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Sunday, May 2, 2021

RRR presents... BANANA DEVIL CAKE by Susan A. King - AUTHOR Q&A!

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Today, we welcome author Susan A. King as she makes her way through the blogosphere with Rachel's Random Resources, celebrating her most recent Cozy Mystery release, Banana Devil Cake! If the title doesn't tempt you, the "about the book" certainly will, but we've got one better for you today, as we get to know the mind behind the work just a bit better with a very special Author Q&A! So, if you're ready, let's get down to bookish business as we shine the spotlight on...

Banana Devil Cake
Susan A. King

About the book...
With the murder of last year’s fΓͺte judge now but a hazy memory, the village of Elmesbury has retired to its former tranquil existence. That is, until a mysterious newcomer sets in motion a series of events that will see members of the W.I. crossing wooden spoons at dawn.

In the midst of preparing for her long-awaited engagement party, redoubtable village busybody Beattie Bramshaw not only finds herself embroiled in a one-woman campaign to save the elm tree from which the village gets its name, but having to contend with an outbreak of unrest within her beloved W.I. group. Rivalry to win favour with the judge of this year’s fΓͺte has fuelled dissent within the ranks and, when two members are found dead in mysterious circumstances, suspicions run rife.

Confident the devil is not only in the cake but in the detail, Beattie determines to uncover the clues that will ultimately lead to the killer’s conviction. But can she solve the mystery before another member of the W.I. is picked off?‍

Banana Devil Cake is a comedy crime caper in the spirit of Agatha Raisin and one that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Prepare yourself for a tale of tea, cake and riotous goings-on from the author of Marrow Jam.


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~~~   Q&A with Author Susan A. King   ~~~

1.  We're all running fast nowadays, so the quicker you grab someone's attention, the better!  Tell us in ten words or less about your latest title...

A cake to die for in more ways than one.

2.  Between this work and your first, Marrow Jam, are there any characters that you particularly relate to?

In my younger days I would have said my reaction to certain scenarios would have reflected Phyllis’ character perfectly. However, with age (dare I say), I feel more closely connected to Beattie.

3.  Whether begun as a hobby or a lifelong dream, everyone steps into the writing arena for different reasons.  What brought your pen to paper? 

From a very young age I loved making up stories or alternative worlds in my mind. I think I always knew I would write a book one day, but it wasn’t until my children had grown up and left home that I felt I had the time needed to dedicate to the process.

4.  While I dabble in the Mystery genre, I gotta say the titles are KILLER!  Pun totally intended!  They always have catchy titles, covers, or themes.  Tell us, what drew YOU to the genre and what's your take on those trends?

I wasn’t entirely sure which genre my book would fall into when I first delved into the world of novel writing. I just knew that I wanted my book to be humorous and include a mystery/murder. It was when members of my on-line writing group started referring to it as cosy crime that I realised that is where it belonged. I totally agree about the covers and titles, they are such fun!

5.  If you were to give one word of advice to potential writers in our reading audience, what would that be?

Don’t put it off, get writing!

6.  I read in your bio that the inspiration for your series came from the local Romsey Show, where

you aspired to win Best in Show with your floral arrangements.  How did you get into making arrangements and what's the most memorable one you've done to date?

Due to a dip in the job market, my first job after leaving secretarial college was in a flower shop. I’ve
loved working with flowers ever since and have created wedding and special occasion flowers for many of my friends and family, alongside entering the local show. The most memorable has to be the first time I won first prize in a class although, alas, not Best in Show.

And here it is!

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About the author...

Susan A. King lives with her husband in a quiet suburb in Hampshire. Between them they have four grown-up sons.

The inspiration for her Beattie Bramshaw novels comes from her long experience and observation of competitors at the local Romsey Show, where she regularly aspires to win Best in Show with her floral arrangements.

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Special thanks to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for the chance to bring this reveal to you as well as to author Susan A. King for indulging my curious mind. (THANKS!) For more information on this title, the author, this promotion, or those on the horizon, feel free to click through the links provided above. Be sure to check out the rest of the tour as it makes its way through the blogosphere...

Until next time, remember...if it looks good, READ IT!

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