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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Caarina the Cooking Fairy by Julia Dweck

Hi guys!
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers....where the books are always fresh and warm like a chocolate chunk cookie from the oven.  *yum*  Sorry, writing this post after a full day and then some of work without a lunch break....yeah, food references are SO tasty right now!  ^_^  Anywho...

Today's featured title actually plays right into the food arena but in a kid friendly literary way.  How so?  Well if you take one part magic, a little ingenuity, and a dash of adorable come out with this winning beauty.  From an author that's earned her stripes in the children's picture ebook arena and an illustrator that gives a distinctive personality to her creations, I give you today's book of choice...

illustrated by

That's right....the COOKING fairy and boy does she know her way around the kitchen!  She's one of many fairies in her realm that prefer a wooden stirring spoon to a magic wand...and she's the one to have around this time of year for certain.  Why?  Because...she specializes in BAKED GOODS. Can we say cookies, brownies, cakes and more?  Oh yeah.  Anyway...

Fast forward a bit and we have a special feast that needs to be made of the sweet variety; lucky Caarina!  Now's her chance to shine....or is it?  It seems that something is amiss in this kitchen (*cough*  GREMLIN  *cough*)...well that or she's lost her touch COMPLETELY!  Heavens forbid!  I mean her honey cake is suppose to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E, so much so that I want to try it!  But Caarina is one fairy whose head is full of more than simply magic dust; she's smart, so when things don't add up (and a strange chuckle is heard), she devises a way to make things right once again.  Will her plan work?  You'll have to read it to find out but let's just say that good cooking is hard to resist...even if it's the worst thing for you.

In conclusion, another lovely tale filled with whimsy and rhyme to delight readers of all ages.  From the family cook to the fairy-princess-in-training, there's something for everyone to enjoy with every flick of the page.  Ebook for review courtesy of author Julia Dweck.  (THANKS!)  To see the other bookish delights that await you from this prolific children's author, be sure to visit her online, like her on Facebook or follow her Twitter feed.  This title was released earlier this month and is available now over at Amazon via Kite Readers.  For more information on this work as well as their complete catalog, please be sure to visit their official website, like them on Facebook or follow along on Twitter.

Until next time...happy reading!


Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

This looks really cute, and perfect for a little princess!

Tales of Whimsy said...

You had me at whimsy.

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