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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Not three but the one and only...Billy the Goat by Dustin Ross

Hi guys! 
Welcome back to the place to be when the need to read hits you strong and the only thing that will satisfy your hunger is a tasty bookish Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!

Today, we're taking a bite, I mean a look at a Children's Picture Book from the ebook realm starring a horned little lad just itching with curiosity.  He's filled to the brim with childlike wonder and his first of many adventures takes him out of the house with dear old Dad, who's not as gruff as other fairy tales may lead you to believe.  (^_^) Today's ebook of choice is...

Billy the Goat,
Dustin Ross

I love how little Billy and his Mom and Dad are portrayed....even the fact that Mommy had a beard was addressed!  (Hey, it's totally normal, she IS a goat after all!) Billy is a curious little goat and right now, his interest is in what grown "people" do when they go to work.  Not interested in disappointing her boy, Mommy goat suggests talking to Daddy goat and thus a plan for his tagging along the very next day is made.  How exciting!  Remember those "take your child to work" days?  Always an adventure.  Anywho...

As it turns out, Billy's Dad is an electrician so not only does he get an idea about how homes are built, but he also gets a lesson in safety; a two fold win for readers!  We see first hand why listening to what our parents tell us to do and, perhaps more importantly, NOT do is not just for their peace of mind but for our own good.  Let's face it, no matter your age, there has been a time when the 'rents have told you one thing or another and you've done the opposite.  Oh you over there...stop fibbing!  Now think about the results of those choices.  They were our mistakes to make (depending on your age), yes....but more often than not, they were right weren't they?  Yup.  That's what experience will do for you.

So, kids and kiddos (ha, get it?  "Kids" as in baby goats? ^_^), ladies and gents, this is a simple Picture eBook for the little ones in your life, it's true, but it has a great message for all generations.  Mom and Dad...*gulp*...are usually right, or at the very least have our best interests at heart.  Join the fun with Billy the goat and enjoy the illustrations as he travels from home to the wide world and back....all in time for supper.

Ebook for review courtesy of author Dustin Ross.  (THANKS!)  For more information on this title as well asonline, or like his Facebook page.  This title is available now at an ebook retailer near you...AND as of this post is FREE TO DOWNLOAD over on Amazon!  Grab it while it can...but hey, even if you miss the promotion, totally worth the purchase.
his other works, be sure to visit him

Until next time...happy reading!

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