was taken for a few guffaws while reading this one.

As it seems, the stress of the holidays has gotten to Santa's sleigh pulling team and frankly, they've had enough!  Demands are made, lines are drawn; will this be the end of Christmas as we know it?  Not if it's up to Santa Claus...oh wait...*rereads*..correction, YES, if it's up to the big SC.  It seems the reindeer games of power and pull have sparked something dangerous in the old guy which may end regretfully so with the end of the gift giving/receiving season altogether, a break up of the Claus duo and lengthy unemployment lines in the North Pole.  What to do what to do...what to do indeed!  We need something to break the tension, the seriousness of the situation at hand and throw us into fits and giggles, STAT!  Thank goodness for bodily functions...(never thought I'd type THAT phrase)

Add to this story of mischief and strife that ends with a blast on this wintry night, illustrations that fit the scene rather well, detailing just how far from perfect EVERYONE fell.  The tarnished image doesn't last though, it passes like gas escaping a balloon (or a big guy in red *ahem*) on its way to the stars.  All that's left behind are the cringing faces of the reindeer or the over angered Santa about to blow his top, giving this humorous work for adults a touch of childlike wonder befitting the season.

Author Jacob Morningside
In conclusion, a story for girls and boys of an appropriate age that will not be entirely shocked by Santa's darker side...more happily amused.  It takes the magic of the season, gives it a good shake and adds a twist of lime delivering a book that will certainly have you checking it out twice much like Santa reviews his list.  Is this book naughty or nice?  I'm pleading the fifth on that one, but it will definitely have you chuckling jingle bells style long after you turn the final page.

Ebook for review courtesy of Nicole at Tribute Books Blog Tours.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this tour as well as those upcoming, be sure to stop by their official Facebook page.  To follow along the trail of this tour as it makes its way through the blogosphere, check out the official tour site.  Seeking more information about author Jacob Morningside?  Seek thee out his Facebook page.  This ebook is available now on iBookstore, click HERE to check it out for yourself.

Until next time...happy reading!


Tribute Books said...

Gina, thanks for going along for the ride on this one and for the hoot of a review that you did combining farting and Christmas - not something you come across everyday! Thanks for having fun with it :)

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Loving this post, you have made my day. Husband dearest would love this book

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh this sounds like fun. author, kinda resembles a Santa Claus himself. :) Thank you!

DMS said...

This sounds like a fun book! The title makes me crack up. Great review!

Alexia561 said...

Really enjoyed your review and this sounds like a great book! As a proud owner of Walter the Farting Dog (both book and plush), this sounds right up my alley! :)

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