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Saturday, November 28, 2020

RRR presents... A TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE by Linda Fawke - EXCERPT!

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Today, we're helping to spread the word about a new title that you won't want to miss, on tour now with Rachel's Random Resources!  We're taking you between the pages with a special excerpt, so READ ON and then be sure to catch the rest of the tour for more bookish fun.  Ready?  On your mark...get set...READ!

A Taste of His Own Medicine
Linda Fawke

About the book...
How long can the desire for revenge last?

Kate Shaw, a successful pharmacist, goes to a thirty-year reunion at her old university and uses the weekend to settle some old scores. Her main target is her ex-lover, Jonathan. She decides to scar him for life as he scarred her. Her bizarre plan works but he shocks her with his strange, unwanted reaction.

What is the unexpected link between Jonathan and Kate’s husband?

What is the significance of the ‘Love Bite’ photograph?

What hold does Jonathan have over Kate?

Revenge is never simple.

A darkly humorous story of love, lust, loss and vengeance.



~~~   EXCERPT   ~~~

Becky, Kate’s friend and fellow pharmacist, bumps into Neil, Kate’s husband in town… extract from Chapter 19

A couple of months later she saw him in town, rushing along a side street with a canvas shopping bag in one hand. He was wearing a scruffy, brown sweater and old jeans. He needed a shave and a decent haircut. When she greeted him, he put a hand to his face and then smoothed his hair. He straightened up and tried to throw his embarrassment away with a toss of his head. 
‘Oh, hello, Becky. Excuse my appearance. I’ve been working and popped out to buy a bite to eat. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone.’
‘You didn’t coat yourself with invisible paint. I spotted you.’
He laughed and looked relieved.
‘How’s things? You look fraught,’ she said.
He didn’t answer immediately. Then he examined her intently. ‘Are you busy? Could you spare time for a drink? I could do with a friendly ear.’
‘It’s my afternoon off. Coffee would be pleasant.’
They went into one of the many coffee shops that proliferated in the town and sat down in comfy leather armchairs. There was a long silence. 
‘This is a cheek. I hardly know you and now I’m asking you to listen to my problems. You don’t have to, you know. We can have our coffees and you can go.’
‘That’s silly. Often it’s easier to talk to someone you don’t know well than to a close friend.’
There was another silence while Neil ate.
‘If you’re worried I’ll repeat anything you say to Kate, then don’t be. I’m discreet.’
Neil took a deep breath. ‘Okay. Here goes. I think Kate may be two-timing me.’ He looked at Becky for her reaction which was minimal. 
‘Why do you think that?’
‘She’s been working evenings a lot lately. She says it’s because she’s expanding the business and it needs so much attention. She’s been away overnight once. Twice, a strange guy phoned to speak to her. She said it was her new manager.’
‘This sounds feasible. Why do you doubt her?’
‘She’s been less responsive in bed. Our sex life is usually vibrant. She’s been tired, even turned me down. That’s never happened before.’ 
‘Tiredness and overwork can have that effect.’ 
‘I know. But my gut reaction tells me it’s not that.’ He hesitated, looking as if he was trying to decide whether or not to continue. ‘Oh, I may as well tell you. We’d been trying for a baby without success. It turns out I have a low sperm count. It’s had an effect on both of us.’ Relief at saying what was on his mind was obvious, washing over him like a cloudburst.
‘So what are you intending to do?’
‘Nothing. Neither of us minds if we don’t have children. So we’re not thinking of adoption or any other alternative. It’s not that.’
‘So what is it?’
‘It’s the end of a phase of our lives. We now have to move on. Being told you have a low sperm count is like hearing you’re a second-rate man. I would rather not have known. It knocks your confidence.’
‘You seem a first-rate man to me.’ Well, she said it.
He smiled. ‘I’m glad you think so. But you don’t have to make complimentary noises. I wasn’t fishing.’
‘I don’t say what I don’t mean.’
Neil leaned back in the chair and stretched his legs. Scruffy suits him, Becky thought. I can see why Kate was attracted to him. 
‘So do you think Kate is having an affair as a reaction to what you’ve both been through?’
‘Partly, yes. Partly because she’s always looking for a new stimulus. It’s served her well business-wise. It’s not so beneficial for a relationship.’
‘Are you going to confront her with it?’
‘I don’t know. Although part of the early passion has gone, I do still love her. I don’t want us to break up.’
‘But surely you don’t want to be second-best? In her eyes, I mean.’
‘I don’t think she wants a break-up either. I suspect this is a fling. Nothing serious. I may have to accept this will happen from time to time.’
Becky placed her hand on his. ‘Don’t you think that’s defeatist?’
‘I don’t know what I think, Becky. But thanks for listening. It’s helped hugely.’
Becky was debating whether this was her cue to say thanks for the coffee and go when Neil leaned forward and said, ‘Your turn now.’
‘My turn?’
‘Yes. I’ve done nothing but talk about me. I want to hear about you.’
‘Not much drama there. Disappointing, in fact. I’m currently unattached. I was in a relationship for around three years but it fizzled out. That’s the story of my life. Most of my affairs are like fireworks. They start with a bang then peter out.
‘That’s sad.’
‘I’ve got used to it. I’m independent and don’t know if I want a permanent relationship. Maybe I’m not cut out for it.’ Becky looked at her watch. ‘I need to go, Neil. I have things to do. I hadn’t realised how long we’ve been here.’
They both stood up. It felt natural to give each other a hug.
As they reached the door and Becky turned, Neil caught her shoulder. ‘Is Tuesday usually your afternoon off?’
‘At the moment it is.’
‘Coffee same time, same place, next week?’
Becky hesitated and gave him a quizzical look. ‘Same time, same place, next week.’ Was she lighting the blue touch paper again?


About the author...

Linda Fawke is an arts person who studied science but always wanted to write. Now retired, she indulges this passion, writing fiction and non-fiction, even occasional poetry, preferably late at night. She has now written two novels, 'A Taste of his own Medicine' and its sequel, 'A Prescription for Madness' using her background in pharmacy as the setting of both. These are easy books to read, suitable for Book Club discussions. ' A Prescription for Madness' is more serious than the first book, dealing with such issues as pregnancy in later life and Down's Syndrome.

She has been a winner of the Daily Telegraph 'Just Back' travel-writing competition and has published in various magazines including 'Mslexia', 'Litro' online, 'Scribble', 'The Oldie', 'Berkshire Life' and 'Living France'. She was a finalist in the 'Hysteria' short story competition.

Linda blogs at where her 'Random Writings' include a range of topics from travel to 'Things that pop into my head'.


Special thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for the chance to bring this tour to you. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, this promotion, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. Be sure to check out the rest of the tour for more bookish fun!

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Another Blog Tour we have in common. A cautionary tale of what happens when a woman feels hard done by. Darker than I expected but a great read .

Linda Fawke said...

Hi Gina - thanks a lot for posting this extract from my book and for taking part in the Birthday Blog. Much apprecated.

Gina said...

Well they do say a woman scorned for a reason!

Gina said...

My pleasure! :)

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