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Thursday, December 24, 2020

And to all a good...READ!: Holiday reading with Brown Books Kids!

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This is SO not how I wanted to pull out the days before Christmas, but quite honestly, it's been a real rat race around here.  What with the normal holiday fun/obligations pulling at you, work has been uber stressful, family life has been the same, and personally, I'm just feeling the strain...the same way most of you might be too.  So, my apologies for leaving you post-less, but I was still reading, loving the heck out of it too, and tonight, I bring you a Christmas Eve reading duo from Brown Books Kids perfect for the reading season AND for all ages!

Sarah Janco
Illustrated by
Blayne Fox

This is a story filled with the magic of the season that reminds us that even the smallest of us has something to give, even the most simple of "gifts" can have a BIG impact, and that, as the green man once thought himself, maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store; maybe Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more.  Combined with full color illustrations, the tale of one little girl's mittens living wild and free for one Christmas Eve, flying through the air, snagging a ride on the breeze, being "called" by need, and loved with joy, will bring a smile to faces young and young at heart, as we recall the true gift found in sharing with those around us.


David Mulford
Illustrated by
Christine Cathers Donohue

This story was much different than I imagined, but no less joyful or filled with love.  This story shares the magic of showing kindness to others, whether they be two legged, four legged, winged, or flippered.  The animals of Crab Lake have caught wind of a special visitor that they haven't seen in their parts for some time...or at least not in winter time, when they are endowed with a special magic that allows them to share what is on their hearts.  Together they gather, spreading the news of Jeannie's imminent arrival, and making plans to show her just how special the memory of her is to them, and when she is finally there...oh the joy to be seen!  It was a wonder to get to know all the woodland creatures, and see the wintery world through their eyes.  The wisdom they share with Jeannie, the glad tidings, and celebrations, and the promises made for future visits to come, will leave you with a smile in your heart.


Special thanks to the Brown Books Kids team for the copies for review. (THANKS!)  Both titles are available now, so feel free to click on over to their site or your favorite online retailer to snag your copies this season.  I wish you all a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON...MERRY CHRISTMAS...and happy reading!

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