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Friday, December 22, 2017


Season's greetings...
...and welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!

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What IS Bookmas, you ask?
Great question!

Bookmas is similar to Christmas, except it brings tidings of great reads, holiday gifting suggestions, and just about all the bookish fun you can imagine from across the genre spectrum.  It's all in one place at one time (sorta) and ready to help you get out from under the yuletide stress, and get back to enjoying the page at a time.  

Just why is it the "Twelve Posts" and not the twelve books?  Simple...I have WAY TOO MANY titles for you to consider, peruse, and read all about to limit it to twelve titles.  These posts are intended to highlight some great titles, give you ideas for your gifting this year, and help me clear up my "read-it-but-need-to-review-it" teetering stack.  Triple focus...yes siree!  So, ready or not, let's get this sled on the road as we unwrap today's featured titles....

Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb
William Morrow

Beautiful, gorgeous, tre magnifique! 
It was all I could ask for and more. My heart was so involved that their hardships felt like my hardships, their triumphs my triumphs, their darkest days and hopeful nights, my own despair and star wishes set free into the night sky. It reminds us of dark days past but how even with all the living nightmares being struggled through, the most beautiful and fragile thing in the world was still able to be found. A wonderful story for Historical Fiction fans filled with characters to love and OH so much heart. from a remarkable writing duo!

Hazel Gaynor
William Morrow

This was a story filled with more magic than one can almost bare.  We seamlessly flit between past and present, of childhood days gone by still brimming with the wonder trapped in memories and those moments becoming memories in the present through the choices made, obstacles tackled, and new pathways found.  It cherishes the innocence of youth and encourages us to seek that same magic in new ways throughout our lives.  

Meeting Frances and Elsie, following their wondrous adventures in the garden that seemed to attract more than its share of attention while learning how to deal with the world itself while at war, brought us back in time to those many many hours of uncertainty.  The magic they captured, whether real or a work of serious artistic talent and a creative mind, gave people something to believe in when all else seemed so dark and treacherous...and really, where was the harm in that?  Our present day introduction to Olivia was filled with heartbreak, heartache, and a feeling of both being lost and found all at the same time.  She went on an unexpected journey of discovery and uncovered so many things that changed her in so many ways, and yet with all the changes, she honestly found her true self.

A magical tale filled with heart, the importance of connections, and just the right amount of fairy dust.

Special thanks to the William Morrow publicity team for the copies for review. (THANKS!) For more information on these titles, the authors, or the publisher, feel free to click through the links provided above. Be sure to check back for the next BOOKMAS post for more bookish fun!

Happy holidays and happy reading!

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